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Evacuation Plan


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Evacuation Plan

  1. 1. The volcano chain
  2. 2. EVACUATION PLANBe aware of the school siren.
  3. 3. EVACUATION PLANRemember: LIE DOWN,PROTECT YOURSELF ANDHOLD TO SOMETHING.Put yourself under a tableor stay by an interior wall.Count to10 before you goout in a row.
  4. 4. EVACUATION PLAN 3 School SuppliesIn case of emergencyevacuation do notworry about SCHOOLSUPLIES . Leave themall behind.
  5. 5. EVACUATION PLANThe student delegate of theclass is the HEAD OF THEQUEUE and the teacher is thelast to leave.All students must go in aSINGLE QUEUE. Don’t run butbe fast and walk close to theall.
  6. 6. EVACUATION PLAN In stairwaysand exits thereis a person whowill be yoursignaller. Obeyshis orders.
  7. 7. EVACUATION PLAN 6 Exits You must follow all theinstructions given in theEVACUATION PLAN ofyour school. In the Azores, each school has an EVACUATION PLAN approved by the CIVIL PROTECTION OFFICE.
  8. 8. EVACUATION PLAN 7 Meeting placeHead yourself to the MEETING PLACE wich is at the PLAY GROUND.
  9. 9. EVACUATION PLANAn earthquake could see very dangerous! Terceira Island_1980
  10. 10. EVACUATION PLAN… at HOME we should not have things on top of cabinets.
  11. 11. EVACUATION PLANDuring an earthquake we should takeshelter in a doorway, in the innercorners of rooms or under a desk orbed.
  12. 12. EVACUATION PLANDuring an earthquake wemust stay away fromwindows, mirrors andfireplaces and avoid beingnear objects that can fall.
  13. 13. EVACUATION PLAN We must turn off the electricity and gas. We must have a first aid Kit. We must have canned food at home in case of an emergency.We should have a radio to follow theinstructions of the civil protection authorities. EBIPV_Azores_2011