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  1. 1. SNIPER (REFERENCE SELECT SELLING)Workshop on Becoming a Sales Specialist Vinod
  2. 2. FOUR SALES PROFILES Generalist:  Low efficiency and  Just makes the quota Wishful Thinker:  Big forecast  All deals at 90%  No Sales Specialist: Sniper  High hit rate  Customer Confidante  Extremely focused Lazy Gambler:  Lives off existing accounts & depends on bluebirds
  4. 4. SNIPER1. Make an impression 9. Engage at the most2. Express Value senior level3. Follow your Sales Process 10. Effective communication4. Pursue well qualified and presentation skills leads 11.Listen and ask questions5. Differentiate against 12. Business and Analytical every major competitor skills6. Plan to address major objections 13. Negotiation skills7. Know why you win 14. Ask for an order8. Know why you lost 15. Ask for referrals 16. Constant Education Develop the passion to Read books
  5. 5. MAKE AN IMPRESSION Know your business Know your customers business ; profile Master the art of story telling Become a trusted advisor  Feed him new value information with no expectations of return  Become thought leader – write and speak in conferences
  6. 6. EXPRESS VALUE Understand the customer pain point Create value Learn to articulate value the way customer understand
  7. 7. FOLLOW YOUR SALES PROCESS Adopt a Sales methodology Opening, Body and Close Know at what stage your customer is in the buying cycle. Plan your sales cycle.
  8. 8. PURSUE ONLY WELL QUALIFIED LEADS Qualify hard; your time is precious Document customer purchase process Examine budgets Examine deal size Time to buy Why buy Identify influencers, decisions makers
  9. 9. DIFFERENTIATE AGAINST EVERY MAJOR COMPETITOR Identify your major competitors Profile major competitors Document their Strengths and Weakness
  10. 10. PLAN TO ADDRESS COMMON OBJECTIONS List down likely objections and concerns Create multiple responses for objections and concerns. Evaluate the best possible response Test them out
  11. 11. KNOW WHY YOU WON Analyse why you won; is it  Price  Feature  Company – position or strength  You – selling skills, relations  Others It will help you to maximize your strength and minimize your weakness Ask your customer why they bought your product
  12. 12. ASK WHY YOU LOST Is it the  Price  Product  Company – Positioning  Competitor  You or others Ask your customer why they bought from your competitor
  13. 13. ENGAGE COMFORTABLY AT THE MOST SENIOR LEVEL Believe in yourself and engage at the most senior level. Invest in yourself; build on business skills to engage senior management. Attend business forums and conferences
  14. 14. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION AND PRESENTATION SKILLS Join professional forums like Toastmasters and build up on your public speaking skills
  15. 15. LISTEN AND ASK QUESTIONS Learn the art of listening and taking notes Master the  art of asking questions – Open and closed  Unraveling concerns  Keeping the conversation going  Directing the flow of conversation “Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question."
  16. 16. BUSINESS AND ANALYTICAL SKILLS Business seek to increase revenue, cut cost, ROI, short term profit. Master and analyze the factors that impact your customer’s business. Read business and industry magazine
  17. 17. NEGOTIATION SKILLS Know your Customers:  Business drivers  Deadlines  Drivers for making purchase  Drivers for making purchase from you “Let us move from the era of confrontation to the era of negotiation” …Richard Nixon
  18. 18. ASK FOR THE ORDER All efforts is in vain if you do not ask for the order Timing is very important, asking too early is like asking too late when customer has already made up his mind.
  19. 19. ASK FOR REFERRALS Ask for referrals Reward them for referrals Word of mouth is a powerful tool
  20. 20. CONSTANT EDUCATION Selling requires constant and regular education Be a step ahead of your customers and competition. Study other sales methodologies Take up a mentor
  21. 21. CONTACT Vinod Mehra : Dubai - UAE @ LinkedIn :
  22. 22. QUESTIONS