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Information about trip to Egypt

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  1. 1. Welcome to Egypt!
  2. 2. Created By:Lacy Smith and David Jones
  3. 3. Best Time of the YearThe best timer tovisit Egypt is around October – December, because Winter Fall its perfecttemperature/weathe r. Spring Summer
  4. 4. About Egypt The first Egyptologist, Herodotus, believed that it took 100,000 men to build a whole pyramid in one pharaohs lifetime. He took a guess, but now, Egyptologists think that it didnt take 100,000 men,but actually a much lower number. There were 3 main pyramids, the Great Pyramid, the Second Pyramid, and the Third Pyramid. The Great was a tomb forKhufu, second- Khafre, and the third- Menkaure. Itis hard for Egyptologists to say how old the pyramids are, considering that Ancient Egyptian culture lasted about 3,000 years, but they are pretty old. Made out of big stone blocks. The great Pyramid has an area of 13 acres. It is made up of about 2,250,000 stone blocks. The Ancient Egyptians used ramps to haul the huge blocks up the pyramid and into place
  5. 5. Questions and answers about Egypt1. How many blocks did it take to build the Great Pyramid?A. About 2,300,0002. How long did it take to build a pyramid?A.It took about an average Pharos life( about 30 yrs. )3. How did the Egyptian Slaves move the big stone blocks to build the pyramids?A.They used ramps, ledges, and their own strength.4. Why did the Egyptians build the Pyramids?A. Nobody knows why they built them but there are many theories.
  6. 6. EgyptEgypt is mostpopular for itslandmarks. For example the pyramids and sphinxes.
  7. 7. The Sphinx The Sphinx is There was a great resemblance important to Khafres elder brother because it was Djedefre. carved to looklike the pharos.
  8. 8. TravelThe cheapestroundtrip to Egypt is$1,016.00.There is one stopoverand it is London.The total time of theflight is 16hrs. And35min.
  9. 9. Traveling MealsYou will either receivewaffles, cereal , andorange juice or you canhave a fruit bowl andcoffee with either wholewheat or white breadtoast for breakfast.For lunch a ham,turkey, or roast beefsandwich with chips anddrink of your choice.For dinner you willreceive either Salisburysteak or fried chickenwith a side of eithersoup, salad, or garlicand French bread.
  10. 10. Egyptian WritingThe Hieroglyphics the Egyptians used were like little pictures and no like our letters.That’s their own letters.
  11. 11. Activities ( tours )In the tour of the pyramids you will see tombs, Hieroglyphics, and treasure. The Egyptians used to put treasure the tombs and their casket of the Pharos that just died. Along with his belongings and sometimes even their servants.
  12. 12. Egyptian FoodThe Egyptians used to eat corn, wheat, vegetables, fruit, and wine. They didn’t have the technology to make canned food or precooked food.
  13. 13. Activities King Tut’s Put Put GolfEnjoy a relaxing game of put put golf at I.C. Pyramids Hotel and Resort, and win a free tour of the Great Pyramids.
  14. 14. Egypt’s currency andcurrency conversion for your country In Egypt the currency is called Egyptian pounds. $1.00 in Egyptian Pounds would be 5.7745 dollars.
  15. 15. Egyptian LanguageThe Egyptianlanguage is ArabicThey used to write inhieroglyphics.They would put thehieroglyphics on thewalls of the pyramidsor the cemeteries totell the stories oftheir lifes or theiradventures.
  16. 16. CuisineThey eat corn, wheat, vegetables, andfruit.The food is all Arabian and it is calledHarasina Pudi.There is a Fine Dining restaurant inEgypt that is called Le Chalet. It wasfounded in Egypt by two Swiss men.
  17. 17. Cuisine Le Chalet serves both Egyptian food and Swiss food it attracts many customers and tourists. It would be at least 5 EgyptianPounds to Eat there, that would be from 10 to 20 dollars for a really good meal. The food that the Egyptians used to eat before they had electricityor an kind of technology was bread, wine, and vegetables and fruit.
  18. 18. ActivitiesThe types of activitiesthat Egypt has to offeris tours of thepyramids.All tours are conductedby Frommers experts,they have traveled allover the world and theywill give you the besttour possible.
  19. 19. Hotel #1 The hotel that is a good deal is that old Hilton, it’s spacious and elegant and refine all at the same time and it’s only $177.61 a night.
  20. 20. Hotel #2The hotel that ischeap but elegantis hotel SanGiovanni, theyhave spaciousrooms,entertainment,and they haveservice that isunbeatable and it’sonly $80.00 a
  21. 21. Hotel #3The next hotel that is a good hotel is called Hotel Geishe. Hotel Geishe is known by It’s Swiss founders that also founded the restaurant Le Chalet. The top price for a Hotel like this one is at least $89.99.
  22. 22. Hotel #4  The last hotel that is cute and spacious is called the intercontinental Pyramids Hotel and resort in Cairo. It’s only $75.99 a night.
  23. 23. Pro’s and Con’s ChartIf you fly with If you get a If you make aAmerican reservation at reservation atAirlines then the Le Chalet the Hilton youyou will Swiss will have to payprobably pay restaurant then $177.61 a nightless, but you will you will .have to make a probably pay astop in London. good amount of money.If you fly Egypt If you pay a If you make aAirways then cheaper amount reservation atyou will of money at a the Pyramidsprobably pay resort for food Park Resortmore for not then you can and Hotel youstop-ping. probably get an would only pay all you can eat about $75.99 a meal. night.
  24. 24. We hope you enjoyed ourpresentation and encouraged you to visit Egypt!
  25. 25. The End