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This is england edited tumlr

  1. 1. YOUTH SUB CULTURE: SKINHEADS Youth sub cultures are a product of the era in which produces them. They are born out of the politics and events of their era or as a reaction to these things. ERA: 1980’S BRITAIN • Falklands: whole country swept up in nationalism. • Thatcherism: ‘self’ over ‘community’. Goes against working class values of community • England deindustrialising under Thatcher – mines and steel works closing. Massive unemployment. Working class especially affected. • Multiculturalism – immigrants into the UK.
  2. 2. HOW IS THIS YOUTH SUBCULTURE REPRESENTED: Gather evidence from the film. HOW IS THIS YOUTH SUB CULTURE A PRODUCT OF ITS ERA? You have some knowledge about how the youth sub culture originated and what was going on in England at the time. Remember that sub cultures are usually a reaction to what is going on in society.
  3. 3. Representations of youth / sub culture: The idea of working class Britain is immediately introduced through the mise Consideration of bedroom here as a en scene of Shaun’s bullet points below class who lived in poverty during this era. It’s interesting that the very first shots of this central character signify to the audience two things about him. Firstly, his class, as signified by the mise en scene of his surroundings and secondly, the fact that his family is a broken unit due to his dad’s death. This immediately signifies the ideology of the film maker as he is dealing with WHAT THE SIGNIFIER & two aspects of British history: How the working classes were affected by SIGNIFIED TELL YOU ABOUT policies during the Thatcher THE REPRESENTATIONS OF government of the 1980’s (poverty and unemployment) / SUB CULTURE YOUTH and how the Falklands war affected the country as a whole. Shaun wakes up. Bedroom: peeling SIGNIFIER / walls, framed photo of a man EVIDENCE as in uniform, chair bedside table. The framed photograph signifies someone important in Shaun’s life – we later discover that his dad has died in the Falklands and this SIGNIFIED photograph then serves to signify that Shaun is grieving over his father and still feeling his loss deeply. With links to the bullet It is worth notingideas below. pointed here that the working classes are perhaps the most affected by war time as a great number of troops come from the working class. Clearly, the film maker wanted to explore how the government of the 1980’s affected British youth of the time. • • • • Violence / aggression Family / sense of community (area live in) Working class Skinhead sub culture • England in the 80’s • The ideologies of Shane Meadows
  4. 4. Representations of youth / sub culture: The idea of working class Britain is furthered here as Shaun uses violence to sort his problems out. This could be due to the fact he is grieving the loss of his father and simply loses his temper, but violence and aggression as a way of solving problems is also a stereotypical feature of the working classes. In these shots youth is depicted as cruel (to each other) and bullying is highlighted as an issue. Shaun is bullied because his clothes are out of fashion which signifies the importance of fashion to youth sub cultures. In the next scene , Shaun is bullied at school because of his flared trousers and a comment is made about his dad. He jumps on the bully and hits him. • • • • Violence / aggression Family / sense of community (area live in) Working class Skinhead sub culture These shots have further connotations of Shaun’s isolation from any group. We have yet to see him in a friendship group. • England in the 80’s • The ideologies of Shane Meadows
  5. 5. Representations of youth / sub culture: I found it interesting that when viewing this scene, I immediately felt apprehensive for Shaun as approaching a group of youths in such a confined space is intimidating and I’m so accustomed to the stereotype of youths hanging around, waiting to ‘start on’ innocent passers by. The representations of this group are immediately favourable then as instead of mocking or trying to hurt Shaun, the group try to make him feel better and even befriend him. • • • • The stereotype of British working class is of ‘grafters’ or hard workers, but the youth in this film are just hanging around. This could be due to unemployment during this era, but most likely, the youth within this film are avoiding the responsibility that comes with unemployment. After Shaun is punished at school, he walks home through an underpass and meets the skinhead group for the first time. They ask him what’s wrong and try to make him feel better. Violence / aggression Family / sense of community (area live in) Working class Skinhead sub culture In these shots, the audience’s first impressions of the group are formed. Woody in particular, is the first friendly character in the film. • England in the 80’s • The ideologies of Shane Meadows
  6. 6. Representations of youth / sub culture: During this scene broken families are emphasised with the conversation of Shauns father passing away. The fact that Shauns mother can’t afford new trousers for Shaun, shows that being a single parent due to the men going off to the forklands and dying in war and the unemployment levels due to people coming into the country and taking work, has a huge impact and can create poverty. When Shaun gets home his mum is sat on the sofa smoking a cigarette, she asks him to come and talk to her, she then discovers Shaun had gotten into a fight and had been picked on because of his trousers. • • • • Violence / aggression Family / sense of community (area live in) Working class Skinhead sub culture In these shots, the audience come to understand that Shaun’s dad has passed away and Shaun’s mum is a single parent that is unemployed. • England in the 80’s • The ideologies of Shane Meadows
  7. 7. A sequence of shots that starts with an extreme close up of a dandelion head could be a signifier of the fact in this film something is going to become broken within time. This could also be a signifier of broken families such as Shaun's as his dad has passed away in a war and so is just left with his mum. There are a series of establishing shots that show the area in which Shaun lives in, a lot of it is dirty and run down which would therefore signify an area in which the working class would live. The close-up of Shaun’s face when eating his sweets has been put in place in order to show the audience that he looks unhappy and lonely. The sweets themselves are the old-fashioned pick and mix type and therefore would be a representation of the 80’s era in which this film was set in. This shot then cuts to a high long shot of Shaun sitting in an old and ruined boat eating his sweets, the high shot signifies that Shaun has no significance, or possibly signifies that he feels like he has no significance, this could therefore be a representation of the isolation Shaun is feeling. There are then establishing shots of Shaun on the beach throwing stones, as well as establishing shots of him riding his bike around a deserted car park. The beach has been made to look dull and dreary as the sky is a grey sort of colour and the tide is out, showing all the grey and wet sand that would usually be underneath the water this signifies the unhappiness that Shaun feels, the car park has also been made to look dull and dreary as parts of it have started to come away making it look up-kept, it is also deserted. The fact that the car park is un-kept could again signify the that the area Shaun lives in is working class.
  8. 8. The establishing shot of the front of Shaun’s house, allows the audience to see that he lives in what looks like an old and small house, this again could signify that he is of a working class background. The film then cuts to a medium shot of Shaun’s bedroom in which the audience is able to see how crowded and un-kept his room is, this is signified by the wallpaper that is starting to peel off of the walls beside him sat on the bed, the size of the room and the fact he is using a chair as a desk. His room is a signifier of the working class, but also poverty as the medium shot shows his lack of belongings. The tracking shots of Gadget, a boy much older than Shaun, walking to Shaun’s house in a weird combination of clothes and lots of pots and pans hung over him that are making a lot of clanking noises. The clothes are a signifier of immaturity this could connote the issue of high unemployment that was going on in the 80’s due to immigration increasing, signifying that a lot of boys didn’t have the responsibility of a job and therefore didn’t need to ‘grow up’.
  9. 9. The establishing shots of Woody’s skinhead gang and Shaun all dressed up in funny clothing in a field again is a signifier of the immaturity this gang have, the fact this scene has been shot in an open field signifies the freedom this gang have due to their unemployment. The fact that they are out during the day would also be a signifier of their unemployment. The fact that this field is also deserted and away from any of the public could signify the fact that the whole skinhead group feel isolated from the public due to the skinheads becoming a moral panic in the 80’s and the public not finding their culture or what they believe to be original skinhead culture, sociably unacceptable. The establishing shot then shows the group accidently breaking through a fence and falling over, the breaking through something could be a signifier them breaking through their self control. This is because in the following mid to mid-close up shots the group start to use weapons to smash up old un-used buildings. The violence the group show towards the house signifies stereotypical working class behaviour but could also signify their anger towards society due to their unemployment and living conditions.