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Social Media Manual II (english)


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The voestalpine Social Media Manual II is a guideline for all employees and provides general information about social media and seven principles for dealing with social media.

Social Media Manual II (english)

  1. 1. Social Media
  2. 2. Table of contents5Foreword7Basics of social mediaWhat is social media?Social media and voestalpine11Dos and Don’ts17Seven guidelines for for dealing with social media 3
  3. 3. ForewordDear Employee, and the other information and examples in this manual toThis manual is intended to provide you with practical help heart when you use the social web. You will also find thisto ensure your responsible conduct concerning work- Social Media Manual in electronic form on the Intranetrelated activities in the social media and in other places on under Services/Social Media. Thank you very much!the Internet. Gerhard Kürner Georg Reiser Head of Corporate Communications Head of Corporate Human ResourcesSocial media platforms have undergone some very bigchanges over the past few months. The number of users Stefan Huber Peter Bacun Head of Strategic IT Management / Representative of the Corporate Worksas well as the duration and intensity of use are continually CIO of voestalpine AG Council of voestalpine AGincreasing. Because these trends will presumably continue Hubert Posseggerand social media is – also in business contexts - expected Head of Legal & Corporate Mattersto become more and more common, this Social MediaManual has been revised to provide you with updated Note: Because of the decentralized structure of companiesand detailed information and recommendations for your within the voestalpine Group, there are currently severalconduct. differences with regard to policies pertaining to the technical access of social media websites. The differing policiesGenerally, whether it be a true social media website or so- concerning the possible restriction of access to the internetmewhere else on the Internet, you should conscientiously are determined by each individual Group company and aremonitor your own user behavior. Please make sure that you dependent on varying factors.use your work time wisely and that your online activitiesdo not by any means interfere with or hinder your dailywork. We ask you to please take the seven main principles 5
  4. 4. Basics of social media
  5. 5. What is social media? Social media and voestalpine Social media, social web or Web 2.0 are references to Popular social media websites include Twitter, Facebook, voestalpine uses social media websites to reach new and Safe networking social networks and communities on the Internet that XING, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Flickr, YouTube, and many already existing target groups with its messages also in a That is why it is so important to be aware of one’s responsi- promote social interaction between participating users. more. Web 2.0 world, to increase presence on the Internet and to bility and to monitor what you say and how you act on the reach users more directly with communications activities. Internet. Our behavior on the Internet is no different than Personal information, opinions, impressions and expe- our social behavior elsewhere. We don’t do everything that riences are exchanged among the users. Each user can Professional or private use? is not specifically forbidden. actively engage with other users in relationships, dialogs, Employees are still employees, even after working hours, discussions and other types of interaction. no matter whether the subject matter is private or occu- Following the rules in this manual will help us use social pational. Private and professional statements blend in media responsibly (for professional purposes). It is impor- Content on the social web (text, images, audio clips and tant to be careful if any reference, either indirect or direct, the social networks. For example, some Facebook friends video files) are jointly created, edited, commented on is made to voestalpine. The following pages are good and are also work colleagues or supervisors/managers. Many and forwarded (user-generated content). The social web bad (fictitious) social media examples. messages about the company are also sent outside the promotes collaboration between several users who work official voestalpine social media platforms. Many voestal- together on joint activities, projects and tasks. pine topics are discussed without including the company in the discussion.8 9
  6. 6. Dos and Don’ts
  7. 7. Dos ✔ Retweet a voestalpine tweet ✔ Photograph on Facebook with comment ✔ Comment on innovation blog article ✔ Comment on YouTube video „Visit to the Stahlwelt“ „I worked on this project“ „Working in that building took some getting used to. But now I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!“12 13
  8. 8. Don’ts ✘ Facebook post / Tweet ✘ Photograph on Facebook with comment ✘ Comment on innovation blog article ✘ „Funny“ video on YouTube „I‘m at work, and I‘m bored.“ „Where I work at voestalpine.“ „Dear voestalpine, invest less money in research and pay a „When work at voestalpine is boring...“ higher salary to the employees!“14 15
