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Free: My Ultra Profitable money switches


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Commission Autopilot
Brand New Hot Converting Offer For All List Types Getting Up To $8 Per Click,Complete step-by-Step training Videos
Free: My Ultra Profitable money switches

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Free: My Ultra Profitable money switches

  1. 1. ==== ====Commission Autopilot, Brand New Hot Converting Offer For All List Types Getting Up To $8 PerClick ====Phase 1 and 1.5 of Commission Formula by Alen Sultanic consists of 31 total video moduleswhich equates to nearly 500 minutes of private tutoring from a known affiliate marketing master. Inthis phase of Commission Formula, you learn the key components necessary to lay the foundationof your future business. Alen teaches you about the basics of affiliate marketing, its strategies,techniques and tactics and takes you all the way through to proper execution of your plan.The necessity of free traffic and techniques used to get it are the focus during the beginningmodules. The later lessons in Phase 1 of Commission Formula revolve around execution. There isa TON of content here, but dont let that scare you. The material is covered in a logical manner,well-thought out manner. It is easy to follow and comprehend. After completing Phase 1 you willhave so much more knowledge and insight into the affiliate marketing business and will bechomping at the bit to get your business started. With Commission Formula, you have in yourhands a blueprint to success with clear and easy steps to follow.If youve examined many internet marketing courses at all, you know its rare to find such attentionto detail without bogging down the learning process by making it boring or confusing or hard tofollow. Alen makes sure you really "get" it, but thats not surprising given his known success andexpertise in the field.The vast amount knowledge contained in Phase 1 of Commission Formula puts other moreexpensive marketing courses to shame. There are many, many "Make-Money-From-Home"courses out there that cost thousands of dollars, yet dont deliver near the quantity and quality ofinformation in Commission Formula. With this program you get everything from market strategiesand tactics to market research and evaluation to free traffic generation techniques.Following is a brief recap of the 28 video modules contained in Phase 1 of Commission Formula:• Module 1: Tools and Resources You Need Here Alen goes into everything youll need tocomplete the course. Things like web hosting, domain registration, ftp client, image editingsoftware, all of which he gives you free sources for, with the exception of web hosting and domainregistration which you will need to purchase if you dont have these things already.• Module 2: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing This 20 minute video is mostly designed forthose who are new to the world of affiliate marketing.• Module 3: User Intent Conversion Models During this module Alen teaches you how tomake more money maximizing your conversions without changing your website. He helps youunderstand what user intent is, how to identify those intents and reasons why you should target
  2. 2. these intents on your websites for maximum conversion. This is a key video and youll use thisconcept within each one of your websites in the future. Do not skip it!• Module 4: Pinnacle Profits - Maximum Revenue with Geometric Growth. During this videomodule, you discover the best three ways to grow your online profits and how you can maximizeeach of these. This video is about marketing strategy. With the right strategy you can design theright tactics. The point is that most marketers dont have the right strategy from the beginning andthus their marketing efforts are not as effective as they should be to maximize revenue. This videoreveals the right marketing strategy to maximize your revenue and to design the right marketingplan.• Module 5: Commission Funnels Here Alen teaches you How to setup and structure supereffective commission funnels that suck in prospects and convert them into cold hard cash. This isarguably the most powerful tool when it comes to succeeding in affiliate marketing. By leveragingyour new-found knowledge about user intent with commission funnels, you learn to turn visitorsinto loyal buyers. This video goes hand-in-hand with Module 4 (Pinnacle Profits) and teaches youa great deal about how various internet marketing business models work.• Module 6: Selecting Winning Markets. This video covers how to select a winning marketeach and every time. This is based on a proven, time-tested model that works.• Module 7: The Free Traffic Master Plan for Getting Easy Traffic. This module teaches youhow to suck maximum amounts of free traffic from the search engines on total autopilot.• Module 8: Your Commission Traps During this video, Alen teaches you how to set up acommission trap that virtually sucks in profits from all of the free traffic that it attracts.• Module 9: Automating your Commission Traps Alen covers how to automate what youvelearned in the previous video.• Module 10: The 3 Site Attack Strategy. Here you discover a little known, but highly effective3 site attack strategy that allows you to dominate multiple markets at once.• Module 11: 2+1 Site Re-Deployment Method In this module you discover a brutal tactic fortaking over entire markets with one power profit move.• Module 12: Recycling Your Profits Here Alen emphasizes the importance of recycling yourprofits from each and every commission trap that you create. Its all about building your business.• Module 13: Commission Hijack In this video, Alen teaches you how to hijack commissionsevery single time.The second half of Commission Formulas Phase 1 includes 15 videos that are done in the "watchover my shoulder" style. These useful videos effectively demonstrate how to "execute" your plansand turn them into reality. These step-by-step videos are highly useful and in my opinion, worth farmore than the cost of the program. These videos show you how the previous strategies and tacticsyou learned are applied and put to real use.
