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ICT4D Barcamp - Team1 ARePAG Presentation

Increased resilience capacity of small-scale producers of rice, vegetables and yams in Haute Guinée - Team ARePAG

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ICT4D Barcamp - Team1 ARePAG Presentation

  1. 1. Alice Mantoani Mohamed Amine Chriyaa Stefano Battain Adelaide Strada Enrico Marescotti “ICT Innovations for Development” ARePAGARePAGARePAGARePAG Increased resilience capacity of small-scale producers of rice, vegetables and yams in Haute Guinée Team 1
  2. 2. • Collect information to organize product logistics and reduce transportation and storage costs • Develop management and logistics capacity to select the best transport/stocking price combination and expand its services Project case analysis •Many informal operators •Missing reliable information about transportation and storage •Isolated areas with no access to main roads – higher transport costs Strengthen rural productivity and increase food security in the Kankan Region
  4. 4. Our approach • Brainstorming: problems, ideas, ICT concepts and methods • Research on geographic information of the area, using OpenStreetMap and Carto • Needs-assessment: questionnaire to the organizations • Second brainstorming: identification of ICT platforms and tools • Developing an appropriate solution and methodology • Testing ICT Tools and adjusting it to project context: simulation of survey for mobile phones in Magpi, simulation of logistics system with Commcare • Group Project document writing and submission Along the process: Document sharing and review, skype conferences, mock ups
  5. 5. Our Solution …is a 3-step-solution: 1) Area mapping 2) Stakeholders mapping and survey 3) Introduction of a new transport and storage logistics system
  6. 6. Step 1 – Area Mapping Mapping of the area: paved/unpaved roads, warehouses, marketplaces
  7. 7. Steps 2 – Stakeholder mapping and survey Geo-mappingand Stakeholders mapping 1 2 3 4 5 6 Trainingof Regional Coordinator Selection and trainingof 5Prefecture Coordinators Pilotingof the questionnaire Finalize the questionnaire Prefecture level information dissemnation and mobilization events Selection and trainingof 58sub-prefecture datacollectors Identification of target group forthe Magpi interviews (growers, transporters, and cooperative workers) Sub-prefecture information dissemination and mobilization events (OS mapping, Magpi data collection, ComCareSupply) Datacollection Focus groups, key stakeholders/informantinterviews Dataanalysis and reportwriting Final workshop forthe presentation of the findingand discussion with Regional level stakeholders The workplan…
  8. 8. Steps 2 – Stakeholder mapping and survey And the integrated ICT: MAGPI
  9. 9. Growers Declare information about the products that are ready -Product -Quantity -Pick-up Point (region, province, pickup point) – choose from a comprehensive list Transporter Acquires the list of farmers and items to pickup -Pick-up Point (region, province, pickup point) -Grower -Product -Quantity CommCare App Gathers information about growers and pickup items/points Aggregates for each transporter the pre- defined pickup points with the products to pick-up submit Report + Notificatio n Before pick-up Growers Transporter After pick-up Enter the products and amounts picked up Enter the transporter’s information Enter the products and the amounts picked up Enter the growers’ information Enter the destination storage facility information submit CommCare App Consolidate the information submit Storage / Warehouse Agent enters the information of the products & Amounts received Step 3 – Introducing a new logistics system: the workflow…
  10. 10. Warehouse Agent / Financial Agent Orient the products to transformation purposes or directly to the market Then Enters the market sales price for the products Financial Agent Ensures the completeness and accuracy of payments to the growers through their chosen means of payment (Cash, Wire Transfer, …) CommCare App Calculates the capital to be paid to the grower Calculated the benefit marge + cost for the cooperativesubmit Report + Notificatio n At Storage Commercialize MARKET
  11. 11. 1 Step 3 – introducing a new Logistics system … and the integrated ICT : CommCare Supply
  12. 12. The advantages • Decrease of transportation time and costs • Accurate delivery time estimations • Stocking points more efficient • More local markets and general business • Better traceability of products – and more value addition… And in the long run… • Harmonization of transport operator rules and progressive improvement of transport services (in the long term) • Easier access to markets and better income for farmers and growers • development of transport infrastructures and services
  13. 13. Thank you! TEAM 1