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Book Your Mardi Gras Carnival Travel Deals & Save
Compare and Book Your New York City Travel Deals.

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Bargain basement price

  1. 1. ==== ====Valentines Day Travel Deals, ====Traveling is one of lifes greatest adventures. It can bring joy to the heart and peace to the soul.Unfortunately, traveling can be an expensive proposition, and one that makes adventurousvacations out of reach for many people. When you take advantage of wholesale travel packages,though, you can go on cruises, relax at resorts, luxuriate in the best accommodations at hotels,and fly with airfares that will make your friends jealous.Wholesale travel can encompass a variety of vacation experiences. You can stay at resortproperties, condo properties, timeshare properties, privately owned properties, vacation homes, orcoastal beach homes. The keys to finding great travel opportunities are understanding how thetourism industry operates and having flexibility in your travel plans.For example, when you call a resort and ask for room rates, youll most likely be quoted what arecalled "rack rates." These are the non-discounted rates that resort properties can charge whentheyre almost booked to capacity. In reality, though, resort properties arent usually full, and roomsare perishable commodities. If a room goes empty for a night, that represents lost income that theresort can never regain. Wholesale travel packages take advantage of this phenomena and bookblocks of rooms at non-peak periods to get the best rates. The resorts readily agree because theyneed to fill the rooms and they know that guests will spend money on ancillary products, such asrestaurant charges, room service, and gift shop purchases.The same holds true for cruise ships. The ship will sail whether its at 80 percent capacity or 100percent capacity. It behooves the cruise line to offer wholesale travel packages to operators inorder to fill the cabins before the ship sets sail.Other types of destinations work under the same principle, which is why wholesale travel ispossible across the board. When looking into purchasing travel packages, here are some things toconsider.Expiration Dates: Many travel operators use the voucher system, and some vouchers haveexpiration dates. Before making a commitment, find out how quickly the vouchers expire, andmake sure that the company has a low renewal fee in order to extend the life of the vouchers.Transferable Vouchers: Some companies do not allow participants to transfer vouchers to friendsand family members. When you work with a travel company, be sure to select one that allows youto transfer your vouchers to others.Blackout Dates: The tradeoff in wholesale travel is that there are restrictions regarding when youcan vacation. You cant expect to select a popular destination and travel there during peakseason. Before signing up for a travel package, be sure that your schedule is compatible with the
  2. 2. travel date restrictions offered by the company.Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internetmarketing companies on the web.Article Source: ====Valentines Day Travel Deals, ====