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A Closer Look at Tanzania, CCS Webinar Presentation


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A Closer Look at Tanzania, CCS Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. A Closer Look at CCS TanzaniaW EBINARSThursday, May 24th4:00-5:00 p.m. EDT
  2. 2. Introductions Ansley Easterlin Program Advisor Alumna of CCS Tanzania Alexandra Raab Program AdvisorAlumna of CCS Guatemala and Tanzania
  3. 3. Agenda• Introductions• Review of the Agenda• About CCS• About Tanzania• Fun Facts About Tanzania• Volunteer Work• CCS Home-Base• CCS Tanzania Staff• Cultural & Learning Activities• Free Time• Questions & Answers• Next Steps
  4. 4. About CCS Our Approach Respecting Local Expertise in Community Development• Volunteer Placements • Placement Process • Partner Programs • In-Country Staff• Cultural Immersion • Home-Base located in a residential community • Cultural & Learning Activities Our Mission is to operate volunteer programs around the world in • Fostering Relationships partnership with sustainable community initiatives, bringing people together to work side-by-side while sharing• Flexibility perspectives and fostering cultural • 4 Programs, 12 Countries, and Year- understanding. We are an international not-for-profit organization with no Round Start Dates political or religious affiliations.
  5. 5. About Tanzania CCS Tanzania Experience the Warmth and Traditions of East Africa Our Two Tanzania Program Sites: • Kilimanjaro • Based in Karanga and Moshi • Volunteer Abroad (2-12 weeks) and Intern Abroad (3-12 weeks) • Over 2,700 volunteers sent since 2003 • Bagamoyo • Along the East Coast of Tanzania • Volunteer Abroad (2-12 weeks) • Over 1,700 volunteers sent since 2004
  6. 6. More About Tanzania
  7. 7. The CCS Experience
  8. 8. Volunteer Work Volunteer Placements in Tanzania Ensuring our Volunteers Impact on the Community Remains Positive Kilimanjaro & Bagamoyo • Caregiving • Teaching • Community Development • New for 2012: • 2 week minimum now available!
  9. 9. CCS Home-Bases Your Home Away From Home Living arrangements, meals & more• Lodging: Safe, cozy & colorful living environment• Resource Centers• Meals: Three delicious authentic meals a day by CCS staff cooks & safe drinking water provided• Transportation: Airport pick-up and drop-off, and safe transportation to & from volunteer placement• Communication: Wi-fi & phone access
  10. 10. CCS Home-Bases • Karanga Kilimanjaro Home-Bases • Moshi in Shanty TownBagamoyo Home-Base• Bagamoyo is located in a safe, quiet, residential neighborhood
  11. 11. CCS Tanzania Staff In-Country Support Providing Expert Support for our Volunteers and Partners in the Community• Year-round CCS Staff & members of the local community• Director & Program Managers • Thea Mushi, Country Director• Cooks• Housekeepers• Licensed Drivers• 24-hour Security
  12. 12. Cultural & Learning Activities Cultural Immersion Getting the Insider’s Perspective Kilimanjaro • Lessons on making batiks • Historical site visits • Local museums & markets • Swahili language lessons • Cooking lessons • Guest speakers Bagamoyo • Cultural drum & dance (aka "Shaky Shake") • Tours of the historical town • Local crocodile farm, hiking, visiting with Tanzanian traditional healers • Guest lectures given by experts in the fields of health and HIV/AIDS, education systems, or gender issues.
  13. 13. Free Time Exploring Tanzania A Chance to Explore the Community On Your OwnAfternoons & Weekends• Weekend Safaris!• Mount Kilimanjaro• Hiking• Zanzibar (near Bagamoyo)• Beautiful Beaches (near Bagamoyo)
  14. 14. Enrollment & Pre-departure Support Support From Start to Finish • CCS HQ Staff were all volunteers before they were staff • We work closely with local organizations to match volunteer skills with the needs of the communityProgram Advisors In-Country SupportOur Program Advisors are here All our in-country staff members areto help decide which country, from the communities where we work,date & duration is best for you. living and working there year-round. Program Site Specialists Alumni Action Network Program Site Specialists will prepare Become a life-long learner you for your CCS experience & about international issues. answer your questions along the way.
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. w w w. c r o s s c u l t u r a l s o l u t i o n s . o r g Determine where, when, & for how long you want to volunteer:Next Contact a Program AdvisorSteps 1-800-380-4777, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EDT Ansley: Alexandra: Stay In Touch Upcoming Info Sessions • San Jose, CA (May 26th) • Philadelphia, PA (May 30th) • Albuquerque, NM (June 7th) • Fairfax, VA (June 10th) • Newtown, CT (June 26th) • Charlottesville, VA (July 22nd) Find more events near you: