Bulgarian Miracles: Millenium Development Goals Pursuit


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This presentation, called "Bulgarian miracles: Stara Zagora youth and business in pursuit of the Millenium Development Goals" was made by the Initiative Regional Youth Council about their contributions to the Millenium Development Goals.

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Bulgarian Miracles: Millenium Development Goals Pursuit

  1. 1. Bulgarian miracles: Stara Zagora youth and business in pursuit of the Millenium Development Goals
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Initiative Regional Youth Council In existence since 2005; Umbrella of local youth clubs , organizations , Informal groups; Inter-mediating between youth and other social stakeholders in Stara Zagora Region; Albeit grasrooted , Initiative has sent over 300 young people to international events/projects
  3. 3. OUR INSPIRATION Initiative operate in a unique ethno- cultural surrounding; A region with over 8 000 years of civilization; The legacy of the very past , which we shall lay in the grounds of the BETTER future Wisdom , responsibility and inspiration that we all share.
  4. 4. MDGs RELATION To suffice short-term survival needs : fundraising campaigns, charity events, DMS, pay roll donations. Narrowing the distance between schools/university and the job market : database of vacancies , meeting youth with large companies , proposals for changes in education curriculum , training on soft skills. In times of crisis: youth are particularly targeted as they suffer the most (financially , economically and socially)
  5. 5. OUR CONTRIBUTION TO MDGs Universal education Advocating for and preventing drop-outs; Working primarily with minority and rural youth (UNICEF Rural Voices of Youth); Non-formal learning tools:comic strips,information campaigns,youth media,online training platform (turnover 6000) europeanyouthtraining.c om/softskillstraining/
  6. 6. OUR CONTRIBUTION TO MDGs Gender issues 50/50 involvement of young male and female participants in projects; Conselling and rehabilitation of victims of domestic violence; Networking in SEE Cross-bordered Counter-Trafficking Youth Task Force;
  7. 7. OUR CONTRIBUTION TO MDGs Child and maternal health, HIV/AIDS Awareness-raising on reproductive health; Discuss family planning with minorities; Volunteer with local social institutions (hosting single mothers,orphans)-largest number in the region;
  8. 8. OUR CONTRIBUTION TO MDGs Environment sustainability Protests against multi-year gas pollutions in the region; Establishing a permanent SEE body:Balkan Inter-parliamentary Green Lobby Group; A strong voice in international fora such as World Water- Forum 5 (Istanbul),Challenge the Best (climate change,Switzerland) , Nuclear Investments (Frankfurtam Main)
  9. 9. OUR CONTRIBUTION TO MDGs Global partnership Networking in over 50 world-wide projects; Emphasis on cooperation with developing countries in the neighbourhood-the Black Sea Basin,SEE,Post-Soviet space; Refugess: REFUGICS series of comic strips and website
  10. 10. Important for a total of 20 ethnic groups co-existing OUR CONTRIBUTION TO locally; INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE Innovative approach:Miss Interculture contest,a common calendar of cultural customs,visit of the local Ombudsman,building a museum of ethnicities,Mall of Democracy,etc. Expanded to 14 points in Bulgaria,7 900 youth directly reached (a project of the CEGA foundation and OSI) in 2009-2010
  11. 11. Let us contribute together! Join us: More on: www.chambersz.com http://www.stara-zagora.travel/en/ rms.iniciativa@gmail.com