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Wireframes considered harmful - presentation to IxDA Singapore


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An agile approach to UX design and development.

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Wireframes considered harmful - presentation to IxDA Singapore

  1. 1. Wireframes considered harmful …or how I hope to leave this room alive
  2. 2. Tom Voirol
  3. 3. WTF?
  4. 4. Adam Betty
  5. 5. !
  6. 6. ?
  7. 7. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing…
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. ???
  11. 11. WTF?
  12. 12. “Is my website not going to be in colour then?” “I don’t like this font. Is that Courier? Our company font is Impact” “I was hoping there would be pictures” “What happens when I click here? Go to page 42, wait…” *shuffles paper* Lorem ipsum
  13. 13. orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetu adipiscing elit. Morbi ac magna. Nunc eget mauris. Nunc elementum pharetra felis. Aenean aliquam, dolor eu iaculis luctus, quam ligula consectetur risus, vitae adipiscing lacus elit sed nisi. Quisque egestas. Duis tortor. Proin massa est, laoreet vitae, convallis non volutpat a, arcu. Quisque eleifend orci sed diam. Donec pharetra.