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Library Tour Assignment

  1. 1. Interview with Lee Ann Dalzell Cataloging and Bibliographic Database Manager Librarian Georgia Southwestern State University Americus, Georgia Date of Interview & Tour: February 24, 2012 Interviewer: Valarie Anthony
  2. 2. James Earl Carter Library  Named after President Jimmy Carter’s father  190,000 volumes  Serves more than 3000 students, faculty, staff & the surrounding community  9 full-time Faculty/Staff  11 Student Assistants  Website 
  3. 3. Education  Bachelors in Library Science, Western Kentucky University— with a teaching certificate  Discovered passion for cataloging books and enrolled in graduate school at the University of Kentucky, earning her MLIS in May 1977
  4. 4. Experience  Three years with the public school system in Tucker County, West Virginia  Part-time cataloger at the College of Graduate Studies in Nitro, West Virginia  Joined the Technical Services staff at Georgia Southwestern College in Americus, GA in 1978  Granted tenure in 1988, Assistant Professor in 1991  Promoted to Associate Professor in 1995  Plans to retire in the next 2 to 3 years
  5. 5. Why she chose cataloging?  Really enjoys cataloging  finding the subjects, call numbers, and making sure the database has the correct information  Considers herself to be very detail- oriented, as far as the OPAC and library work is concerned  Catalogs her books at home
  6. 6. Daily Activities  3-4 projects going at a time to keep from tiring of one thing  New materials are cataloged first, then gift books and materials  Makes time for rush projects, like the deletion of much of the Index Table Reference books  Serves on various library and university committees (LibAdmin, Graduation, etc .), attends conferences, webinars, & workshops
  7. 7. Hardware/Software Used  Ex Libris Voyager system  Dell computer with Microsoft Office 2003/Internet Explorer  Label Printer  Shelflist cards become useful when making sure OPAC is accurate
  8. 8. Relationship With the Rest of the Library  Daily interaction with other departments is minimal  Works periodically with the Circulation, Collection Development and Government Documents departments on processing books for the collection  Discarding books  Stamping, stripping, gift plating
  9. 9. Advise for VSU's MLIS Students  Take a cataloging class  Learn RDA and AACR2  Even if RDA becomes the standard, most catalogs will still have AACR2 cataloging in them  Easy to edit old cataloging into AACR2 as she hits it when cataloging something else or when doing database cleanup
  10. 10. Thank You! Valarie Anthony