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Why Pay to Volunteer Abroad, CCS Webinar Presentation


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Why Pay to Volunteer Abroad, CCS Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. Why Pay to Volunteer Abroad?W EBINARSTuesday, April 24, 20123:30-4:30 p.m. EST
  2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• About CCS• The Value of CCS• What Our Volunteers Can Expect• Invaluable Staff Experience• The Value of the Program Fee• How To Enroll in a Program• Ways To Fund Your Program• Fundraising Tips• Volunteer Voices• Questions?• Next Steps
  3. 3. Introductions Ansley Easterlin Program Advisor Alumna of CCS Tanzania Pete Bryan Program Advisor (Team Leader)Alumnus of CCS Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, and Morocco
  4. 4. About CCS• Types of Programs • Volunteer Abroad (2-12 weeks) • Intern Abroad (3-12 weeks) • Insight Abroad (1-week) • Teen Volunteer Abroad (1-3 weeks)• 12 Countries• Program Fee (Starts at $1,700) • China, Russia, Guatemala at a discounted rate!• The CCS Experience • Volunteer Work, Cultural & Learning Activities, Free-Time & Home-Base Our Vision is of a world where people value cultures different from their own, are aware of global issues, and are empowered to effect positive change.
  5. 5. The Value of CCS Our Approach & Why it Works Safety and support is our #1 priority • CCS’ Vision, Mission & Values • Pre-Departure Staff • CCS In-Country Staff • Our In-Country Partner Programs • The Volunteer Placement Process • Sustainability for the Local CommunityOur Mission is to operate volunteerprograms around the world in • Evaluation and Feedbackpartnership with sustainable communityinitiatives, bringing people together towork side-by-side while sharingperspectives and fostering culturalunderstanding. We are an internationalnot-for-profit organization with nopolitical or religious affiliations.
  6. 6. What Our Volunteers Can Expect Support From Start to Finish • CCS HQ staff were all volunteers before they were staff • We work closely with local organizations to match volunteer skills with the needs of the communityProgram Advisors In-Country SupportOur Program Advisors are here All our in-country staff members areto help you decide which country, from the communities where we work,date & duration is best for you. living and working there year-round. Program Site Specialists Alumni Action Network Program Site Specialists will prepare Become a life-long learner you for your CCS experience & about international issues. answer your questions along the way.
  7. 7. What Our Volunteers Can Expect Before Enrolling Choosing the right country, program, & length of stay Getting All The Facts • Program Advisors are ready to answer your questions via phone and email • All Program Advisors are former CCS volunteers • Alumni References available • Info Sheets, Guidance, and Fundraising Resources • CCS Community – Connect with current and former volunteers
  8. 8. What Our Volunteers Can Expect Volunteer Preparation Getting the most out of your experience Before going in-country • One-on-one support • Dedicated Program Site Specialist acts as a liaison between volunteer & in-country staff • Volunteer Placement Process • Skills & Interests survey • Based on community needs • Fully informed on cultural taboos, customs, appropriate clothing, packing suggestions, etc. • Resources for travel, visa, and immunization information • Connecting with fellow volunteers
  9. 9. What Our Volunteers Can Expect The In-Country Experience Getting the most out of your experience Supporting Your Volunteer Work • All hired staff members are from the local area and are knowledgeable experts, authentic meals, etc. • Partner Program relationships and community assessments • The Home-Base • Three full meals a day • Clean towels and linens • Comfortable environment • 24-hour staff support • Transportation • To/From airport, volunteer placement, and CCS activities
  10. 10. Invaluable Staff ExperienceTeam of ExpertsUpon arrival, the CCS driver greets you at theairport and brings you to the CCS Home-Base.The Program Director walks you through an in-depth orientation. All of our in-country staffmembers are warm, loving people who wantyou to feel right at home and will make sure youare well cared for.Each Program Site includes:• Country/Program Director Averaging over 10 years of• Program Site Manager experience, our Country• Program Officers Directors are recognized and• Program Administrators respected leaders in• Cooks international development,• Housekeepers education, social services, and• Drivers more.• Security
