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FridgeUp application

  1. 1. We are the FridgeUp teamApple App Store applicationFridgeUp iOS App- Application launched worldwide Dmitry developmentWeb Alex managementFacebook pageFridgeUp Community Fedor InvestmentsVK publicFridgeUp FridgeUp
  2. 2. Our FridgeUp appFrigdeUp – is the freemium iOS app for FrigdeUp allows you at this moment:those who love to travel, bring souvenirsfrom different countries and make gifts to  collect magnets from most countriestheir friends around the world and to pin these magnetsOur souvenirs - are virtual refrigerator to your virtual fridgemagnets  make virtual magnet gifts to your Facebook friends  store magnets in your travel bagThe application is based on the  view the history of your purchases at anygeolocation, so every fridge magnet can timeonly be purchased in the gift shop of the  see your friends from Facebook who arecountry where you are at the moment also the FridgeUp users, and view their fridgesYou can send a fridge magnet to your  receive notifications regarding yourfriends as soon as you get it. FridgeUp friends’ activity in the app  invite friends to join FridgeUp and make a list for fast communicationWe have a location-based fridge magnetsas well as “everyday”magnets.  other “cool and fun” things FridgeUp
  3. 3. How does FridgeUp lookI collect fridge magnets I find magnets in the gift shop Fridge magnets in my bagFridge magnet view Sending gift to a friend FridgeUp
  4. 4. About fridge magnets Our designers’ main goal is to create magnets that you would not just want to pin to your fridge and gift to your friends, but to design the magnets you would want to touch.
  5. 5. What is in FridgeUp1. FridgeUp API &backend 3.Control panelProcessing and maintenance of theclient iOS applications (Android,Windows), Facebook social networkprovisioning (VK, Twitter, Pintrest,Foursquare).Java based. Hosted on AmazonWS.2.FridgeUp iOS application FridgeUp
  6. 6. What we want to implementfor FrigdeUp: messaging (next build) categorization of sections in a souvenir shop: location-based, general, holidays, etc(next build) all magnets in a system review (next build)then: magnets as widgets commercial fridge magnets gratification and bonuses push service for distribution UG content interfaceand also:soc. networks provisioning (VK, Twitter, Pintrest, Foursquare)personal Instagram photo magnetsapplications for Android and Windows FridgeUp
  7. 7. How to monetize FridgeUpAdvertisementProduct placementIn-app purchase (souvenirs of the rare places,special author series magnets)Affiliate Programs Subscriptions FridgeUp
  8. 8. We are open to Cooperation Investments Ideas Constructive criticism Please, fell free to contact us: skype: silentys Cell phone: +7 985 157 8 777 Best regards, FridgeUp team FridgeUp