Agile Automation is not this Deepak P


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Presentation from vodQA Bangalore Get Set Test

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  • This is not for someone who uses QTP, this is for java .net and ruby developers. 3yrs of qtp, vbscrtip is not the way. U an use bow for killing, but come on this is age of guns and granades.
  • Sewage worker. Cleans what other had left behind. Hates what he do and touchesUse alcohol to keep his mental and physical body going
  • Ya, I was doing the same but was cleaning Automation Suite , 3 years old, 450 tests , 36 hrs, intrepted, 600 mbs of test data, 2 test framework, 2 testing tools, 4k lines class, 150 lines method, release without regression suiteYa drew inspration to keep my mental and physical going, Leasons learnt and more their root cause
  • Ya, only purplr cows gets attantion, TED2nd look, attention graberRare, Unique, diffrent
  • Don’t complain ur devs. It is a usual sight1 test or 100 tests.Environmental issue.Random Failure.It is a leach, it will start sucking more and more.
  • It is like that in my team. Devs will callout.Another thing is keep it as part of the dev build. Almost 2 or 3 mins.
  • First look, couple of weeks, cannot hold release.Fix it with double run, Found real failures, Quick fixed unreliable tests.6 months later, worse state.Test were fleaky, unusually long,
  • If changing some thing, do it only if you could complete it. If not don’t pick it up.Half fixed will, lead to more inconsistancy.2 test framework. 2 test tools.
  • Treat your test code as first class citizen. Trust me, now you will have a red build.If not improving, atealst for not making it more worse.Indirectly teachs the team of good practices.
  • Story of nail clipper
  • Only if your tests can see the data, meaning having the data within them. Excels and db backup, to some extent xml, seperates tests from the data.So we have to hard code the test data.Dublicate data.
  • Making test more intelegent, Will increase the development time, run time, Code complexity, kill readablity, maintanence nightmareThough Initially the code looks small, it will grow big over time. That is when 150 line methods bron,
  • Testing all the combination is a overkill.One right and one wrong. Rest go to lower level and check the tests.Dev box or vollyboll as for each test. Trust me, devs would have missed some combination.
  • Be specific, don’t be genericProvidersHolder
  • Baton agent of dependency.Chaining tests will cause dependency. One failure will cascade to others.Challenge is to keep your data setup slim and swift. Let the test only do what it is intended to test.Combining them, over a period of time it will become tough to find what is covered and what is not, quick fix of test is not possible running will be prolonged, cannot parallel
  • Agile Automation is not this Deepak P

    1. 1. Ya, it’s a blank slide
    2. 2. deepak  
    3. 3. make  me  a  purple  cow  
    4. 4. he  is  the  black  cow,  in  my  team  
    5. 5. not  enough  
    6. 6. not  enough  
    7. 7. Use  Code  analysis  for  you  test  code!  
    8. 8. Don’t  make  your  tests    ‘Data  Blind’  
    9. 9. kill  me  with  methods  
    10. 10. ask  him  to  join  the  party  
    11. 11. GlobalHelper  HelperFuncCons  FrameworkHelper  CommonHelper  GenericHelper  hate  “er’s”  
    12. 12. In  100m  sprints    there  is  no  batons  
    13. 13. Always  code  as  if  the  person  who  ends  up  maintaining  your  code  is  a  violent  psychopath  who  knows  where  you  live.  –coding  horror