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Vysali - QC based framework


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About ART:A hybrid framework named as ART (Automation Reusable Test) is used for end-to-end automation as ART framework supports automation of web, windows, and AS/400 applications. ART framework uses automation tool owned by HP i.e. Quick Test Professional (QTP) for execution of automated keyword-driven test scripts.Key Achievements: Efforts involved in test cases/scripts integration has reduced.

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Vysali - QC based framework

  1. 1. Automation Reusable Framework based on QC Vysali Alaparthi
  2. 2. Traditional Keyword Driven approach Create Challenges with traditional Save Keyword Driven approach Tests on • Require manual efforts for script local PC versioning • Script execution from Multiple locations is not possible • Corruption of Excel books frequently Automation Framework • No Central repository of Test Execution executions and their reports Driver scriptsCreate testSuites VerifySave Keyword files Results to local PC Execute Test Test case creation, Execution and Results storing are done to local PC
  3. 3. Quality Center based Framework ApproachQuality Center based Automation framework designed to provide modularity and leverage QC’s test management features for centralized control of automation scripts Benefits with Quality center based Create approach Data Table • Automatic Version controlling of level Tests scripts in QC • Script execution possible from multiple locations • Data table of QC is used to save Test Data and Test Scripts QC based Automation • Central repository of Test scripts , Framework Execution Test executions and their reports Driver scripts CreateSchedule Invoke QTP test Suites in QC form QC Up load Test Keyword files Results to QC Execute Test Test case creation, Execution and Results storing are done to Quality Center
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