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Chinua Achebe by Chelsea Berriochoa


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A PowerPoint presentation on Chinua Achebe by Chelsea Berriochoa for UI English 258.

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Chinua Achebe by Chelsea Berriochoa

  1. 1.  Chinua Achebe was born November 15, 1930 into an Ibo family in Eastern Nigeria in a town called Ogidi. His father, Isaiah Okafor Achebe was a teacher in a missionary school. His mother, Janet Ileogbunam and his father raised him with values from his traditional Ibo culture as well as being devout evangelical Protestants. He graduated from the University College at Ibadan in 1954 and also attended a government college in Umuahia.
  2. 2.  While in college, he studied English, History, and Theology. In 1954 he worked at a school as a teacher in Oba. He also worked for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in which time he wrote his first book in 1959, Things Fall Apart. His first novel showed his readers a new way of looking at Nigerian Literature with his new way of writing. He married Christie Chinwe Okoli in 1961and they had four children.
  3. 3.  After writing Things Fall Apart 1959, he wrote another novel titled, No Longer At Ease in 1960. This novel was more about the colonial regime. His literature Arrow of God, written in 1964 was also about the past in Africa adding in tribal traditions. From 1967-1970, Achebe worked for the governor and also confounded a publishing company.
  4. 4.  Okankwo, the main character in this story was the superior man of his village who had a major downfall. He was powerful and he knew this as he was the leader of his community. Everything is perfect in Okankwo’s life until he kills a man and is banished for seven years. The time period is set in the 1890s when missionaries came into Igbo society and took over. With this real life fact, Achebe incorporated history into his fictional story. This invasion was Okankwo’s biggest downfall as the missionaries took over leadership.
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