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  1. 1. Presentation 2012 «VolzhskyNefteGazStroy» Ltd. Company Erection of process equipment, steel structures, carbon and stainless steel piping, construction of steel structures
  2. 2. About company «VolzhskyNefteGazStroy» Ltd.Company SRO (self-regulatory organizations register) №001123-2011-3435045940-С-041)It is a production and erection enterprise, carrying out alltypes of construction and erection activities in oil-gas andpetrochemical industries.Dynamically developing the Company has at its disposalqualified specialists and workers, having a wide experience inconstruction and assembly activities, in particular inexecution of the works and service provisioning for ourpartners: • in oil and gas sector; • in metallurgical branch; • in heating energy sector and hydraulic power industry.
  3. 3. Activity directions• Erection of chemical and oil-processing equipment,• Erection of water power station equipment and equipment of hydraulic installations,• Erection of equipment in iron industry,• Assembly of equipment for oil and gas purification, treatment and transportation,• Assembly of lifting and transportation equipment,• Assembly of main and infield pipelines,• Construction of production facilities for oil treatment units,• Installation of external system of gas supply (except main),• Installation of external system of heat supply, sewerage system, water pipe,• Mounting/dismounting, enforcement of steel structures of buildings and installations,of reservoir and process structures,• Installation of raft foundation, precast and pressure piles,• Installation of concrete, reinforced concrete and castin place structures.
  4. 4. Structure of the Company «VolzhskyNefteGazStroy» Ltd. Director general Personnel department Technical Secretary of Accounts Director Director department Legal department Economic Deputy Planning Technical Production and Mechanic department Director in technical charge of departmentmanufacturing Mechanization Health safety, area security and Estimate and ecological Contract departmentMechanical andassembling area department Lead welder Quality service Building and Power Procurementassembly areas engineer department
  5. 5. Certificates and licences
  6. 6. Types of activities in progress SRO register №001123-2011-3435045940-С-041• installation of raft foundations;• installation of precast and pressure piles;• installation of cast in place concrete and reinforced concrete constructions;• assembling of steel structures;• installation of internal engineering systems and facility of buildings and installations,external networks of water pipe, sewerage system, heat supplies;• installation of external gas supply system, except main;• assembly of lifting and transportation equipment;
  7. 7. Types of activities in progress SRO register №001123-2011-3435045940-С-041• Construction of production facilities in objects of oil and gas industry :  Assembly of main and infield pipings;  Construction of production facilities for oil treatment units;• Erection activities :  Assembly of equipment for gas and oil treatment and transportation;  Erection of process equipment of iron industry;  Erection of equipment of chemical and oil-processing industry;  Erection of water power plants and other hydrotechnical unit equipment.
  8. 8. Integrated system of management
  9. 9. Operating principlesThe Company «VolzhskyNefteGazStroy» Ltd. is specialized in the execution ofconstruction and erection activities.• The fulfillment of undertakings given to customer – is the reason why we seek to fulfillthe works within the stipulated terms and with full observance of all obligations andsupposed demands of Customer.• We try to offer to our customers an optimal technical solution without extra costs.• We are chary of our reputation and do our best to fulfill all the contract obbligations.• We collaborate with dependable and proved partners as far asdelivery of equipment and materials for carrying out ofconstructions and erection works is concerned.
  10. 10. Tasks and objectivesThe strategic targets and tasks of the enterprise are: Rising of quality level of services up to the highest worlds standards; Training of the engineering personnel and specialists of the highest qualification; The practical use of hightech facilities, which will allow to apply modern resource savingand ecologically safe mounting technologies, and also to reduce essentially the terms andthe costs for execution of civil and erection works; Maintaining of reproduction process of the principle funds of our Company for purposesof appropriateness existing the manufacturing trends, demands of technological progressand increase of industrial potential; Efficient quality control of the works in progress; Constant work on implementation of advanced mountingtechnique; Improvement of technical preparation of production, providingdevelopment of work quality, costs and labour input reduction; Constant improvement of the organization managementsystem.
  11. 11. Experience and potentialWithin the whole period of activities our company succeeded in forming of the team, capable to perform works in agood manner and to accumulate the experience on construction, repair and reconstruction of objects. We put intopractice either national know-how or foreign high technologies and the engineering background.The Company «VolzhskyNefteGazStroy» Ltd. participated in construction andassembling of process equipment, piping and structural steel on following objects: Joint Stock Company “Saratov Oil Refinery Plant” - Hexane fraction isomerization Complex – reconstruction activitiy, CSP “Vavozhskaya” po. UV, Republic of Udmurtia,- overhaul, CSP “Sindorskaya” po. Sindor, Komi Republic - overhaul, Overhaul of the gas mains route sections Chelyabinsk-Petrovsk, Urengoy - Petrovsk, Urengoy - Novopskov, old Binaradka - Dimitrovgrad -Ulyanovsk, kts-3 inv. №72343 (North LPUMG), Construction Central Reprocessing Station of Ustj-Tegusskij deposit, Overhaul of process l equipment of workshop №22 / 211 “ Volzhsky Orgsintez” Joint Stock Company, CSP “Pikalevskaya” Leningrad region - overhaul, CSP “Volkhovskaya” Leningrad region - overhaul, Construction of Ustj-Srednekansky hydro electric power station on the river Kolima in Magadan region.Actually the negotiations are in progress in regard to work performancein the following objects: Adler of the Krasnodar Territory, metal works construction and erectionof the Media center principal partition walls, Execution of construction and erection activities for Oil Refineries of Voronezh, Tambov and Moscow.
  12. 12. Current projectsAt present the Company “VolzhskyNefteGazStroy” Ltd. is performing the constructionand erection works for following objects: Pentan-Hexane Fraction Isomerization Complex at the Joint-stock Company “Saratov OilRefinery” (General Contractor - Branch Department of the Volga OAO “ PROMSTROY”), Overhaul of the Compressor station “Vavozhskaya” pos. UV, Republic of Udmurtia (GeneralContractor - OAO “SU-7 R and TM”), Overhaul of the Compressor station “Sindorskaya” pos. Sindor, Komi Republic (GeneralContractor - OAO “SU-7 R and TM”), Overhaul of CSP “Pikalevskaya” Leningrad region(General Contractor - OAO “SU -7 R and TM”), Overhaul of CPS “Volkhovskaya” Leningrad region(General Contractor - “SU -7 R and TM”), Construction of Ustj-Srednekansky Hydro Electric Power stationin Magadan region (General Contractor - OAO “Ustj-SrednekanGESstroy), Overhaul of T-Star object title №531 on the territoryof Limited Liability Company “LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez”.
  13. 13. Testimonials
  14. 14. Contact informationEnterprise name:Limited Liability Company “VolzhskyNefteGazStroy”Legal address: 404131, Volzhsky, St. Olomoutskaya, 35Postal address: 404112, Volzhsky, St. Pushkin, 45 / 1 of. 201Tel.: +7 (8443) 21-03-39, +7 (8443) 21-03-40, 8-800-700-97-65Tel. / fax: +7 (8443) 21-03-39TIN reg.code: 3435045940RRC code: 343501001E-mail :, info@vlz-ngs.ruWeb site: