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Volunteer Calgary overview

  1. 1. Volunteer Calgary 2009
  2. 2. Who are we? • Volunteer Calgary is the volunteer centre in Calgary. • It has over 400 member non-profit organizations looking for volunteers every day!
  3. 3. How it started • Created in 1955, became a registered non-profit charity in 1971. • Originally called the Central Volunteer Bureau. • Founded by the Junior League of Calgary • Long term core funders are United Way and The City of Calgary.
  4. 4. Our Mission Engaging more people, more effectively to volunteer in the community.
  5. 5. Our Vision Our vision is to one day see all Calgarians take responsibility for creating a healthy and caring community by getting involved in local issues. When this vision becomes a reality, our community will reflect a warm and caring place where diversity is accepted, the basic needs of all citizens are met, and citizens routinely look out for one another.
  6. 6. What do we do? Our 4 Pillars: • Promoting the value of volunteering • Connecting people with opportunities to volunteer • Strengthening the ability of groups and individuals to support volunteers • Providing leadership on issues related to volunteerism
  7. 7. Promoting • Event Displays / Community involvement • Advertising (transit ads) • Media partnerships • Volunteer recognition – (Annual Leadership Awards) • Volunteer Speakers Bureau
  8. 8. Connecting • The Volunteer Calgary website is an excellent source for finding volunteer positions in Calgary. • There are over 500 volunteer positions listed at any given time. • In 2008, there were over 294,000 searches for volunteer positions conducted on the website. www.volunteercalgary.ab.ca
  9. 9. Strengthening • Training/Workshops for strengthening the ability of non-profit organizations/volunteer managers to effectively involve volunteers into the work of their organization. • Consultations with non-profit organizations to enhance and strengthen volunteer programs. • Bursaries are available to non-profits to offset training costs • Customized Training Flexible delivery to suit unique training needs of a non- profit organization around volunteer management.
  10. 10. VC In a nutshell • Volunteer Calgary is… – …the one-stop website for volunteer opportunities in Calgary. – …Has over 500 volunteer opportunities from over 400 member non-profit organizations at any time. • We offer… To the public: Searchable website for volunteer opportunities. To a non-profit: training, consultations, other services
  11. 11. Volunteering Facts in Calgary
  12. 12. Calgary: The Volunteer Capital of Canada • 71% of Calgarians Volunteer on average 15 hours per month. • Calgarians spend an average of 3.7 hours per week volunteering.
  13. 13. Shining Statistics • There are over 5,000 non-profit organizations in the Calgary area, most of which use volunteers • 63 % of volunteers in Calgary are female, 37 % are over the age of 55, 46 % are married and 62 % have a post secondary degree • 65 % of volunteers in Calgary are involved with activities surrounding youth and children, but many are also active with sports and recreation (44 %), social services (42 %), education/research (41 %) and faith/religion (36 %) • 76 % of volunteers in Calgary are driven by a desire to give back to their community, by an appreciation of volunteering as something of value for the social good, and the belief that volunteering helps volunteers feel good about themselves.
  14. 14. Shining Statistics • Approximately 50 % of volunteers in Calgary are motivated to volunteer because they have a close personal connection to the volunteer work through family, friends and neighbours; 40 % are ―self starters‖ meaning no one influenced them to get involved, 8 % are motivated by teachers, 5% by church leaders, 4% by employers and 3% by community leaders • 50 % of volunteers in Calgary are looking to develop new skills and 47 % volunteer for an organization where they have personally received services • 61 % of volunteers in Calgary list lack of time as the primary reason for not getting involved • 40 % of volunteers in Calgary see volunteering as a habit, while 25 % consider it as something to do to pass the time * Source: Volunteer Calgary’s 2005 Ipsos Reid Survey
  15. 15. Speakers Bureau 2009
  16. 16. What is the Speakers Bureau? • The Volunteer Calgary Speakers Bureau is a group of volunteer speakers with relevant experience and knowledge who represent Volunteer Calgary and deliver presentations on its behalf.
  17. 17. Why a Volunteer Speakers Bureau? • Lots of people want to learn about volunteering. • People want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth – why do volunteers volunteer? • People sometimes need a little inspiration to start volunteering. • …or a push in the right direction! 
  18. 18. Who are the Speakers? • Talented and enthusiastic public speakers • Passionate and dedicated volunteers
  19. 19. Participate. Motivate. Educate. Your Mission: • Participate. Represent Volunteer Calgary and increase awareness. • Motivate. Inspire/encourage people to volunteer. • Educate. Inform people of the benefits of volunteering and refer them to the website for volunteer opportunities.
  20. 20. Talk is NOT cheap. Perks of being a speaker: • Learn. Practice speaking ability. • Shine. Gain confidence. • Diversify. Different venues/variety of audiences to speak to. • Inspire. Share your story. • Encourage. Promote volunteerism. • Activate. Be a catalyst for change. • Socialize. Expand networks. Meet new people.
  21. 21. Who do you talk to? • Non-profit Organizations – Volunteer events • English as Second Language (ESL) Learning Institutions – New immigrants, long-term foreign students • Seniors • Corporate Sector – – employee volunteer groups • Youth – Elementary – High School – College/University – Employability Programs for Youth
  22. 22. Common Discussion Themes Everyone • Where to volunteer? • How to Volunteer? • What volunteer opportunities are out there? • How do I choose the right volunteer opportunity for me? • What are the benefits of Volunteering?
  23. 23. Audience Specific Themes Professionals/Students • I don’t have time, can I volunteer? • How can volunteering help my employees/team? • How can volunteering help my career? • How can volunteering boost my resume? Non Profit Organization • My volunteers need inspiration! • We want to tell our volunteers how valuable they are.
  24. 24. Audience Specific Themes English as Second Language (ESL) Learning Institutions • How can this help me get a job? • How can it help me improve my english? Youth • I want to have fun. Seniors • I want to make a difference. • I want to spend my time wisely. • I want to continue using my skills.
  25. 25. Assignment Process 1. Request for a speaker is received by VC. 2. Email goes out to notify Bureau in the form of a list. 3. Send an email if you want to volunteer for a job. - Assigned on a first come, first served basis with consideration to give everyone a chance to participate. 4. Once assigned, you will receive a confirmation including all the other details.
  26. 26. Sample List of Upcoming Speaking Engagements Date Time Event # of Speaker Address Contact Person Audien Confirmed ce 29-Apr 11:30am - Good Companions 65 Catherine Henely 1pm Club (Seniors) 403-249-6991 motivate volunteers Dwight Foster 2609 - 19 Ave SW 16 Student s youth 403-250-9005, 18-30 fesmail@aspenfamily 8-May 10AM Building Futures years Scott? Old 'Y' 2nd Floor, buzz 206 .org 13-May 11-12 am Immigrant Services 10 100-Castlebrook drive N.E.— Parveen - 265-1120 Calgary Lokiel O.S.Geiger School May 25 10 - 12 or Just Say Yes Program 12 Tessie Dubois - 28 1-2 Central United Church tessie.dubois@janpat downtown .com 4032929330 Maria 28-May 3pm - Safeway 90 - 4:30pm 100 joy.syratt@safeway.c Employ Dianne / Carriage House Inn, Windsor om ees Shabana Room 403-730-3380 Chinook Rotary Club 50 plus, Bart Dailley July 14 12.15 - 70 bartdailley@shaw.ca or 28 1.30pm years Ray M to be emailed. 251-5577 Blue – confirmed Red - TBC
  27. 27. Presentation Materials Items to help prepare, deliver, and evaluate your presentation.
  28. 28. Visual Aids If needed, Audio-visual tools are available at the VC office to check out. •Speakers’ Bureau Laptop – reserve 3 days before •LCD Projector - reserve 3 days before •Portable Flip Charts
  29. 29. Resources Available at the Volunteer Calgary Library! DVDs Samples: Annual Leadership Awards Videos – inspiring stories of real volunteers! Hannah's story / National Film Board of Canada. -- Halifax, NS: National Film Board of Canada, 2007. http://www.nfb.ca/collection/films/fiche/?id=54288 This documentary gives new meaning to the term 'role model'. Normally we think of children learning from their elders, but here is the story of an 11-year-old girl who is already inspiring adults to make a difference. When she was just 5, Hannah Taylor spotted her first homeless person in the back alleys of Winnipeg. That sighting not only troubled her but it drove her to do something to change the world, which in turn lead to the establishment of the Ladybug Foundation. Under Hannah's leadership, that charity has raised over a million dollars, literally making a change for those lacking life's basic needs. Whether it's organizing "Big Boss" lunches, speaking to students or to a prime minister, Hannah's capacity to help others is huge, unflagging, and ultimately, humbling." - from the cover. Written and directed by Juanita Peters.
  30. 30. Resources Speaker Book List • Be prepared to speak / Toastmaster international. Toastmaster International;Kantola productions, • Communications: A positive message from you / Seita, Trudy. -- Downers Grove, IL: Heritage Arts Publishing, 1989. • Cutting edge PowerPoint 2007 for dummies / Bajaj, Geetesh. -- Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing, Inc. 2007. • Effective presentation skills / Mandel, Steve. -- Menlo Park, CA: Crisp Publications Inc. 1993. • Effective presentation skills: practical guide for better speaking / Mandel, Steve. -- Los Altos, CA: Crisp Publications Inc. 1987. • How to be an outstanding speaker: eight secrets to speaking success / Dutton, John L. -- Appleton, WI: Life Skills Publishing Company, 1986. • How to give an effective seminar / Watson, Walter; Pardo, Luis; Tomovic, Vladislav. -- Toronto, ON: Stoddart Publishing Co. Ltd. 1989. • Life is a series of presentations: 8 ways to inspire, inform, and influence anyone, anywhere, anytime / Jeary, Tony. -- New York, NY: Fireside, 2003. • Life is a series of presentations: 8 ways to punch up your people skills at work, at home, anytime, anywhere / Jeary, Tony. -- New York, NY: AUDIOWORKS, 2004. • Lois Hole speaks: words that matter / Hole, Lois. -- Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta Press, 2008. • One peace: true stories of young activists / Wilson, Janet. -- Victoria, BC: Orca Book Publishers, 2008. • Powerful ways to persuade people / Briefings Publishing Group. -- Alexandria, VA: Briefings Publishing Group, 1998. • Secrets of power presentations / Bender, Peter Urs. -- Toronto, ON: Achievement Group, 2000. • Speaking out. How to plan speakers committee / Fels, Lynn. -- Toronto, ON: Metro Toronto Volunteer Centre, 1988. • Words of wisdom for writers, speakers & leaders -- Silver Spring, MD: Philanthropic World Headquarters, 1993.
  31. 31. Handouts • Bookmark with Website Address! • A listing of the latest volunteer opportunities emailed to subscribers Weekly!
  32. 32. Evaluation Forms Evaluation forms help us measure the impact of your presentation. We have 2 kinds: • Requestor Evaluation • Audience Evaluation Copies are available at the VC Office.
  33. 33. Speaker Feedback Form • This form is to be filled in by the speaker. • This will us help keep track of your speaking engagement and get feedback on assignments.
  34. 34. After your presentation • Returned borrowed equipment to the office. • Returned Evaluation forms. • Breathe. Relax. You did a great job!
  35. 35. Thank you!