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Timeless Greetings


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I dont wish you a nice future, but do wish & pray for your great 'present' moment. Know why present is called a present.

Published in: Spiritual
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Timeless Greetings

  2. 2. As we enter the New Year here is a ‘Priceless Present Prayer’ just for you
  3. 3. Well! I do not wish a happy future for you but do pray for your great, fulfilling & eternal Present
  4. 4. I do not wish your fulfillment to be somewhere far off beyond the horizon but pray it to be right ‘Here & Now'
  5. 5. I do not wish your fulfillment to be an illusion but something which truly is
  6. 6. Future is yet to come and will come one day as a present Past is dead & gone it was one day a present Present alone is
  7. 7. Awareness of 'past or future' is to be in the realm of Time To live fully in the present is to be in the Timeless
  8. 8. Time is when the goal is far off Time stops and timeless alone is when you revel in contentment in yourself
  9. 9. Time is an effect, its first unit is thus called a 'second' Timeless is the cause, it is obviously the 'first'
  10. 10. To wish for future is to live in an endless dream world To pray for reveling in the eternal present is to awake to the timeless truth
  11. 11. Time is a product of our minds Timeless is even when the mind is asleep or transcended
  12. 12. Ultimately Time is not there Timeless alone is
  13. 13. May you always revel in the expanse of timeless in that which alone is in that which is really You
  14. 14. and discover why is Present called a Present
  15. 15. To prompt a person to keep his/her eyes on the future is basically a thoughtless act It merely amounts to wishing a person to remain eternally on a trip No wonder such people have to keep wishing such things endlessly year after year, after year
  16. 16. If you truly wish to give someone a Priceless Present then motivate the person to wake to the Timeless Present
  17. 17. Send this ‘Priceless Present Prayer’ to all thoughtful people you truly love Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu Ma kashchit dukhabhag bhaveta
  18. 18. Thy own joyous ever-present timeless Self Swami Atmananda Saraswati ( ) Om Tat Sat