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Apresentação Namíbia

  1. 1. “Volunteerism benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.” (UN)
  2. 2. Volunteers in Action Institute The Volunteers in Action Institute is a Volunteer Centre which aims to promote the meeting among those willing to donate part of their time and their skills in working for a social cause, and organizations that need this kind of work.
  3. 3. The Path of IVA Start of volunteers and organizations Consultation registrations with NGOs to Capacity check the Building - viability of Training for the Project volunteers and NGOs March 1998November 1997 May 1998 Idea of establishing Consolidating an IVA’s work organization after 10 years to attract of activities volunteers June 1997 July 2008 STARTING A NEW STAGE AT IVA
  4. 4. Findings from 2006 about the profile of volunteers registered in IVANo longer an The age group of The level of 44% areexclusively people who instruction found employed andfemale activity. searched us in most of 28% are changed todaysMale studying, total substantially and volunteers -engagement now we have 82% - is 72%.increase almost 76% of the enrolled in Demystifies the previous10% compared to volunteers college degree idea that volunteeringfemales in the registered in the or higher level. was a practice used by retired or unemployed topast years. ages between 16 escape from boredom. to 40 years old. Most part of those wanting to become a volunteer - 90% - searched us through the internet
  5. 5. A new Context Knowledge SocietyIndustrial Society •Excessive Years 00 •Search for a consumption conscious consumer •Appearance •Transparency •TV •Internet •Isolated Groups •Networks •Assistencialism •Co-participation •Changes •Transformation •Imposition •ConstructionCentury XVIII Century XXIuntil XX Period of transition
  6. 6. Internet in Brazil 67.5 million Brazilians have Internet access** Média de tempo de conexão mensal** Brasil 44 horas EUA 40 horas Austrália 39 horas França 38 horas 66% broadband connection* Fonte: TIC Domicílios 2009 – 16.887 entrevistados em área urbana** Fonte: Ibope – 4°trimestre/2009*** Fonte: Jeffrey Group – Empresas e Consumidores nas Mídias Sociais – 407 entrevistados – Jan/2010
  7. 7. Internet in Santa Catarina  SC ranks first as a user of technology, and the third in southern Brazil.  It is the champion of the Southern Region on computers and Internet usage  26.5% of residences have computers
  8. 8. Benchmarking conducted in 2006 and 2007 http://www.hacesfalta.org/ Since 2000 Opportunities: 1367 http://www.1-800-volunteer.org/ Referrals: 1697975 Since 1999 Organizations: 28,154 Opportunities: 26,434 Volunteers: 207,399 http://www.unvolunteers.org/ http://www.volunteermatch.org/ Since 2000 Since 1998 Last year, 14,313 online Organizations: 74,406 volunteering assignments Opportunities: 58,802 Referrals: 5,052,707
  9. 9. Online Volunteering Portal - Integrationpoint for organizations and individuals involved in volunteering Significant reduction of Voluntee costs and thereby the ring increase of work Profile dimension. Online Voluntee Ability to offer ring opportunities for, Portal capacity building, training, activities and Internet even referral of user Profile volunteers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  10. 10. Main challenges before the launch of Online Volunteering PortalIntroduce the Online Volunteering in BrazilWorking towards digital inclusion for the Third SectorEmpower NGOs to use the PortalAttract more qualified volunteers, professionals and youngpeopleAttract first-time volunteersEmpower NGOs to harness the potential of more qualifiedvolunteers, professionals and young people
  12. 12. UNVolunteers – First Portal Partner The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. UNV contributes to peace and development by advocating for recognition of volunteers, working with partners to integrate volunteerism into development programming, and mobilizing an increasing number and diversity of volunteers, including experienced UNV volunteers, throughout the world.
  13. 13. UNVolunteers at IVA
  14. 14. Articulation UNVolunteers Partnership March 2007 - first contact with Douglas Evans - Chief Arab States, Latin America and the Caribbean Section - Operations Group United Nations Volunteers 2007/2008 - presentation and studies on the partnership proposal to the Online Volunteering Portal Jan to Jul 2008 - negotiation of partnerships with the UNV Programme Officer in Brazil and indicators definition for the Portal
  15. 15. Articulation UNVolunteers PartnershipJul 2008 - Signing of MOU to launch the PortalJan to March 2009 - Selection Process for the NationalUNV - starting date  March 2009Jun a Outubro 2009 – Selection Process for theInternational UNV – starting date  October 2009Jun a Outubro 2010 – Selection Process for the secondInternational UNV – starting date  October 2010
  16. 16. Results of this partnership Allowed a Added new Enabled Enabled greater and expertise and significantdetailed study better use of diverse approximation on Online the Portal by professional with registeredVolunteering; NGOs and experience; NGOs; volunteers.
  17. 17. UNESCOUNESCO works to create the conditions for dialogueamong civilizations, cultures and peoples, basedupon respect for commonly shared values.
  18. 18. Articulation UNESCO Partnership Search for a technical-institutional partnership with great reputation in Brazil and worldwide to give more credibility to our work. Partnership started: 2001
  19. 19. GOOGLE Googles role can be defined as the organization of the vast amount ofinformation available on the web in a systematic way, for all its users.
  20. 20. Articulation Google PartnershipSeek of an institutional and technical partnership with highreputation in Brazil and worldwide to give more credibility to ourwork;Possibility of using Google’s tools for free - Google grants,Adwords and Analytics;Possibility of optimizing the Online Volunteering Portal toimprove its visibility and use. Partnership started: 2008
  21. 21. Government Partnership - Beija Flor ProgrammePromotes digital inclusion in rural areas and fishingcommunities in Santa Catarina State throughtelecentres, centers equipped with computers andInternet, installed in public places - schools, fishingcolony, libraries, civil society associations.Spaces for community integration, learning,personal growth and social mobilization.
  22. 22. Articulation Beija Flor Partnership Registration of 113 telecenters in SC state in small rural and fishing communities; Provision of 332 volunteer opportunities; 64 volunteer opportunities selected from volunteers registered on the Portal.
  23. 23. Registered NGOs working in networkIVA mobilized NGOs that wereestablished in many cities in SC: Womens Network Against Pastoral da Cancer Criança (Pastoral Care for Children) IVA Networki ng Committee for Information Democratiza tion
  24. 24. Rede Brasil Voluntário Brazil Volunteer NetworkAiming to systematize the dissemination, implementation and consolidation of concepts, ideas and experiencesrelated to volunteerism in Brazil and worldwide CVs of SaoPaulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Parana and Santa Catarina, operating since 1997 on the promotion, dissemination and recognition volunteering have joined forces and created the RBV REDE BRASIL VOLUNTÁRIO(BRAZIL VOLUNTEER NETWORK).
  25. 25. Rede Brasil Voluntário Brazil Volunteer NetworkThe RBV has a great partner to the UN VolunteerProgram - UNVolunteers who supported its creation fromthe beginning and is a partner in their work and annualevent – Semana Brasil Voluntário – SBV since 2008,helded the week of International Volunteer Day.
  26. 26. RBV and Online Volunteering IVA has worked with capacity building and trainings of CVs that are part of RBV causingthem to use online volunteering in their activities; 4 trainings were conducted in person and another one online regarding the subject: Online Volunteering. so that their use could be increased. The result was the increased use of this type of volunteering.
  27. 27. Testemonials The RIOVOLUNTÁRIO has often used the Online Volunteering Portal and through the 5 volunteer opportunities that we registered in the last year, we received 158 volunteers who have been extremely dedicated and helpful.Eduardo LangCommunications Coordinator - Riovoluntário - RJ – BrazilThe Centro de Ação Voluntária - CAV believes that the Online Volunteering Porta methodology have been quite effective in recruiting new volunteers. In the first year of the Portal operations CAV registered 5 online volunteer opportunities for researchers and production of communication materials for which we had a great demand. The relationship with volunteers is generating good results, which is due to the commitment of all.Thiago Baise / Daniela Souza NunesProjects Area from CAVCentro de voluntariado de Curitiba - PR - Brazil
  28. 28. Technical - Institutional Partnerships
  30. 30. Financial Partners of Volunteers in Action Institute
  32. 32. Online Publicizing StrategiesMain mission of a site - to give credibility to asocial cause.First contact with the non-profitorganizations through the internet.Important position in the web tocommunicate mission, values, etc..Brand Experience – NGOs attributes shouldbe reflected on the web.Sites – no more online portfolio, but strategicrole in their goals
  33. 33. Online Publicizing StrategiesMust have effective tools, good usability, informationarchitecture, efficient and persuasive writing.Key Points for a promotion of a cause on the web.Social Media + Internet = new social structure - technologytransfers command from institutions to communities
  34. 34. Online Publicizing StrategiesTechnology has allowed different stakeholders discuss and shareviews on global level in a fast and direct communication in realtime.Being present on the Internet and interact with your audienceeffectively means that your question will be social and withdoors open to the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.The Online Volunteering Portal from its inception, positioneditself in an online host, where dialogue and interactionprevail. Without such well-defined and differentiated strategy,we could not have achieved the impressive results we have in 27months of existence.