  3. 3. • Module 14: Commission Execution: Market Selection Matrix Here Alen shows you with hisover-the-shoulder video techniques how he personally selects killer markets. Invaluable info here.• Module 15: Commission Execution: Finding user intent keywords This video is almost 1hour long. As mentioned earlier, finding user intent is the most important part of the marketresearch. Alen does it "live" right in front of you during more than 50 minutes.• Module 16: Commission Execution: Getting your domain Here you learn how to purchaseyour domain. Simple and straight forward.• Module 17: Commission Execution: Getting Web Hosting In this module you learn how toget web hosting for your purchased domain.• Module 18: Commission Execution: Setting up your commission site In this video Alenteaches you how to set up your commission site.• Module 19: Commission Execution: Creating your commission site shell During Module 19,Alen walks you through setting up a commission site shell.• Module 20: Commission Execution: Setting up all of the right elements Here Alen makessure you have all of the right elements that your commission site needs.• Module 21: Commission Execution: Email marketing setup During module 21, youll learnhow to set up your email marketing systems.• Module 22: Commission Execution: Creating Your Frontal Vacuum Take note of this one.Invaluable stuff here. During this video Alen shares what is currently the best converting squeezepage template hes ever used. Hell show you how to set up a list building frontal vacuum thatsdesigned to suck in traffic and build your lists for you on total autopilot.• Module 23: Commission Execution: Creating your top down vacuum In this video, Alenshows you how to set up a list-building top-down vacuum thats designed to suck in traffic andbuild your lists for you on total autopilot.• Module 24: Commission Execution: Implementing your commission conversion model Here,you learn how to implement your keyword content tree on your commission site.• Module 25: Commission Execution: Implementing your keyword tree on site During thismodule, youll learn to implement your keyword content tree on your commission site.• Module 26: Commission Execution: Implementing your keyword tree off site In module 26,Alen teaches you to implement your keyword content tree off site for high page rank link backs.• Module 27: Commission Execution: Your 15 day traffic formula In this video, Alen showsyou how to get the maximum amount of traffic quickly and easily with the 15 day traffic formula.• Module 28: Commission Execution: Finalization & stepping into Phase 1.5 Here Alen helpsyou wrap things up and step into phase 1.5 where he teaches you how to get others to do all of
  4. 4. the work for you.Phase 1.5 - Full Force AutomationThis section is probably the most important tool in teaching a prospective internet marketer to shiftfrom the DIY (Do-it-Yourself) attitude and model to looking at and approaching everything as a realbusiness.This is SO important!Full force automation is about teaching you how to multiplying yourself for next to nothing - itteaches you how to use other people to help you implement what you learned in earlier parts ofPhase 1. When you get down to it, its about leveraging other peoples time and talents through theuse of economical outsourcing and sub-contracting to build your business. Its about creating anautomated self-funding system.The main key Alen talks about is using some of the money generated in Phase 1 to help build yourself-funding system. He shows you how to use outsourcing to handle the things youve alreadylearned so far in the course - using economical outsourcing for finding markets, analyzing, creatingthe commission websites, driving traffic, and etc.Phase 1.5 of Commission Formula consists of 3 video modules:• Module 1: Full force automation Here, Alen teaches you all about the power of full forceautomation and geographic arbitrage.• Module 2: Outsourcing The Entire Phase 1 Process And Scaling Up During this videomodule, Alen teaches you how to outsource the entire Phase 1 process and scale up yourcommission empire through geographic arbitrage.• Module 3: Reinvesting In Phase 2 for Paid Traffic Sources Alen teaches you how to takeyour profits from Phase 1 and have them pay for your traffic in Phase 2.After having gone through Phases 1 and 1.5 of Commission Formula, you will have learned quite abit. You will have learned how to create commission funnels and how to implement themeffectively. You will have learned how to drive traffic to your sites and most importantly, you willhave learned how to get others do the job for you - for next to nothing out of pocket.Its plainly obvious that Phase 1 and 1.5 of Commission Formula contain a HUGE amount ofvaluable information. Try as I might, I just cant find fault with anything Alen has done here. Hedoes not leave me confused or overwhelmed, but feeling capable and eager and ready to get onwith things.JoJo Z. Smith provides content and services to internet marketers, including reviews of varioushome-based money-making programs and courses.
  5. 5. Article Source: ====Commission Autopilot, Brand New Hot Converting Offer For All List Types Getting Up To $8 PerClick ====