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We are working with schools to create a better communication network between parents, students and the school management. All this in a paperless environment and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional circulars. Find out how....

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Hosted Service For Schools

  1. 1. Voice Snap for Schools Hosted Service for Schools Voice Snap Software Pvt. Ltd Chennai, India
  2. 2. Hosted service for schools General SMS Alerts Using a web interface, the school admin staff keys in the text that need to be sent as SMS to the Parents. She then chooses the standard (example class VI, VII, VIII) and clicks the submit button. The server sends an SMS alert to the respective parents Voice Circulars to students A web interface allows the authorized staff of the school to record a circular in his/her own voice in one or more languages. The staff then chooses the standard (example class (VI, VII, VIII) and clicks the submit button. The server sends an SMS alert to the respective parents informing them that a circular for them is waiting to be picked up. The parents can dial the designated telephone number (Normal Call charges apply) to listen to the circular. Optionally an input from the parents can also be captured. (Example: if the parent wishes to send the kid for the Science Quiz she has to press 1 to confirm) In addition to the above web interface, a Mobile interface is also supported for the above mentioned functionality. Request Capture A Parent can send a request, say for seeking appointment or seek some guidance or additional information, to the class teacher This request is tracked via a simple Ticketing mechanism The Class teacher can respond to the request via SMS or voice message Feedback Capture Parents, well wishers, visitors to the school, internal staff or just about anyone can call a designated number and leave a voice feedback. This can be retrieved through a web interface or a telephone interface. Advantages: No CAPEX No extra infrastructure needed Completely Paperless Parents can call at their own convenience and listen to the circular any number of times Is not restricted to just English; hence more effective in its reach Even last minute changes or planning will reach Parents faster Very less training time (typically 30 minutes) Zero Maintenance at your end Service available 24 x 7 (365 days) Highly Scalable This being an Asynchronous medium, there is no need for a dedicated team or staff to use the system Confidential Voice Snap Software Pvt. Ltd Page 2
  3. 3. Pre-requisites A computer (sound card enabled) with internet connection; or o at least a mobile phone for the management List of Parent’s mobile numbers (Father, mother or Guardian) List of Student details that include their name, roll number and the class they are in Time to Go-live (Estimated 3 weeks) Server Side Setting up will take 2 weeks Go-live will be 1 week from the date of completion of Data Entry Tele-Conferencing For schools with more than one branch, organizing a physical meeting frequently could be difficult Voice Snap’s low cost Tele-Conferencing helps to connect the management with their staff All the management has to do is use the web scheduler provided by Voice Snap to schedule a meet and choose the participants from the database. An SMS will intimate the participants of the time of call The server, at the designated time will call each and every participant on their mobile phone and hook them on to the conference. Voice logging is part of the system at no extra charge Time to Go-live (Estimated 1 week) One week from the initial setup Implementation Road Map Gather student and staff details from you Create the necessary records in our database, Allot a dedicated telephone number for the school and the parents to use, Setup SMS account details, Setup login details for the school to upload voice & update student records. User Acceptance Test (UAT) Complete initial setup phase Inform the school Set up test environment with own data Run data for a specified number of days Go live It will take approximately one week to go live from the date of receipt of data. System requirements from School A desktop PC with Windows XP Internet connection (Even a dial up connection is good enough) Headset (for recording of Voice Circulars and listening to feedback from Parents) Student Detail covering at least the following o Roll No. o Student Name o Current Class Confidential Voice Snap Software Pvt. Ltd Page 3
  4. 4. o Current Section o Primary Mobile o Secondary Mobile of the parent o For the student record at least one mobile number is a must Staff Detail covering at least the following o Name o Mobile No. Logo of school as an image file (Optional) Contact detail of at least one staff from the school (more the better) who will use our system The Student and Staff detail to be given to us in one comprehensive file in EXCEL format Some of the schools we serve today include Confidential Voice Snap Software Pvt. Ltd Page 4
  5. 5. Contact us Want to know how we can serve your school? For Enquiries please reach: Voice Snap Sales Support Mobile: 98404 65375 Confidential Voice Snap Software Pvt. Ltd Page 5