Quest vRanger PRO 5.0 Overview February 2011


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Highlights of vRanger PRO 5.0, the #1 backup and replication software solution for virtual environments from the leader in virtual management, Quest Software.

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  • Quest simplifies data protection across physical, virtual, and application environments and helps to minimize system downtime and data loss while ensuring business continuity. Our solutions provide three key capabilities: The first is Backup & RecoveryOur backup and recovery solutions span physical, virtual and application environments – while greatly simplifying the challenges posed by critical applications and infrastructure components such as SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, and VMware.The second is Real-Time Data Protection and Disaster RecoveryOur solutions here offer continuous, real-time data capture and replication for mission-critical data – with the ability to recover Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server and Windows File Server data from any point in time in as little as 30 seconds. The third is Object and Application-Level RecoveryHere Quest helps ensure availability and immediate access to vital business-critical applications like SharePoint, Active Directory and Exchange, providing complete protection. Quest is one of the top 5 providers in the Data Protection market with over 45,000 customers worldwide. We offer the #1 solution for VMware backup and hold more than a dozen patents for our Data Protection technologies.Our solutions are architected to provide superior scalability and broad platform support. Our solutions also offer a low total cost of ownership – from cost-effective licensing and a rapid time-to-value, to our ongoing ease-of-use. This all adds up to reduce up front and ongoing administration costs.Quest serves organizations of all sizes, from SMB through enterprise customers, including Apple, NASA, Barclays, Farm Credit Services, and the City of Ettingen. At Singelland, a school district in the Netherlands, they were able to reduce recovery time from 1 Day to 30 Minutes with our vRanger solution for VMware backup.Overall, Quest Data Protection solutions can help you:Reduce the amount of storage required for backups by as much as 90% while gaining scalability and improving ease of use for administrators.Look to a single vendor for protection across physical, virtual, application and other platforms.Quickly deploy our solutions for a quick time-to-value matched with ongoing ease of use.Have confidence that the solutions are scalable and efficiently manage data growth to enable service levels to be met consistently and reliably today and down the road.
  • To summarize, Quest is a highly innovative company focused on helping companies simplify and reduce the cost of managing IT and has helped over 100,000 satisfied customers around the world.
  • Quest vRanger PRO 5.0 Overview February 2011

    1. 1. Quest vRanger 5.0 Overview <br />John Maxwell, Vice President Data Protection<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>Quest Data Protection Family
    3. 3. Market Opportunity
    4. 4. New vRanger Packaging
    5. 5. New vRanger Features
    6. 6. Roadmap</li></li></ul><li>PLATFORMS<br />FUNCTIONS<br /> CAPABILITIES AND BENEFITS<br /><ul><li>Best-of-breed solutions that span physical, virtual, and application-level data protection
    7. 7. Heterogeneous platform support
    8. 8. Reduce the amount of data required for backups by 90% while gaining scalability
    9. 9. Object and application-level recovery to ensure availability and immediate access</li></ul>Identity<br />Management<br />Performance<br />Monitoring<br />Data Protection<br />Development<br />PRODUCTS<br />Migration<br />Administration<br />Quest Data Protection Family<br />PHYSICAL I VIRTUAL I CLOUD<br />
    10. 10. Market Opportunity<br /><ul><li>Explosive growth in virtual infrastructure
    11. 11. ¼ of all servers are virtualized today
    12. 12. Tipping point should occur around 2014
    13. 13. Mission critical applications moving to virtual platforms
    14. 14. Building upon market leadership
    15. 15. vRanger is the leading Vmware data protection solution
    16. 16. Over 20,000 unique customers
    17. 17. Quest is the market leader in virtualization management (*IDC)
    18. 18. Quest is investing for growth</li></ul>20%<br />Compuware<br />CA<br />BMC<br />Citrix<br />Quest invests an industry-leading 20% of revenues in R&D<br />
    19. 19. New vRanger 5.0 Packaging<br />5<br />
    20. 20. New vRanger 5.0 Packaging<br /> Lower Entry Point<br />Sold separately<br />thru 2011<br />Comprehensive VM <br />Data Protection<br />
    21. 21. New vRanger 5.0 Features<br />7<br />
    22. 22. New Features vRanger 5.0<br />Customer requirements<br />NFS support<br />FTP support<br />Linux file-level-recovery<br />Fibre SAN restore<br />AES-256 replication encryption<br />Convergence of backup and replication for tiered recovery<br />One license key<br />One management console<br />One deployment<br />All current vReplicator capabilities<br />Ease of use<br />Native, full catalog implementation<br />Architecture<br />First implementation of VA<br />
    23. 23. Recovery Simplified<br /><ul><li>Step #1 - Search</li></li></ul><li>Recovery Simplified<br /><ul><li>Step #2 - Select</li></li></ul><li>Recovery Simplified<br /><ul><li>Step #3 - Restore</li></li></ul><li>Architected for Manageability, Scalability, and Performance<br />
    24. 24. Quest is a highly innovative company focused on helping companies simplify and reduce the cost of managing IT <br />