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  1. 1. 有一种记忆,在心底浅吟低唱 …… . 我站在高楼顶端 与故乡站成遥望的方向 难忘的童年 投机的伙伴 快乐的游戏…… 仿佛在一煞那间 所有的一切成为了回忆 我开始寻觅 故乡的飘渺,对于习惯城市生活的我 总是泪流满面以后孤独地流浪 湮灭不了滋滋生长的思念 在被城市泯灭了许多东西 有时,虽然迷失在城市的一隅 也曾想飞越城市的羁绊 重回那以往的岁月 可是连往事的痕迹都无法追寻
  2. 2. What we still pocess in our hometown ----our losing memory caused by developement
  3. 3. Those views seem very attractive. However,what I do cherish is Those times which live In my memory Today’s Guangzhou
  4. 4. When I was a child,I lived in an old buiding which holds all my memories in childhood. there lived my grandparents, parents and of course me
  5. 5. Also,there were many friends living near us.we played together in our street.We shared our Happiness together.We pocess our own memory together
  6. 6. In our free time,we would like to go shopping.And En Ning Road is our best could find lots of overhang Buidings on the either side of the road which only exit in guangzhou
  7. 7. In the Dragon Boat Festival,we would go to Lie De Village to watch the Dragon Boat match.those exciting moment and the warm atmosphere are still shining .
  8. 8. But since this mark was given, Everything has changed
  9. 9. The place where we buy Our stationery needs to be rebuilt
  10. 10. The restaurant where our family used to gather needs to be rebuit
  11. 11. The village needs to be rebuilt and the boats have gone away with nothing left
  12. 12. All my companions in childhood have gone With an empty street left.Nobody will share my memories anymore
  13. 13. Even our house needs to be rebuilt. whre can I find my memory? 人走了,还有房子可以重温往昔,房子也拆掉了,我们可以在那里找回我们的记忆?
  14. 15. In last few years,countless things which hold our memory are missing including: 广州恩宁路骑楼街 广州革新路文具一条街 广州猎德村 广州最后一座四合院—北斋 佛山万福台粤剧 韶关雪文化 阳江小食 潮汕功夫茶文化 沈阳日军战俘营围墙被拆 北京十三陵被破坏 南京胜利大戏院被拆 天津最长老街 -- 根须街 。。。。。。
  15. 16. Our hometown is developed in a hurried step . In the meanwhile,our memory is losing. where is our way?
  16. 17. Gennerally,a good image of a city can hold people’s interest ,but the most attractive is their own culture living in people’s memory which is different from Others . This is their most valuable wealth.When our hometown is beeing developed, don’t ignore our losing memory When Paris has Eiffel Tower,Spain has dull fighting,Japan has sushi,Finland has Father Christmas,British has Shakespeare, what does our hometown have,what we still pocess?