Medical Billing Process


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We provide personal one on one billing services for your office and save you big $$$. Vocis has extensive experience in providing comprehensive billing services for just about every specialty. We provide end-to-end medical billing services, including following-up of pending claims, initiating collections, finding out reasons for denials of claims, and tracking outstanding receivable balances. With a relentless commitment towards providing high quality and cost effective billing and coding services to health care providers around the nation, VOCIS promises a higher level of service and value, as compared to any of our competition.

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Medical Billing Process

  1. 1. We provide personal oneon one medical billing,coding, & collections,services for your officeand save you big $$$
  2. 2. About VOCIS• Founded, advised and owned by Physicians• Our services encompass Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Medical Billing,Virtual Staffing, Denial Management and Accounts Receivables follow-up forPhysician groups, Individual Practitioners and Hospitals• Successfully providing services to over 150 satisfied customers all over US• Experienced team of AAPC Certified Coders, Billing Specialists, AR Analysts, DenialManagement Specialists, Transcriptionists, Quality Analysts and backed byexperienced team of Software, Network and Hardware Engineers• State-Of-Art IT infrastructure center comprises of Compaq PCs, High speed internetleased line with assured 24/7 connectivity, Network & Server monitoring,Data Back-up & Remote storage facility and 100% power back-up
  3. 3. Our web based software includes Scheduling Workflow Maximum Flexibility Online Access Easy-to-Learn Improves Patient Medical Visit Experience
  4. 4. Our web based medical software has a fully Integrated Electronic Eligibility feature With Electronic eligibility you know the Coverage before the Appointment. The software displays electronic eligibility status on the screen, the insurance tab, the Patient Memo and the Confirmation Summary report. A memo will also be created for each patient when coverage is invalid. The electronic batch process automatically checks upcoming appointments for carrier benefits based on specified parameters. All medical benefit information updates electronically, directly into the patient’s file right in the software. Reduce rejected claims Save staff time Improve patient relationships
  5. 5. Medical Billing & CodingAn integrated back office solution consisting of: A management and operations team with billing and coding expertise Practice Management Software Strong Audit and Control processes enforced by customized software Certified Coders Insurance verification and pre-certification “Smart” payment posting techniques Aggressive denial management Up to date and valid CPT, ICD, and HCPCS codes ensuring proper reimbursement This nullify the reason for delayed and denied Payments 24/7 Client Support
  6. 6. Credentialing Tracks expiration and appointment dates for all renewable documents, licenses and privileges Automates the process of completing applications and tracking of all privileges Renew licenses; DEA certificates, Malpractice Certificates Update Curriculum Vitae with CME hours, and additional education and training Computerize applications and credentials and store them in a database for easy access
  7. 7. MEDICAL BILLING Receive faxes/emails from clients Patient Charges Checks & EOBs Demographics CPT & ICD Coding by certified coders Entry by professionals Charge posting by billing professionals Posting in software Missing information/ Secondary claim problem log releaseEmail to clients QC/ claim inspector Denied EOBs to AR department for follow- up with insurance Charges approved at day end Electronic claims Paper claims Correction and resubmit To insurances through clearing Print HCFAs and Mail to insurance house Cash Flow Monitor Rejections from clearing house/ payer To AR for follow-up on daily basis
  8. 8. A R Generate reports from Software Insuranc Patient e balance balance Follow-up within 15-30 days of the Denial follow-up within in 24 hours Patient billing on claim submission weekly basisMVA claims weekly,and submit thru fax 3 statements and 1 letter to MVA insurances for past due to patients for fast processing through Software Reports of past due accounts to client for Patient calling for review and approval toinsurance related denials send the account to for verification of collection agency insurance Monthly Accounts to collection Reports to agency clients Monthly report of collection by collection
  9. 9. Contact VOCISVOCIS8442 Dixie Highway,Louisville, KY 40258USA.Phone: 973-727-0444 502-638-4285Fax: 866-581-0711Email: contact@vocisinc.comWeb:
  10. 10. Contact VOCISVOCIS8442 Dixie Highway,Louisville, KY 40258USA.Phone: 973-727-0444 502-638-4285Fax: 866-581-0711Email: contact@vocisinc.comWeb: