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Over 2,000 sales and marketing pros use NeedTagger to connect with their market during critical moments of need. Great for social selling, sales prospecting, customer support and content marketing. Free trial, available on the web and in HootSuite.

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  • A social prospecting & engagement toolUsed by customer-facing employees; not controlled by “marketing”Meet prospects who need something, send help and offers5% to 83% click through rates (average to date)Subscription SaaS tool w/ APIEasy to use: 5-minute setup, template-based, no consultants etc.Unique IP: a real time intent-mining engine for socialReal time detection of people in need (full Twitter fire hose) More precise than text analytics, sentiment and keywordsEasy to configure & supportA new, more natural way to connect with your marketEnable your front line to solve problems, answer questions, offer advice, share content and sellBuild a social footprint of prospects (instead of bots & self-promoters)Retain the human touch (mandatory in social)Bypass: display ads, recruiting fans and hiring influencers
  • Screenshot of NeedTagger’s engagement panel. Illustrative example.
  • Screenshot of NeedTagger’s engagement panel. Illustrative example.
  • Screenshot of NeedTagger’s engagement panel. Illustrative example.
  • We are a third way to acquire customers on Twitter.
  • Another marketing opportunity has been building very quickly on public networks Twitter.
  • Actual messages sent by our customer.
  • NeedTagger - Connect With Customers During Their Moment of Need

    1. 1. The Customer Search Engine for Social Media
    2. 2. Who is ?We connect sales & marketing proswith prospects & customersduring critical moments of need.
    3. 3. Social Selling Is Here To Stay Social Prospecting Lead Nurturing Faster Closing4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 3
    4. 4. The Challenge With Social ProspectingFact: you are connected to less than 10% of your socially-active prospects Prediction: most will never connect.4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 4
    5. 5. The Challenge With Social ProspectingHow will you reach the other 90%?• Networking? Yes! (if you can) LinkedIn is awesome.• Fans and followers? they rarely engage (1% per post)• Display ads? they interrupt or are ignored (<1% CTR)• Influencers? not dependable, and take a lot of work4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 5
    6. 6. NeedTagger connects you with people who needyour products, services and assistance right now.Social prospecting for front-line professionals– For sales pros, lead generators, customer service reps, business owners, etc.– Monitor: identify people who need your offerings, content and assistance– Engage: solve problems, answer questions, share content - and sell– Analyze: market demand over time, traffic generatedNatural and cost-effective– Intent Marketing: connect with people during moments of need– Save time monitoring– 20% CTR; less than $1 per click– Pricing starts at $20 / mo per user (5 streams)Simple and convenient– 100% self-service & easy to customize– 5-minute setup– Daily email alerts– API available soon; CRM integrations planned.4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 6
    7. 7. How NeedTagger Works1 NeedTagger identifies people on Twitter expressing needs (intent) related to your business.2 You tag prospects by following, listing, re-tweeting or offering content/advice.3 Prospects click on your links, visit your landing page, reply & follow you back.4 Now you’re connected. 3 2 14/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 7
    8. 8. Old-Fashioned Prospecting – For Social Media (back of our business card)4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 8
    9. 9. Real-Time Engagement Panel Our Anti-Spam policyCapture leads, generate traffic and help people solve problems.4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 9
    10. 10. Create Streams for Specific Markets & Objectives
    11. 11. 5-Minute Setup Our Anti-Spam policyWorks like a Customer Search Engine. Target Prospects by – Industry – Conversation Type (intent) – Discussion Topics (keywords) – Location (2 types of filters) – Profile / Bio (job title, interest)4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 11
    12. 12. Unique AnalyticsTrack market demand for your stuff over time. Our Anti-Spam policy4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 12
    13. 13. Twitter Prospecting Options Compared We offer the most direct way to reach prospects on Twitter.Twitter TimeMarketing toOption Reach Targeting Value CTR CostOutreach People who need Intent, 5 mins 5%-83% $ 20 per mo/userMarketing you right now (90%) Profile, < $1.00 CPC(direct) GeoShare content People who follow Interests Months <1% $2,000-7,500 / mo.with followers you (<10%) (example)(earned)Promoted People who may be Interests, 5 mins <1%* $2.50 to $4.00 CPFTweets & interested in your Demo, or $0.75 to $1.50 CPEAccounts (paid) content Geo 3-5%** * In timeline, several independent studies ** In search results, per Jack Dorsey, June 2012 CPC = cost per click CPF = cost per follower CPE = cost per ‘engagement’ (reply, retweet, share, click, DM) 4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 13
    14. 14. Benefits of Marketing to IntentHow It’s Different Benefits• Intent-filtered streams • Save time• Direct to prospect • <$1 per click• Address their needs • 5-80% CTRs• Greater reach • More leads• Job-specific streams • Easy to deploy Intent Marketing is marketing a product or a service based on the consumer’s intent to adopt, purchase or consume that particular service which may have been either explicitly or implicitly conveyed by the subscriber. - Wikipedia 4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 14
    15. 15. A Greenfield OpportunityEvery day, millions of people express commercially relevant needs insocial media. This ‘latent demand’ is mostly ignored by businesses. 150 million needs expressed per month Doubling every year4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 15
    16. 16. TestimonialsFrom our customers (unsolicited)4/12/2013 2012 NeedTagger (all rights reserved) 16
    17. 17. How To Introduce Yourself to a Prospect on TwitterNeedTagger users doing it right. See more Customer examples in our Pinterest gallery.
    18. 18. Learn MoreOn the web:Available in HootSuite (see App Directory)On our blog• How To Create A Customer Prospecting Stream• 10 Ways To Introduce Yourself to a Prospect On TwitterCustomer Service Center• your first stream now (for Free)•