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Voldik pr

  1. 1. VISION Vocational Centre of Pärnu CountyVCPC has high reputation as a schoolwith acknowledged learningenvironment, training workers who are Voltveti Training Centrecompetitive both at local and Peahoone tee 2 86201 Tihemetsa VOCATIONinternational labour market. Saarde vald Pärnumaa from the Estonia tel + 372 4491 062 BEST SCHOOL Piret Koorep, head of the departmentMISSION piret.koorep@hariduskeskus.ee Mati Jassik, managerIn close co-operation with employers mati.jassik@hariduskeskus.eeprovide competitive vocational Sirje Õismaa, gardener Krista Staškevitš, project coordinatorcompetence, knowledge and skills krista.staskevits@hariduskeskus.eefor working life and further studies. Leana Lihtne, project assistant leana.lihtne@mail.ee Vocational Centre of Pärnu County Niidupargi tn 8//12 80047 Pärnu Estonia Phone: +372 442 7888 Award-winning interior design Fax: +372 442 7889 E-mail: parnumaa@hariduskeskus.ee www.hariduskeskus.ee
  2. 2. FACILITIES Specialties Specialties (based on basic education) (based on secondary education) • Computers and networks • Mason • Carpenter • Finishing work in construction • Cook • Hospitality service School meals are prepared by our own young cooksContemporary possibilities for service studies • Assembler of electronic devices(ESF, project No 2.5.0200.08-0016) • Shop assistant • Computers and networks • Warehousing economy • Hotel service operations • Car technician • Householding • Assembler • Sales arrangement • Joiner • Business administration Old and new meet in Voltveti manor house. • Baker and pastry-cook • Accounting • Clothing sewing • Hairdresser • Forestry • Tailoring • Horticulture • Care worker • Secretary • Forest managementContinuous education building in town center Vocational Centre of Pärnu County Niidupargi tn 8//12 80047 Pärnu Estonia Forestry studies take place in Voltveti training centre Car and metal workshop will be ready in autumn 2011 Phone: +372 442 7888 (supported bu ESF, project 2.5.0200.09-0048) Fax: +372 442 7889 E-mail: parnumaa@hariduskeskus.ee www.hariduskeskus.ee