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Create content templates to use with your smanager design

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Create content template

  1. 1. Create Content TemplateThe basics about creating new content for any web site. Choose a design to create a contentFirst, You need to choose the design you want to work on. Once you drop it to the middle panel, youcan start working on the design. You can create a content template by clicking the plus icon in thecontent area in the website diagram you see on the right.Create Content Template - 1
  2. 2. How to create content templatesBy default Smanager will show you the base content template that is extracted from the main templatedesign. You can select this content template and modify it to create new ones. All of the contenttemplates you create are shown as options in your clients Control Center when they create a new page.Create Content Template - 2
  3. 3. Create your own content templateYou also can create your own custom content templates just by pasting the HTML and CSS code.Once you paste the code and click "Save," you will be redirected to an work area where you can keepworking and editing your content template.Create Content Template - 3
  4. 4. Easy editing & control of your HTML & CSS codeIn the content template work area, you can use Design View, HTML View, CSS Style Sheet (to handleall the CSS code for your design), and Wizard.Design View: This is a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit and add images in a more visual way.HTML View: This is an editor that allows you to handle all the HTML code.CSS Style Sheet: This is an editor to edit your CSS code.Wizard: This is editor that allows you to clone any HTML area; drag & drop to change structure; andclick to edit color, images and text.Please note: In order to take full advantage of the Wizard, you have to set up your content by addingthis tag: <!--[SM]--> above any element you want to be editable. To learn more about it, please go toTips & Tricks in the Help Center.Create Content Template - 4
  5. 5. Use sections in the content templateJust like you handle sections in your main template, you can also add custom sections to all yourcontent template. Select the space and then click on the section that you want to add. The maindifference between sections in the main template and the content template is that the a section in themain template will show in the whole web site, while a section that is added to a content template willonly show in the pages that use that content template.Create Content Template - 5
  6. 6. How your client sees the content templatesWhen your client creates a new page, they will see all of the content templates available for them. Thecontent template that they select with be shown under "Selected" and in their editor. Your client canalso use the Wizard to create their page.Please note: If you edit a template after it is already in use in your clients website, the changes will notappear in any pages already using this content template. They will only appear in any new pages thatare created with the new content template.Create Content Template - 6
  7. 7. Control what areas your clients can edit in the content templateYou can easily assign what your clients can edit in each of your content templates. For example, if youclient doesnt have much web experience or knowledge, you can easily use this feature to avoid anyproblems with the website design. You will find this feature by selecting "Edit Content Template." Easy view of what is editableWhen you click on "Selections" under the "Assign in Place Editing" (in the "Edit Content Template" workarea), you will have a easy view of what is editable. You can easily remove edit-ability by clicking on"Remove."Create Content Template - 7