The New Technology Elite March 2012


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The New Technology Elite March 2012 Stanford Innovative CIO program

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The New Technology Elite March 2012

  1. 1. The New Technology Elite Stanford Innovative CIO Program March 2012 Book Amazon Page Mirchandani
  2. 2. Presenter Background Day job - help clients look for disruptive innovations, vendors and economics – Former Gartner analyst – $10B in tech strategy and contract negotiations Night job – write two technology blogs – Deal Architect – economics of technology – New Florence, New Renaissance – how tech helps innovate work, life and play Author: The New Polymath and The New Technology Elite
  3. 3. Presenter’s Challenge  21 book case studies/guest columns  400 pages  2,500 innovation blogs  One hour to present 
  4. 4. The mega-trendsThe Consumerization of Enterprise TechnologyThe Enterprising of Consumer TechnologyTech users becoming vendors, Tech vendors becoming new best practice leadersOpportunity for IT to become revenue/growth versus cost focused
  5. 5. Users – tech focus shifts from processto product Smart Pen/Pad Echo records on special dot paper. Also has recorder for vocal recording. Smart Shirt E39 with triaxial accelerometer, processor, storage, Bluetooth Smart Shower IOdigital control display – allow for much more complex vertical spas Smart Farm FarmSight – machine and logistics optimization
  6. 6. Users – not just products, alsoservices Smart Hotel room iPad for room service, wake up calls, boarding passes, room cooling and more Smart Auto insurance Snapshot connects to insured car diagnostic port and collects driving patterns Smart 911 center Each agent has 5 screens which show caller info, GIS, police radio activity, others Smart Banking Mobile deposits and PayPal email and mobile pays
  7. 7. Vendors – tech focus shifts fromproduct to process Retail Dramatically better revenues and customer satisfaction than traditional retailers Logistics Postal injections, Prime shipping as business model innovation Financial transactions Fraud detection, money laundering controls, micro- payments over $100b a year Sustainability Wind, geothermal, solar, other clean investments. Data Center innovations.
  8. 8. Vendors – more best practice leaders Data center efficiency Prineville data center PUE of 1.07. Vanity free servers. Natural Cooling. Scale 1000 tweets/sec, 12000 queries/sec. Global impact with just 500 employees. Cloud flexibility AWS for launch like CityVille 20 m users in 4 months, then private clouds Supply Chain Global, insourced/outsourced – 2 PCs a second, 2 printers a second, server every 15 sec
  9. 9. Rise of the technology “switch-hitter” – The technology “buyor” – Baseball Ambidexterity  Start young  Practice both sides equally  Only 15% of MLB hitters – Tech ambidexterity Photo Credit: MLB  UPS - “Half transport, half tech”  3M – 46 tech platforms, 60,000+ products  Washington Post CEO says “easier than a decade ago”  Microsoft CIO, ex Disney, GM
  10. 10. Amazon to Zipcar – no industryuntouched – Don Graham – “sure Warren’s portfolio has some untouched by technology” – Buffett’s philosophy – invest in “economic castles” with “unbreachable moats” – But portfolio has plenty of tech  Coke – FreeStyle vending machines  Burlington Northern – satellite based rail warning system  P&G – social media marketing, Tide high- tech laundries  GEICO – massive call centers, Toughbooks for claims
  11. 11. Australia to Zanzibar – no country forold products – Estonia’s Tiger Leap – Skype, digital lifestyle – Arab Spring – social tech fueled – Roosevelt Island – smart parking, tidal power – New Zealand – EFTPOS – Western China – New “Orient Express”
  12. 12. 12 attributes of the Technology Elite Elegant: In a world of flashing 12s Exponential: Leveraging Ecosystems Efficient: Amid Massive Technology Waste Mobile: If it’s Tuesday, it must be Xiamen Maverick: No Rules. Just Right. Malleable: Business Model Innovation Physical: Why test driving is still important Paranoid: But not paralyzed Pragmatic: Attorneys influence tech more than engineers Speedy: In a new era of perishability Social: Amid chatty humans and things Sustainable: Mining the green gold
  13. 13. Elegant/ Virgin America Minimalist – Kindle • On-Demand in flying “disappears”, Kinect • Huge variety of choices – “evaporates” wifi, entertainment, sleep Google Doodles offset limit • Tibco Loyalty Labs, of 28 words on home page innovative frequent flyer 3D printing and benefits crowdsourced design • Sustainability New Interfaces from cars to cocktails Jonathan Ive, Robert Brunner, Yves Behar, design revolution d schools
  14. 14. Exponential/ RIM Apple – Pollock’s Toy • Slow feature rollout • Also slow on ecosystem growth Theatre to Brostache • Tried to catch up with Super Google Android – over 500K Apps developers in 3 years • May 2011 Adobe, MS, Android Amazon, Microsoft, US Binaries • November 2011 Adobe de- Govt, app stores galore emphasis of Flash Tech Labor market impact Impact on enterprise vendors like SAP Ecosystem care and feeding
