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Unwritten Rules of LinkedIn.....


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Unwritten Rules of LinkedIn......

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Unwritten Rules of LinkedIn.....

  1. 1. Unwritten Rules of LinkedIn Vinod Mehra
  2. 2. Blunders on LinkedIn areno different than networking blunders in other contexts
  3. 3. Do not request an endorsement/recommendation from someone you dont know well
  4. 4. Avoid posting inanereplies (under Answers).
  5. 5. Find ways to add value,dont blast with spam
  6. 6. Refrain from attacking peoplewho answer your questions
  7. 7. Include a personalized messagewhen sending an invitation .
  8. 8. Cultivate a personal relationship through give and take
  9. 9. When an invitation is accepted, ask would yourconnection like to receive the occasional update, information or piece of news.
  10. 10. Treat others as youwould wish to be treated.