The CCS Experience in China - CCS Webinar Presentation


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CCS webinar presentation on what it's like to volunteer in China with Cross-Cultural Solutions

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The CCS Experience in China - CCS Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. CCS China:Volunteering in Xi’an
  2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• Xi’an• Volunteer Placements• Home-Base• Cultural & Learning Activities and Free Time• Q&A
  3. 3. Introductions Pete Bryan- Xi’an July ‘09 Alex Brandt- December ’09 Program Manager Jerome Dong- Country Director
  4. 4. Xi’an China• Xi’an (pronounced Shee-han)• City of 8 million people• Located in the Shaanxi Province• Xian is one of the four Great Capitals of China because it has been the capital (under various names) of 13 dynasties, including the Zhou, Qin, Han the Sui dynasty, and the Tang.• Beginning of the Silk Road• Home of Terra Cotta Warriors
  5. 5. Placements in Xi’anMost popular placement types:• Teaching English to Children (schoolsand summer camps)• Teaching English to Adults (Collegestudents, teachers, medical school,museums, pizza parlor)• Working with children with disabilitiesWhat do partner programs see as thebenefits of our volunteers’ service?• Unique access to English speakers.• More individual attention to children.• Motivation for staff and local volunteersto participate.• Cultural exchange.
  6. 6. Placements in Xi’an
  7. 7. Placements in Xi’anPlacement Requirements: Are there any age,schooling, professional certification requirements foreach type of placement?• Some English teaching placements will prefer older volunteers orvolunteers with previous teaching experience.• Some English teaching placements prefer volunteers who are in-countryfor one month or longer.
  8. 8. The Xi’an Home-Base• Accommodations are dorm-style. You will be rooming with 4-6 people.• All apartments have air conditioning and lamps, as well as wardrobes and storage bins. Each also has an en-suite bathroom.• Large, open common room with  TV/DVD player and/or a computer  Water coolers  Small refrigerator, mugs, toaster• Wireless Internet• Washing machine in the Home-Base• Do not drink the tap water – CCS will provide you with unlimited filtered water. Be sure to use this when brushing your teeth!
  9. 9. The Xi’an Home-Base
  10. 10. Cultural & LearningActivitiesField Trips:• Terra Cotta Warriors• Countryside• TCM Hospital and Market• Muslim Quarter• Museums• Temples and parks• Traditional Chinese operaGuest speakers:• Calligraphy• Traditional Chinese Medicine• Chinese HistoryActivities:• Mahjong• Badminton• Tai Chi• Dumpling making• Paper cutting
  11. 11. Free-Time Activities Weekend Destinations: • Beijing (Great Wall, Forbidden City) • Shanghai, Hong Kong • Day trips to nearby mountain ranges Free-Time: • Visit temples • Bike the city wall • Sports (Badminton, Basketball, Swimming) • Shopping • Arcades • Karaoke • Massages • Movies
  12. 12. Questions?