  11. 11. The Value of the Program Fee What Your Program Fee Covers Food, Lodging, Transportation, & Staff Support • Volunteer placement & coordination • 24-hour in-country staff support • Orientation, placement, and regular feedback sessions • Safe & comfortable Home-Base • Three full meals a day prepared by CCS staff cook • Transportation by trained CCS drivers • Cultural & Learning Activities • Comprehensive travel medical insurance • Local phone calls, incoming international phone service, and a 24-hour emergency hotline in the U.S.Learn
  12. 12. The Value of the Program Fee What It Doesn’t Cover • International and domestic airfare and corresponding airport departure taxes • Costs associated with obtaining a visa or immunizations (when needed) • Long distance phone calls and internet (in some sites) • Laundry service Overall Benefits • Peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands • Everything is taken care of once you step off the placeLearn
  13. 13. How To Enroll in a ProgramThe Basics About Enrolling• Choose a program, location, start date, and length of stay• Enroll online or over the phone• Enrolling requires a US$275, CAN$300, or £UK150 deposit which will be applied toward your overall program fee “Some of the children in public• Program Advisors are available to assist! schools will now visit us to interact with the orphans and learn songs,• Methods of payments and due dates rhymes, poems, and games that theyve learned from theAdditional Information: volunteers. To us, this is a huge • Peak and off-peak rates impact – other children now realize • Lower program fees for Russia, that orphans have something to Guatemala, China share, too... Also, people in the • Discounts available for volunteering as a community have begun volunteering to help at the group, family, or CCS alum! orphanage.” • Fundraising and fundraising due date Volunteer Voices
  14. 14. Funding Your Program How to Fund Your Program Additional Options for Paying Your Program Fee • Scholarships, Grants, etc. • Corporate Matching Programs • Current opportunities available: • Travelocitys Change Ambassador Grant Program • Volunteers for Prosperity Service Incentive Program • The National Geographic Glimpse Correspondents Program • Spring 2012 applications now available
  15. 15. Fundraising TipsKey Tips Fundraiser Examples• Know your audience • Dance-off• Get creative • Local Restaurant Sponsorships• Be knowledgeable about issues and • Raffles the need in the community you’ve • Tournaments chosen • Mailing Campaign• Show your passion• Tracking Success: myCCS, Volunteer Example Facebook Causes, IndieGogo, Crowdrise “Skating to Tanzania”• Use CCS Fundraising Resources: widgets, sample letters, and (VIDEO) templates
  16. 16. Volunteer Voices “After numerous hours spent researching sites that offered this opportunity I chose Cross Cultural Solutions. This company provided detailed information about the goals, destination, requirements, necessities, and personal information needed to qualify etc.” MOROCCO 2012“I found with the constant support from the New York office, everything was goingto be okay… [The Program Advisor] put me in contact with alumni who got backwith me quickly and greatly encouraged me to take the leap!” COSTA RICA 2012 “You know, it is amazing to think that I actually raised more than my program fee ... My biggest tip for anyone is not to stress about fundraising; if the first thing you try doesnt work, there are so many options.” RUSSIA 2011“The in-country staffs excellence could not be described in words. Theyare the ones who made the trip what it was. I had an excellent timewith … ALL of them.” TANZANIA 2012
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. EXPLORE OUR WEBSITE w w w. c r o s s c u l t u r a l s o l u t i o n s . o r g Determine where, when, and for how long you want to volunteer:Next Contact a Program AdvisorSteps 1-800-380-4777, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EDT Ansley: Pete: Stay In Touch Upcoming Info Sessions • Mesa, AZ (4/25) • Philadelphia, PA (4/27) • Phoenix, AZ (4/28) • New York, NY (4/28) • Charlottesville, VA (4/28) Find More Events: