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Post it up art

At edcampAI, I presented how to use online post it notes with art work.

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Post it up art

  1. 1. Vernon Myers IIEva Turner Elementary School CCPSShenninta NewmanEleanor Roosevelt High School PGCPS Post thoughts, questions, ideas at
  2. 2. AgendaIntroductionSimple Way of PostingVideoNew Way of PostingQuestion/Comments
  3. 3. Back in the 1960s Dr. Spencer Silver, a scientist at3M, accidentally developed a weak adhesiveinstead of a super glue. Rather than writing it offas a failure, he promoted his invention as a “low-tack, reusable pressure sensitive adhesive.”Several years later, Art Fry, a colleague of Dr.Silver, used the weak adhesive to stick a bookmarkinto his hymnbook. Subsequently, he went on todevelop what we now know as Post-It notes. Theproduct didn’t break through until the 1980s, but isprobably 3M’s most popular item today.
  4. 4. Simple Way of Posting
  5. 5. New way of posting
  6. 6. NOW IT IS YOUR TURNGo to the following link the directions.Select a picture fromGoogle that relates to thetheme of ____________Post your thoughts aboutthe picture you selected.
  8. 8. questions
  9. 9. Thank you for coming Vernon Myers II Shenninta