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Developmental biology course presentation

  1. 1. International course onDevelopmental Biology October 2011 Virginie Mournetas – 11/2011
  2. 2. Course presentation In Paris: • Pierre and Marie Curie University • Curie institute For Master and PhD students Theoretical and experimental training
  3. 3. Course presentation Topics: • Embryonic stem cells • Cell specification and differentiation • Pattern formation • Morphogenesis and organogenesis • Intracellular signalling • Developmental regulation of gene expression Schedules: • 3 weeks of practicals • 2 weeks of lectures
  4. 4. Schedule Practicals (3 weeks): • Mouse • Early mouse Development • Somitogenesis and organogenesis • Mouse embryo culture • Chick • Drosophila • Xenopus • C. elegans • Zebrafish Lectures (2 weeks)
  5. 5. PracticalsEarly mouseDevelopment K. Wassmann JP. Chambon
  6. 6. Early mouse Practicals Development Mouse dissection Oocyte recovery o Prophase o Metaphase II Whole-mount immunofluorescence
  7. 7. Early mouse Results Development ImmunofluorescenceMetaphase I Metaphase II CREST DNA (DAPI)
  8. 8. Early mouse ResultsDevelopment Chromosomes spreadMetaphase I Metaphase II CREST DNA (propidium iodie)
  9. 9. Practicals Mouse embryo culture: somitogenesis and organogenesisC. Fournier R. Grifonne M. Paces-Fessy S. Escot P. Trainor S. Cereghini S. Escot
  10. 10. Mouse embryo Practicals culture  Mouse embryo dissection o At different stages  Organ culture  Urogenital tract development (Lac-Z knock-in line)
  11. 11. Practicals ChickC. Drevon C. ThibaultT. Jaffredo S. Escot
  12. 12. Chick 3 days old chick embryo
  13. 13. Chick Practicals Embryo culture Chapman, 2001
  14. 14. Chick Practicals Embryo culture Neural tube culture Duband et al.
  15. 15. Chick Practicals Embryo culture Neural tube culture Quail-chick graft: Grafting the neural tube
  16. 16. Chick Practicals Embryo culture Neural tube culture Quail-chick graft: Grafting the neural tube Electroporation
  17. 17. Practicals DrosophilaA. Audibert A. Ramat M. Gho
  18. 18. Drosophila Practicals  Imaginal disc dissection (Third instar larva stage)
  19. 19. Drosophila Practicals  Imaginal disc dissection (Third instar larva stage)  Adult wing dissection
  20. 20. Practicals Xenopus JF Riou C. CarronM. Umbhauer O. Bronchain
  21. 21. Xenopus Practicals  Embryo culture  Embryo microdissection  Embryo injection  Computer analysis (Morpholinos)
  22. 22. PracticalsC. Elegans S. Louvet V. Galy
  23. 23. C. Elegans Practicals  Analyse of P granules (localization and segregation)
  24. 24. Practicals Zebrafish E. Havis F. GiudiceliE. Hirsinger
  25. 25. Zebrafish Practicals Embryo microdissection Embryo injection
  26. 26. LECTURES
  27. 27. Speakers Lab Title Enrique AMAYA University of Manchester, GB The secret of scarless wound healing and appendage regeneration Lectures Guillaume BALAVOINE IJM, FR The role of signalling pathways in segment formation: was Urbilateria segmented? Allison BARDIN Curie Institute, Paris, FR Maintenance of adult tissues by tissues-specific stem cells Yohanns BELLAICHES Curie Institute, Paris, FR Epithelial morphogenesis Deborah BOURC’HIS Curie Institute, Paris, FR Epigenetic decisions and reproduction in mammals Julius BRENNECKE IMBA, Vienna, AU The piRNA pathway in the drosophila germline: guradian of the genome Nicolas DAVID ENS, Paris, FR Gastrulation movements in fish, focus on prechordal plate migration Filippo DEL BENE Curie Institute, Paris, FR Zebrafish visual system development and function: imaging sutdies Ian DRUMMOND Harvard University, Boston, USA Insights into epithelial organ development and morphogenesis from the zebrafishCharles FFRENCH-CONSTANT University of Edinburgh, SC The microenvironment of the embryonic neural stem cell: lessons from adult niches Anne GRAPIN EPFL, Lausanne, SW Pancreas development, stem cells and cancer Edith HEARD Institut Curie, FR Developmental dynamics and evolutionary diversity of X-chromosome inactivation in mammals Philippe HERBOMEL Pasteur Institute, Paris, FR The zebrafish reveals the Odyssey of hematopoietic precursors in developing vertebrate embryos Thomas HOLSTEIN University of Heidelberg, GE Stem cells in Cnidian regeneration Thierry JAFFREDO UMR7622, Paris, FR Hematopoietic development in vertebrates: rules and paradigms Laurent KODJABACHIAN IGBMC, Marseille, FR Motile ciliogenesis in vertebrates Michel LABOUESSE IGBMC, Strasbourg, FR Signalling through mechanical input: a coordinated process Thomas LECUIT IBDM, Marseille, FR Genetic and mechanical regulation of morphogenesis Patrick LEMAIRE CRBM, Montpellier Exploring the diversity of Tunicate genomes and developmental programmes Roberto MAYOR University College, London, GB Collective cell migration. The case of the neural crest Olivier POURQUIÉ IGBMC, Strasbourg, FR Developmental patterning of the vertebrate embryonic axis Frédéric RELAIX Myology Institute, Paris, FR Skeletal muscle stem and progenitor cells during development François SCHWEISGUTH Pasteur Institute, Paris, FR Asymmetric cell division in drosophila Daniel ST JOHNSTON Cambridge university, GB Polarising the anterior-posterior and dorsal-ventral axes in dorsophila Gastrulation through a primitive streak: cellular mechanisms and signals Claudio STERN University College, London, GB Building a brain: a molecular dissection of neural induction Cliff TABIN Harvard University, Boston, USA New insights in vertebrate limb development Jan TRAAS ENS, Lyon, FR From genes to shape at the shoot meristem Paul TRAINOR Stowers Institute, Kansas City, USA Neural crest cells: evolution development and disease