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Tor (The Onion Router)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Tor (The Onion Router)

  1. 1.  What isTOR?  Why useTOR?  How to useTOR?  TOR + Java app
  2. 2.  TOR is free software and an open network that helps to save anonymity  TOR works as proxy server forTCP applications  TOR works over Internet and adds additional layer of networking
  3. 3. Improving anonymity  Communicate anonymously  Hide sites you have visited  Shady dealings …
  4. 4. Pretending foreigner  Access sites, available only for residents of some country  Access sites, unavailable for your country ( hi, Russia  )
  5. 5. Browser bundles  For dummies  All-in-one solution  No configuration needed
  6. 6. TOR standalone proxy  Use with any app with proxy support  Windows/MacOS/Linux/ Android clients
  7. 7. UsingTOR proxy app  Pro’s: just configure your app for proxy usage  Con’s: needs additional software install and set up
  8. 8. Using java libraries  Pro’s: gives you full control; no additional software needed  Con’s: needs a bit more coding 
  9. 9. What is Why we need How to use The main purpose ofTOR is keeping in secret your identity and internet activity. It’s important nowadays as governments and corporations like Google and Facebook are spying on people. Created to make information exchange secure,TOR also is used for some other reasons…