  35. 35. Shares of media that preceded VOLlaunching New web site, modern and interactive; Video contest to celebrate 10 years of IVA which was the highlight of Portal’s launch. Mobilization of advertising communication students; Movimento Blog Voluntário (Blog Volunteer Movement).
  36. 36. Blog Volunteer Movement 2008: Blog Volunteer Movement 2009: • 544 registered Blogs• 470 registered Blogs • More than 400 posts• 661 posts • 3.635 citations on Google Blog Search• 425 citations on Google Blog Search • 894 followers on Twitter.• 63.305 readers de RSS Total: • 1014 registered Blogs • 4060 citations on• 124 followers on Twitter • More than 1061 posts Google Blog Search
  38. 38. Main Numbers of the Portal Visits 525.413 Registered Volunteers 26.656 Registered Organizations 425 Volunteer Opportunities Chosen 12.924 Online Volunteer Opportunitie Chosen 9.111 Onsite Volunteer Opportunitie Chosen 3.813 Number of States w/ Registered Volunteers 26 States + DF Number of States w/ Registered Organizations 16 States + DF Number of Cities w/ Registered Volunteers 1557 Number of Cities w/ Registered Organizations 172Number of Campaigns to Mobilize Volunteers made by the 27 Portal Portal operates in 28% of the municipalities of Brazil
  39. 39. Age Groups & Gender 16 |-- 19 Age Groups 20 |-- 39 40 |-- 59 60 |-- 79 Acima de 80 anos 71,56% Gender 8,85% 32,48 16,99% % 67,52 F % M Gender Number1,10% F 179980,03%1,48% M 8658
  40. 40. Schooling Level & Profession Ensino Fundamental Schooling Level Ensino Médio + Curso Técnico Ensino Superior + Pós 21,27% 76,30% Graduação Schooling Level Number Elementary School 646 High School +Technical School 56712,42% Higher Education + Postgraduate 20339 Profession 83,26% Profession Number Aposentado Retired 401 Empregado 15,23% Employee 22195 Estudante Student 4060 1,50%
  41. 41. Performed volunteer work beforePerformed Volunteer Work Number N 15845 Y 10811 Performed Volunteer Work? 40,56% 59,44% N S
  42. 42. Range & PresenceOnline Mix
  43. 43. RecognitionOn July 15, 2009, the Online Volunteering Portal completed a year of existence and to commemorate this date, we were presented with a story on National News:
  44. 44. RecognitionOn October 21, 2009, the Online Volunteering Portal was featured in Veja magazine:
  46. 46. Training & Capacity BuildingApart from the intermediary between volunteersand organizations, IVA is concerned with thetraining work of everyone involved, so thatorganizations can rely on skilled and motivatedvolunteers, ensuring the sustainability of ouractions in the community.
  47. 47. Training & Capacity Building Online Volunteering Training - aOne of IVA’s goal - working platform for distancefor digital inclusion of the education courses that enables NGOs and volunteers from Third Sector and train Brazil and worldwide to volunteers to conduct a receive training on issues more qualified work. related to voluntary and third sector.
  48. 48. Training AvailableInitial training Training for Training for Training for for volunteer Managing Social Projects Força Online Managementap Voluntária Volunteers acitação para o Project Projeto
  50. 50. November 2008Tragedy in the Itajai Valleywith hundreds of peoplehomeless and more than ahundred deaths;Volunteers from all over Braziland daily online updates ofmunicipalities demands;Over 1,800 volunteers wererecruited ;The mobilizing force of theinternet made the difference.
  51. 51. Learning: The rain took a lot away, but also left many lessons IVA realized it had a role to play Prior knowledge of other experiences: Help in Disaster - www.1-800-volunteer.org
  52. 52. Força Voluntária - CampaignCampaign created with collaboration from teachers and students of Advertising at the Estacio de Sa University, in Santa Catarina:
  53. 53. Força Voluntária - CampaignScope and capillarity in social networks
  54. 54. Força Voluntária - ManualCreation and production of the Força Voluntária Manual:
  55. 55. FORÇA VOLUNTÁRIA Project The Project main Statistics: goal is to mobilize, More than 600 registered volunteers organize, and train 6 groups establishedgroups of volunteers 3 groups in formation to act in disasters 9 onsite trainings situations in Santa 2 online trainings Catarina.
  56. 56. Conclusion• Disasters are inevitable. We need to learn about them so we can givebetter answers to the affected populations. We must warn them tominimize its consequences.• Volunteers can help make that come true. It was proved in 2008 thattrained and prepared volunteers can make all the difference.
