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this ppt deals with an overview about nightlife,i.e.the various parameters considered in nightclub,the entry criteria,the entertainment provided,etc

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  2. 2. NIGHTCLUB • A nightclub (also known as a discothèque, or simply a club or disco) is an entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.
  3. 3. A nightclub is generally distinguished from bars, pubs or taverns by…..
  4. 4. the inclusion of a dance floor and a DJ booth , where a DJ plays recorded electronic dance music, disco, hip hop, R&B, rock, reggae,pop, and other forms of dance music.
  5. 5. History of nightclubs • From about 1900 to 1920, working class Americans would gather at honky tonks or juke joints to dance to music played on a piano or a jukebox.
  6. 6. In Occupied France, jazz and bebop music, and the jitterbug dance were banned by the Nazis as decadent American influences, so members of the French underground met at hidden underground basement dance clubs called discothèques where they danced to American swing music, which a DJ played on a single turntable when a jukebox was not available
  7. 7. By the late 1970s many major US cities had thriving disco club scenes which were centered around discothèques, nightclubs, and private loft parties where DJs would play disco hits through powerful PA systems for the dancers. The DJs played "... a smooth mix of long single records to keep people 'dancing all night long ‘’ Some of the most prestigious clubs had elaborate lighting systems that throbbed to the beat of the music.
  8. 8. Some of the earliest nightclubs
  10. 10. Cover charge
  11. 11. Guestlist
  12. 12. Dress code
  13. 13. Things offered by nightclub
  14. 14. Entertainment All sots of entertainment- Jukeboxing by djs,live rock band shows,live performances by artists and many more
  15. 15. Booze
  16. 16. Bouncers!
  17. 17. Some of the nightclubs of mumbai
  18. 18. Blue frog
  19. 19. Hard rock cafe
  20. 20. Tryst
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