Vlerick HRday 2013: Talentmanagement in KBC - Elly Kog


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Vlerick HRday 2013: Talentmanagement in KBC - Elly Kog

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Vlerick HRday 2013: Talentmanagement in KBC - Elly Kog

  1. 1. KBC talent management programVlerick HR day – June 2013
  2. 2. Two strands in talent managementStrategic workforce planningMatch demand - supplyKey functionsSuccession planningLeadership talentStrategic expertiseCore competenciesDiversityCareer managementStrength-based developmentand employmentJob craftingCareer counselingBeing in flowPersonal development plansPersonal coaching
  3. 3. Let’s consider this …Inclusive approachSuccession planning is outdated before you’ve evenfinished it. You have to look broader than the currenttop players and focus on actual data of the wholepersonnel pool.
  4. 4. Let’s consider this …TransparencyCareer management without transparency is leadingus nowhere except in divergent directions.
  5. 5. Let’s consider this …DialogueThe voice of the customer in talent management istwofold. Meeting the business needs regardingworkforce planning without hearing the aspirations ofthe workforce itself is counterproductive in the longrun.
  6. 6. KBC goes4talent step by stepstrategy processesculture leadershipHR talentmanagementmission
  7. 7. Convince top managementThe importance of ‘manager led development’Employees reporting to managers who are effective atmanager-led development have• 25% higher performance levels• 40% higher retention levels• 37% higher satisfaction levels• 29% higher commitment• 8% more willing to adapt to changeInvesting in talent development costs money;not developing our employees’ talent costs fortunes.Returns from the past offer no guarantees for the future.We invest in talent, with the opportunity of future returns.Talent development is in essence ‘risk management’.Managing talent, leadership development& strategic workforce planning areconsidered as most critical issues bysenior managers worldwideWe will beconfronted withtalent scarcity. In2020, we have ashortage of 15% tomeet the growingretirement outflow.ROI !
  8. 8. Our vision
  9. 9. All activities related to the identification, development anddeployment of our internal talents, focused on reconcilingorganisational objectives and individual aspirations of ouremployees (i.e. achieving business targets through optimaluse of talents).We combine a planning component (the right person in theright job) with a strength-based component (helping allemployees grow to their fullest potential)Our definition of Talent Management
  10. 10. What’s specific in our talentmanagement approach?
  11. 11. Our process: a flux from macro tomicro level and back
  12. 12. Asking the right strategic questionsas a starting point
  13. 13. Talent leadership: every managershould be a talent manager …
  14. 14. … using the tools provided foridentifying, developing and deployingtalentYearly performance evaluationAssessment centersMy Talent Scan & Talent BoxCareer Development Talk & supportPersonal Development Plan & guideJob catalogue & job agentMy Profile & talent search engineTalentidentificationTalentdevelopmentTalentdeployment
  15. 15. A culture of empowerment &accountabilityPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN
  16. 16. Getting into action by measuring:from micro to macroApart from data on micro level we need consolidated data in order todetermine appropriate action on macro level. These data originate fromdifferent sources (existing SAP personnel data, performance evaluation,talent round input, My Profile, …). We foresee management reports ontalent data.
  17. 17. In 2012, a representative sample of KBC employees evaluated the actualdevelopment and career coaching practices of their managers. We usethis survey as a baseline measure.Getting into action by measuring:having a good baseline measureSurvey in co-operation with KU Leuven & Lessius
  18. 18. Supporting tool formanaging talentdataHigh impact skilltraining for managers‘Supporting your employees’development’Tools for managersand employeesPERFORMANCEOpen Talent DaysJob aids andtestimonialsTraining our HRbusiness partners insupporting the lineHow do we make this a reality?HR supports
  19. 19. For more information on our talent management program:Elly Kog – General manager Talent Management – elly.kog@kbc.beAnn Gevers – Leadership & Talent Development expert – ann.gevers@kbc.be