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Talks about the importance of Soft Skills Training and the benefits accrued to individuals as well as organizations undergoing high-end Soft Skills Training programs

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Master Your Life Acadeby - by Bhavishya Enterprises

  1. 1. soft skills training the real benefits
  2. 2. Soft Skills Training – Do We Really Need? • Very Short Answer to the above question: YES!!!!!
  3. 3. Agenda • What are Soft Skills? • Why we should learn Soft Skills? • Why Bhavishya Enterprises? • What is the Next Step?
  4. 4. What Are Soft Skills? Soft skills can be defined in many ways One of the ways is to learn or excel in the following areas: • Interpersonal connection • Authenticity • Matching skills with challenges • Respecting differences • Adaptability • Accepting failure & moving on • Emotional intelligence • Taking charge of your life Another way is the mastery of: • Personal habits • Qualities • Attitudes • Interaction with others • For example: • • • • • • • Communication Problem Solving Decision Making Persuasion Leadership Teamwork Great Work Ethic
  5. 5. What Are Soft Skills? Today’s: • Corporate Citizen • Social Citizen • Family Citizen • Student Citizen or • ANY Citizen needs to: • Understand • Acquire • Master and • Implement Soft Skills to achieve their goals in various fields.
  6. 6. Why We Should Learn Soft Skills? Have your employees expressed / or you have sensed these in them? • • • • • • Lack of respect or insubordination A sense of being treated unfairly A sense of lack of appreciation A sense of “not being listened to” Complaints of unrealistic deadlines And such other …
  7. 7. Why We Should Learn Soft Skills? Such and similar situations are typically handled by: • Carrot • • Stick • • Incentive for desired behavior Punishment for undesired behavior Compliance • Throw the rule book at them! But they work only: • On superficial level & • Are temporary solutions
  8. 8. Why We Should Learn Soft Skills? • All are aware of the existence of soft skills • Most DO NOT relate soft skills to their personal success • They feel that their hard skills can override their lack of (or lack of application of) soft skills • Many associate soft skills only with customer/people facing roles – like sales, service, marketing, HR, etc. • Even more associate using soft skills as directly beneficial to their organization but of no benefit to themselves!
  9. 9. Why We Should Learn Soft Skills? A good Soft Skills Training can induce behavioral change by motivating the person to change internally, emotionally and permanently. PLUS it will enhance the following: • Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, employers, clients and customers, friends and family members • Improvement of time management, organizational skills & goal setting • Development of leadership skills to improve teamwork, creativity, efficiency & productivity • Development of presentation skills to enhance sales, project explanations, selfconfidence, relationship development • Ability to recognize stress symptoms & develop stress deflecting strategies • Effective strategies for transition & change • Brain storming & problem solving strategies to increase creativity and collaborative outcomes
  10. 10. Why We Should Learn Soft Skills? As per a survey done in the USA, Soft Skills (Critical Reasoning & Interpersonal Skills) contributed 47% towards accelerated performance of an individual in an organization.
  11. 11. Why Bhavishya Enterprises? So now that “Why Soft Skills” is clear, the next question is Why Bhavishya Enterprises? • At Bhavishya, we begin by modelling. Mr. Vinay Maste, personally strives to live by the principles he teaches. No program by Bhavishya comes from “reference” material – the contents are designed personally by Vinay based on his own experiences and his own learnings • We help create a safe environment for exchange, without judgment, among the participants • We help the participants distinguish between factual knowing and personal feeling • We have lots of personal stories about the power of soft skill that have transformed our lives • We offer free counselling and feedback for the participants for up to three weeks and also have a structured follow up methodology if you want • Learning and Teaching happens with interactive games, exercises and case study discussions • For every session, we suggest practical ways in which participants can apply the principles they learn – during the training itself - so that they remember it for a longer time • All sessions end with an individual follow up plan that the participants design themselves – with guidance from the trainer – so that they have a sense of ownership for that plan
  12. 12. Why Bhavishya Enterprises? Bhavishya’s Training programs cut across all levels in the organization: • Entry level programs typically focus on basic skills whereas • Advanced programs tackle higher-level skills using complex decision-making elements We cover areas like: • Selling Skills – a combination of 5-6 different modules suitable for a new sales recruit to highly advanced modules for the seasoned sales professional; also from the front end sales executive to the sales manager or sales head • Communication Skills – basic and advanced. Persuasion Skills Plus a special module on • Leadership Development – foundational as well as advanced. Understanding Leadership and developing the mind of a Successful Leader
  13. 13. Why Bhavishya Enterprises? • Problem Solving – how to “see” a problem; 8 steps of problem solving and tools to solve problems. A special focus on the types of intelligence used to solve problems • Self-Management – before you begin or try to manage others, you must master self-management. We cover 6 key aspects of Self-Management. Once you master this, you can easily manage any circumstance, situation, and/or person in your life • Social Skills – how to relate to other people in a social environment. What are the various personality types and how to identify yours as well as others and deal with various personality types. Learn about the Five Love Languages and learn to communicate in the other person’s love language to develop better relationships • Goal Setting - most people don’t set goals – they just follow targets! When they do set goals, they usually do it BACKWARDS!! This course will help you set goals the right way and also teach you how to go about achieving them • Personal Productivity – Productivity is not just about Time Management! It also involves using the right communication tools, task management and energy management. This training program practically releases hours and hours of time for the participants – time which they didn’t even know they were not using!
  14. 14. Why Bhavishya Enterprises? Many Organizations have already benefitted from Bhavishya’s Unique Approach to Soft Skills Training. Now it’s time for
  15. 15. What Is The Next STep? 1. Invite Vinay Maste for a meeting at your office 2. Discuss your specific needs and ask him to devise a customized solution 3. Go ahead and implement that solution in your organization 4. Avail Bhavishya’s FREE 3-Week Counselling and Feedback program for your participants 5. Ask Vinay for his special “Follow Up” plan & how it can profit you 6. CREATE A WIN-WIN for your employees and your organization
  16. 16. What Is The Next Step? Our Contact Details Website : Phone : +91 93242 38174 Email : Skype : vinay.maste