Drive, Chains & Sprockets


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BikeBandit your online source for powersports parts. We carry Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha parts, plus a ton of accessories!

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Drive, Chains & Sprockets

  1. 1. ==== ====BikeBandit your online source for powersports parts. We carry Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzukiand Yamaha parts, plus a ton of accessories! ====I remember my first motorcycle. Well, technically my second, but the first one was just a little 80ccdirt I had as a kid. So let me start over. I remember my first street motorcycle. It was a gift from mygrandfather. The motorcycle had sat in his garage for years and years and was practicallydisintegrating into the concrete floor, many of the parts were rusting away. The motorcycle was a1966 Honda Scrambler 305 (CL77). I remember seeing it sitting there when I was a kid and eventaking a picture sitting on it with my two brothers. I had fond memories of that motorcycle. I alwayswanted a motorcycle which is why I would sometimes ask my grandparents about it. Then before Iknew it, it was mine. The title was signed over and I had my first classic Honda motorcycle. Theonly problem was that it didnt run...I had never worked on a motorcycle before then and so was a little intimidated. But wanting tolearn and being curious how it all worked I eventually began taking it apart, piece by piece. Most ofthe part on the motorcycle I had no idea what they did or what they were called. But slowly I gotthrough it, learning more here and there. I went so far that I even dissembled the entiretransmission. I had the gears out and everything, talk about jumping right in.Many parts on the motorcycle needed replacement. I had a very difficult time finding OEM parts forsuch and old bike. There just werent many parts available for it, at least not where I was looking.For those of you wondering, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Basically, theoriginal parts. I looked around at some Honda dealerships but even their old stock of parts wasextremely limited. For many of the parts that I couldnt find an OEM part for I actually ended upeither getting some custom made or just fabricating it on my own.It was after that first encounter with rebuilding a motorcycle that I learned having that having greatresources for finding hard to find parts is more than invaluable. It can save you so much time andfrustration from searching countless stores, junk yards, other web sites. I really wish I knew back then.Like I said, what I really could have used at that time was a place like This onlinestore has such a huge selection of OEM parts for Honda motorcycles. and other bikes and toys,that its almost hard to believe. Its like they went around and bought up all the OEM Hondamotorcycle parts in existence. This online store really is an irreplaceable resource for anyonerebuilding a Honda or other motorcycle from the ground up, or even just replacing a few parts.Just a quick browsing of their tremendous online catalog, lets see what I can find.Honda - OEM Parts > 1966 > CL77 (See, they list my specific motorcycle).Left crankcase cover, right crankcase cover, frame? (are you serious), front wheel, muffler, points,tail light. Im just grabbing random parts that they have available. In fact it looks like I could
  2. 2. probably build an entire motorcycle just from their parts if I wanted to. Now that is impressive!If youre looking for an original OEM part for your Honda motorcycle, or if youre looking for anoriginal OEM part for your non Honda motorcycle I really must insist that you head on over to find exactly what youre looking for. is the webs largest powersports store and actually has OVER 7 MILLION POWER SPORTS PARTS AND ACCESSORIES.With everything from carburetors to clutch plates is the best resource for OEMHonda Motorcycle Parts that I have seen.Travis is a review specialist for online resources such as OEM HONDA MOTORCYCLE PARTSwww.oemhondamotorcyclepart.comArticle Source: ====BikeBandit your online source for powersports parts. We carry Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzukiand Yamaha parts, plus a ton of accessories! ====