  9. 9. Seven guidelinesfor dealing with social media
  10. 10. BeginningAsk yourself the following questions:■ What is my professional purpose of using social media?■ Which applications or platforms would I like to use for which purpose?■ Which information would I like to put online (publicize)?■ What do I say about myself?■ Who would I like to contact?■ Which topics are of interest to me?■ How should I go about communicating on the social web?The following seven rules are intended to provide you with practical help in respon-sibly engaging in the social media (for professional purposes). 19
  11. 11. Speak only for yourselfPlease remember that your statements are made by you as an individual in all of youronline activities and are not official statements of voestalpine.Make sure you declare them as such. When you reveal who your employer is, othersmight easily see you as an official company representative. Be careful with state-ments that can be brought into connection with the company.Internal and organizational topics should be discussed only at work. All informationdistributed through voestalpine social media channels are deemed to be corporatecommunication messages and are directed at the general public. 21
  12. 12. Act responsiblyCommunicate your thoughts openly and honestly. Share your opinions transparentlyand always communicate your ideas from your own personal perspective. Be carefulof what you communicate to others and treat other users respectfully and withdignity. Select your words as if you were presenting them to people with whom youare not familiar.In times of spam, phishing and Internet crime, it is important to be careful and to payspecial attention to seriousness and Internet security. 23
  13. 13. Remember thatthe web has its own memoryYou are personally responsible for all of your online activities. Content created byyou (comments, links, texts, images, videos, etc.) spread uncontrollably and may beavailable for access for a long time through growing networking on the Internet andmay be found by search engines.Think of the irreversible consequences, especially those that have to do with youremployer and people around you. 25
  14. 14. Protect your privacyAll the content that you create, comment on or forward can generally be viewed byothers and found with the help of search engines. For this reason it is very importantto be very careful which personal information you reveal.Make sure you know which settings are available to protect your privacy on thesocial media platforms (privacy settings) and review these protections regularly.These settings may change and are sometimes very complex, so it is even better tonot share anything which intends to be private. Don’t reveal any personal informati-on pertaining to other people without their permission. 27
  15. 15. Comply with authorizations and guidelinesDo not spread any confidential information on social media websites. Comply with all legalstipulations, copyright (images and other protected content) and personal rights (personalphotographs subject to respective approval). Our behavior on the Internet is no differentthan our social behavior elsewhere and is subject to the same legal provisions (personalrights, copyright).Please refer to further applicable corporate guidelines as amended (accessible on theIntranet at 29
  16. 16. Respect the voestalpine brandIf you would like to set up a social media platform for your company, business or product,please contact Andrea Zajicek, Online and Social Media Management, Corporate Commu-nications (, T. +43/50304/15-5668).Use of the voestalpine brand is subject to special conditions (Corporate Design, etc.). Thepublication of company information is stipulated in the communication directive (see Social media channels are public plat-forms, and your behavior must be commensurate with every other social contact. 31
  17. 17. Communicate in theinterest of the companyYou are especially obligated to act responsibly whenever the information pertains tothe voestalpine group, a voestalpine site or your position as a voestalpine employee.Also remember that you are a voestalpine employee even after working hours andthat you carry a responsibility toward the company. Discussions begun and carriedout on social media sites can spread rapidly and have a larger (negative) effect thanwe can sometimes imagine.You should be very cautious when expressing your opinions with respect to businesspartners, customers, suppliers or competitors. Always communicate in the interest ofthe company. 33
  18. 18. Guidelines for social media behavior1. Sprechen Sie nur für sich 1. Speak only for yourself2. Seien Sie verantwortungsvoll 2. Act responsibly3. Das Web hat ein Gedächtnis 3. Remember that the web has its own memory4. Schützen Sie Ihre Privatsphäre 4. Protect your privacy5. Beachten Sie Rechte und Richtlinien 5. Comply with authorizations and guidelines6. Respektieren Sie die Marke voestalpine 6. Respect the voestalpine brand7. Kommunizieren Sie im Sinne des Unternehmens 7. Communicate in the interest of the company 35
  19. 19. voestalpine AGvoestalpine-Straße 14020 Linz, AustriaT. +43/50304/15-0F. +43/50304/