  15. 15. Efficient/Facebook Prineville DC • 150K sq ft. to start Flextronics - Workday • Custom specs like 1.5U chassis Global HR project and triplet racks • PUE of 1.07 – one of best in Empty Calories in tech industry Hillsborough County • Open Compute Initiative – sharing unusual for industry Tax Collector • Wave 2 – servers direct from Cognizant – ODM, de-emphasis of coal telepresence and Social Design
  16. 16. Mobile/Boeing 787 and HCL China – Xiamen, Qingdao, •787 global supply chain – West Dreamlifter cargo plane • Designed for growing global Brazil – tech manufacturing traffic – 8,000 mile non-stops overflow from China • Composites =20% better fuel India – R&D/engg services – efficiency HCL, Wipro, Persistent • Passenger comforts – less dry, Japan – components lower cabin pressure, lighting Data centers – Ireland, • HCL testing across supply chain Singapore • Complexity of global supply chain Eindhoven – world’s = delays, but future advantage “smartest city” - renewal
  17. 17. Maverick/Apple Maverick CIOs – Rob • 1000 Nos and 10 Gutsy yeses • Foxconn loyalty in spite of Carter, Randy Mott challenges Maverick tech execs – • Retail foray in spite of being Benioff, Ellison, Duffield, cautioned Cuban, Nayyar • iPad after poor tablet record in Maverick tech co – SaaS, industry • Doubling down on MobileMe 3PM, global roaming failure Maverick products – • Investment in strategic MusicLites, Eye-Fi, iPad components more than M&A SmartCover
  18. 18. Malleable/Valence Health Business Model Innovation • Pay for service, data primarily with insurance cos. eBooks – Apple versus • Valence takes data from Amazon billing systems, scrubs with Music – MP3 to cloud Match SAS analytics pricing • Move data and higher results Mobile phones – lowered -based fees to providers carrier influence with • Advanced tools with 7 iPhones disease states – type 2 Services – Cognizant diabetes, renal disease etc. BPaaS Many enterprise vendors as laggards
  19. 19. Physical/Taubman Shopping Ctrs GE WattStation Tour, Citibank • 10 of first 15 Apple stores at Apple Store branch, Garmin Taubman malls. Now at 2/3 of Chicago store, Boeing 747-8 malls launch • Bose, Sony, Best Buy Mobile High-tech retail churn – CompUSA, Circuit City other high-tech tenants Best Buy – customer analytics, • High-tech seasonal events services like Geek Squad, VC • New product launches – investments, small footprint Nissan Leaf, Sharp Aquos etc stores Apple as unexpected category killer. Microsoft, Google retail Next-gen retail – Adidas, Trader Joe’s, Zara, Mobile apps like ShopSavvy
  20. 20. Paranoid/Wireless Aerial SurveillancePlatform Jailbreaks and Rootings • 14 lb Drone is dated • Payload very modern – 1 Ghz Sony PS3 repeated Via motherboard, 32 GB humiliation storage with 340 million word LulzSec, Anonymous dictionary, 4G dongle • Can hack from above, Cyber-war – Estonia, others intercept mobile calls Next-gen terrifying hacking • Mike Tassey and Rich Apple anechoic chambers, Perkins, off shelf components hidden cloud data center only cost 6K
  21. 21. Pragmatic/Tech Attorney Ben Kern • Patents/Trade secrets IBM Watson, Yahoo! • Developer contracts and Hadoop • Labeling • Protection of data Microsoft Kinect and • Warranties PrimeSense • Service returns/recycling • Cross-border issues Android’s legal journey A technology “Apalachin”?
  22. 22. Speedy/Corning Gorilla Glass Rapid Product Iterations – • 1 Device in 07, over 400 in 11 • Corning used to bringing OnStar to Garmin to Google decades old stuff from labs to OnStar FMV • Scaling rapidly plants and Rapid change competitive logistics landscape - Whirlpool • Future apps – TVs, cars, Volatile Demand forecasting homes Physical to Digital Supply chains Impact on Operations – Groupon NetSuite
  23. 23. Social/Lexmark Genesis • Printers as maligned devices Superbowl – • Several social, cloud features convergence of • Design iterations – scanning, conventional and social SmartSolutions Apps store • Social launch media Swag and social impact Dell and Radian6 Gamification Toyota and Chatter
  24. 24. Sustainable/Google’s Green Initiatives • Google Energy LLC Carbon footprint to • Wind, Geothermal, Solar evolving definitions • RE < C project • Hamina, Finland and other Apple’s Supplier Code DC innovations of Conduct Conflict Minerals and Rare Earths Packaging and extended supply chains
  25. 25. Towards a more strategic IT Elegant: In a world of flashing 12s Exponential: Leveraging Ecosystems Efficient: Amid Massive Technology Waste Mobile: If it’s Tuesday, it must be Xiamen Maverick: No Rules. Just Right. Malleable: Business Model Innovation Physical: Why test driving is still important Paranoid: But not paralyzed Pragmatic: Attorneys influence tech more than engineers Speedy: In a new era of perishability Social: Amid chatty humans and things Sustainable: Mining the green gold
  26. 26. Next: Making the world aroundtechnology also more tech-elite Regulators – NASA in Toyota sudden acceleration investigation – Nuclear scientists in BP Gulf spill brain trust – IAEA and Japan nuclear crisis – Air France 447 Brazil investigation Society – Digital Divide – Digital Addiction – Digital Fingerprints – Growing cyber-ethical challenges Analysts – Market analyst coverage of smart products and services – Financial analysts and Amazon shareholder letter
  27. 27. Vinnie MirchandaniDeal Architect Inc1-813-884-4908vm@dealarchitect.comPhoto Credits