  58. 58. ORGANIZATION OPPORTUNITY TYPE OF SUMMARY OF THE ACTIVITY OPPORTUNITYVictor Meirelles Events Onsite Through the Portal the organization recruited two Museum Coordinator volunteers to organize the events logistics of the organization, from the reception for speakers and event participants to the storage site, frequency control and issuance of certificates.Victor Meirelles Translator Online Through the Portal the organization recruited two online Museum translators, translate documents and chapters from a book. The result was the publication of a book. Support Group Online Promoter Online Through the Portal the organization works with online for HIV / AIDS researchers. Their job forward materials to the Prevention from Organization so they can publish new information everyCriciúma – GAPAC day, collaboration with HIV / AIDS prevention.
  59. 59. ORGANIZAÇÃO OPPORTUNITY TYPE OF SUMMARY OF THE ACTIVITY OPPORTUNITYIrmão Joaquim Fund Raising Online Through the Portal the organization recruited a Assossiation Organiser volunteer to organize a raffle for a Brazilian soccer team jersey. The volunteer planed all the logistics and materials needed to the raffle come true. The money raised served to build a physiotherapy room that serves 40 seniors. Volunteer in Online All documents, reports and publicity materialsAction Institute - Translator used by IVA, when needed translations, are sent IVA to online translators volunteers, all recruited through the Portal. Volunteer in Researcher for Online IVA has two blogs and a site that is updated dailyAction Institute - Blogs thanks to materials researched and submitted by IVA researchers volunteers.
  61. 61. Findings after 2 years of Portal’s activity Brazil is increasingly voluntary The more qualified volunteers, professionals and young people are fully open and available for volunteering The internet has a transformative potential for the Third Sector Online Volunteering is a reality in Brazil
  62. 62. Key Challenges Work intensively in the capacity building of NGOs to use thePortal and other tools available on the internet Continuous training of NGOs to the use of online volunteering Strengthen the strategies relationship with all audiences Publicize the importance of this new volunteer for Brazil’ssocial development Association with other Portals that are acting for socialtransformations
  64. 64. Emergence of the 3 PortalsLink between people who wish to put their skills and time available to NGOs and organizations in need of volunteers to provide better services. Apart from the intermediary between volunteers and organizations, works with Capacity Building of those involved. Approaching Online search platform social where NGOs can organizations provide their information to the of people who community: indicators want to help of identity, results, them through management and financial partnerships, donations, becoming an interactive platform helping them that supports NGOs get their and their managers, projects into investors, volunteers practice. and beneficiaries.
  65. 65. Common Difficulties to the 3 Portals VOL – IVA - SC Transparência – ICOM - SC Portal Social – FMSS - RS
  66. 66. Need to integrate the 3 Portals integration
  67. 67. Need for integration with other sectors
  68. 68. Why TiB- Need to join forces and act in network to fightagainst common difficulties;- Connected to Internet = Connected tocollective intelligence and all possibleknowledge, groups and individuals;- Internet is alive and democratic.
  69. 69. Why TiB Information technology Through this technology and internet can help we are able to connect, nonprofit organizations share and act on behalf to explore and build of a cause on globalcommunities to leverage scale and speed never positive social change. seen before.
  70. 70. TiB 2010Technology and communication as a facilitator and agentof social change has already been a subject to non-profitorganizations, technology companies, professionals andvolunteers in the U.S. in the past 10 years.
  71. 71. Summary ScheduleInternational and National Speakers: Emmett Carson, Ph.D,President and CEO da Silicon Valley Community Foundation andVyria Paselk, Senior Director, International Partnership for TechSoupGlobal; Lucia Delagnello – ICOM CoordinatorPresentation of successful experiences of social investment ofcompanies in Silicon Valley and other U.S. companies andmultinational companies operating in Brazil, such as Google and IBMFormal presentation of the 3 PortalsTraining workshops for NGOs
  72. 72. Publicizing
  73. 73. Post Seminar Expectations Necessity to continue working on digital inclusion of NGOs Development of tools that assist the process of familiarization with the information technology
  74. 74. How can this happenBenchmarking led us to the site WWW.GRASSROOTS.ORG
  75. 75. Ação na Rede / Capacity Building and digital inclusion for the Third SectorProject that will work the digital inclusion of NGOs throughan online platform that will provide training and digital toolsfor free, involving the work of volunteers and volunteercompanies in the IT field.
  76. 76. Learn more...www.voluntariosemacao.org.brwww.voluntariosonline.org.brwww.voluntariosonlinecursos.org.brwww.forcavoluntaria.org.brwww.seminariotib.org.brwww.portaltransparencia.org.brwww.portalsocial.org.brwww.grassroots.org