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Volunteer in Africa: Ghana, CCS Webinar Presentation


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Volunteer in Africa: Ghana, CCS Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. Volunteer in Africa: GhanaWEBINARS Tuesday, July 17th4:00-5:00 p.m. EDT
  2. 2. Introductions Pete BryanProgram Advisor – Senior Team Leader Alumnus of CCS Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, and Morocco Sara Young Program Advisor Alumna of CCS Ghana and Peru
  3. 3. Agenda• Introductions• Review of Agenda• About CCS• About CCS Ghana• Life in Ghana• The CCS Experience• Volunteer Work• Home-Base• CCS Ghana Staff• Cultural & Learning Activities• Free Time & Weekends• Pre-departure support• Questions & Answers• Next Steps
  4. 4. About CCS Our Approach Respecting Local Expertise in Community Development• Volunteer Placements • Placement Process • Partner Programs • In-Country Staff• Cultural Immersion • Home-Base located in a residential community • Cultural & Learning Activities Our Mission is to operate volunteer programs around the world in • Fostering Relationships partnership with sustainable community initiatives, bringing people together to work side-by-side while sharing• Flexibility perspectives and fostering cultural • 4 Programs, 12 Countries, and Year- understanding. We are an international not-for-profit organization with no Round Start Dates political or religious affiliations.
  5. 5. About CCS Ghana Experience the culture and warmth of West African people • Over 2,200 CCS volunteers have been sent to Ghana since 1998 – nearly15 years! • Located in the Volta Region • All programs offered: Volunteer & Insight Abroad, Intern Abroad, Teen Volunteer Abroad
  6. 6. Life in Ghana • Hohoe is a warm, welcoming, friendly environment, unlike any other country you’ve been to. • Often referred to as the “Gateway to Africa” • Close-knit community and easy-going nature • Volunteers have a chance to relax and unplug while volunteering and making a difference
  7. 7. The CCS ExperienceA TYPICAL DAY•Breakfast•Volunteer at your placement in themorning•Lunch•Welcome a local group and learn atraditional dance•Dinner•Play cards with fellow volunteers,discuss weekend plans, & talk withthe in-country staff about yourplacement
  8. 8. Volunteer Work Ensuring our Volunteers Impact on the Community Remains Positive Volunteer Placements - Teaching and Caregiving • Mainly children, ages 7-10 • Teach basic subjects (reading & writing in English, math, etc.) or co-curricular subjects (dance, athletics, art, etc.) • Teach students with special needs such as a school for the deaf • Caring for children in nurseries and day care centers
  9. 9. Volunteer Work Ensuring our Volunteers Impact on the Community Remains Positive Volunteer Placements - Healthcare & Community Development • General care in a health care center • Nurse and/or administration assistance • Nursing/health background preferred however, volunteers with no background can observe first before assisting
  10. 10. Volunteer Work Ensuring our Volunteers Impact on the Community Remains Positive Volunteer Placements - Teen Volunteer Abroad • Teaching & caring for children ages 7-10 • Community development projects
  11. 11. Volunteer Work Ensuring our Volunteers Impact on the Community Remains Positive Volunteer Placements - Intern Abroad • Area of focus available: healthcare, education, social services • Intern Supervisor • Pre-departure process • Summary project
  12. 12. CCS Home-Base Your Home Away From Home• Safe & comfortable living environment• 24-hour staff presece• Resource Center• Meals: Three delicious authentic meals a day by CCS staff cooks & safe drinking water provided• Transportation: Airport pick-up and drop-off, and safe transportation to & from volunteer placement• Communication: Phone access & some Internet access
  13. 13. CCS Ghana StaffIn-Country SupportProviding Expert Support for ourVolunteers and Partners in the Community• Strong history & presence in the community• Year-round CCS Staff & members of the local community• Director & Program Managers • Makafui Amenuvor• Cooks, housekeepers, licensed drivers• Security • Alfa, Security Guard – A favorite among volunteers; warm, friendly, and an impressive geography guru that volunteers can’t stop talking about.
  14. 14. Cultural & Learning Activities Cultural Immersion Getting the Insider’s Perspective • Batik making – Fabric dying method; staple of Ghanaian culture • Traditional Drumming & Dancing • Trip to the highest waterfall in Western Africa! • Mountain Hiking • Monkey Sanctuary • Language lessons • Guest speakers – Range from Health & education to folklore & fairytales
  15. 15. Free Time A Chance to Explore the Community On Your Own Afternoons & Weekends• Re-live Cultural & Learning Activities!• Shopping for Ghanaian clothing, musical instruments, etc.• Hiking trails• Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Historical site and possible • Historical site including canopy walks, and tree-house stays• Lake Volta (Day trip or overnight) • Fishing & boating• Walking to meet people!
  16. 16. Enrollment & Pre-departure SupportSupport From • CCS HQ Staff were all volunteers before they were staff • We work closely with local organizations to matchStart to Finish volunteer skills with the needs of the community• Alumni references & fundraising support• Staff Support: PAs, PSSs, In-Country, AES• Travel Documents and Necessities • Passport, visa, & vaccinations • Things to bring: Snacks, walking shoes, bathing suit, sunscreen, and energy!• Climate: Lowest temperature: 60° F • Rain season in Ghana is mild• We’ll advise you on how to pack for the time of year you travel
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Determine where, when, & for how long you want to volunteer:Next Contact a Program Advisor 1-800-380-4777, Monday-Friday 9am-9pm EDT Pete: Sara: Stay In Touch Upcoming Info Sessions •Charlottesville, VA (July 17th) •Hollywood, CA (July 26th) •New York, NY (July 28th) •Santa Monica, CA (July 29th) •Albuquerque, NM (Aug 9th) Find more events near you: