HR Innovation: Regina Regenass


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Presentation by Regenass Regina during the 8th editon of Vlerick HR-day 2011.

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HR Innovation: Regina Regenass

  1. 1. Leaving the tunnel: How HR can help to re-innovate Vlerick HR Day – June 8, 2011 the company?Why HR Managers should act as bottomup intermediaries?Regina RegenassUBS AG – Ombudsman
  2. 2. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potTable of ContentsSection 1 HR Transformation - streamlined and business focusedSection 2 What is the role of the Ombudsman?Section 3 Constructive Controversy for Innovation 1
  3. 3. Section 1HR Transformation -streamlined and business focused
  4. 4. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potHR Transformation since around 1999 … ?A fundamental change of the organizations, roles and responsibilities … ♦ Re-channeling of high touch services into self-services Standardization ♦ Pooling of specialist functions – exploiting synergies & ♦ Cost managementCost Management ♦ Outsourcing of commoditized HR services ♦ Acting as HR Business Partners / Business Enablers ♦ Creating HR Solutions that support the business strategies Business Focus ♦ Gaining competitive advantage by creating new innovative tools and practices ♦ Alignment of processes/services and development to client needs … from a pure Administrator to a Strategic Business Function! 3
  5. 5. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potCurrent HR Models: The Human Capital Management Creating HR Solutions HR Specialists / Subject Matter Experts Strategic HR Capital HR Business Partners Management Shared Services Operational Efficiency 4
  6. 6. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potInnovation - HR Key challengesWe must recognize that innovation is a painful act! Find the "right balance" between centralizing/standardizing versus 1 the diverse needs of the "other stakeholders" (business, line, employees) 2 Manage costs, whilst focusing on the business priorities/strategies 3 Transformation of the HR function towards trusted business enablers is a long journey … 4 … and never forget: Innovation starts with people! 5
  7. 7. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potInnovation: How to make the case for change? Vision (what do we want?) Creative Tension (what is the gap?) • how well can we see it? (mental models) • how will we shift it? Current Reality (what do we have?) 6
  8. 8. Section 2What is the role of the Ombudsman?
  9. 9. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potUBS Ombudsman – since July 2010Requested by Employee Relations Committee SwitzerlandApproved by Group COO Service Mediation service for conflicting parties and/or advise for individuals The aim is to clarify misunderstandings, preventing Goals escalation and initiating common steps to mutual recognition of all participants involved Active contribution to the increase of the employee Contribution satisfaction and employee productivity as well as the reputation of the bank 8
  10. 10. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potUBS Ombudsman / Business Impact & Adding ValueSupporting the HR Model by closing a gap in the area of employee advise Efficencies (15 %) Transparency Efficiencies Reputation Leadership (15 %) (50 %) Reputation Leadership 9
  11. 11. Section 3Constructive Controversy for Innovation
  12. 12. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.pot"Obligation to Dissent" leads to "Constructive Controversy"Turn the power of conflict … Intellectual conflicts can be constructive, motivating people to seek new knowledge and to 1 accommodate others perspectives. In contrast to debates (a competitive process where one view "wins" over the other), 2 constructive controversy involves deliberative discussions aiming for creative problem solving. Participants are strongly motivated to produce solutions, and display high-level reasoning and greater mastery and retention of new knowledge gained. They generate high quality, creative 3 solutions. Expertise is more effectively shared, and participants often undergo a lasting change of attitude 4 Participants develop a stronger sense of mutual friendship and support. They become more able to cope with stress and adversity, and have higher self-esteem. … towards innovation! 11
  13. 13. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potWhat is Constructive Controversy?A technique for developing robust and creative solutions to problems 5. Draw a 1. State conclusion your case 4. Search for better 2. Hear different understanding conclusions 3. Feel uncertain Approach introduced by David Johnson and Roger Johnson in 1979 12
  14. 14. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potWhat is Constructive Controversy?Based on 5 Key Assumptions1. We adopt an initial perspective towards a problem based on our personal experiences and perceptions2. The process of persuading others to agree with us strengthens our belief that we are right.3. When confronted with competing viewpoints, we begin to doubt our rationale.4. This doubt causes us to seek more information and build a better perspective, because we want to be confident with our choice.5. This search for a fuller perspective leads to better overall decision making. 13
  15. 15. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potConstructive Controversy"If there is any secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other persons point of view and see things from his/her angle as well as from your own." Henry Ford 14
  16. 16. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potWhy HR Managers should act as bottom up intermediaries?Innovation is not owned by the Management only … Because change and innovation HR facilitates the exploitation of the full happens across the whole 1 potential of each individual. organization. HR acts as change catalyst by "Obligation to Dissent": Constructive providing a cultural frame work where 2 controversy supports innovative all employees contribute to the solutions. success of the company. Diversity (Knowledge, Experience, HR is the driver of the processes and3 Perspectives) enables decisions tools by rewarding innovation. towards a common business strategy.4 Trusted dialogue is the way people HR acts as bottom up intermediary. achieve significance as human beings. … it is a mission for all! 15
  17. 17. C:Program FilesUBSPresTemplatesPresPrintOnScreen.potContactsRegina RegenassOmbudsstelle UBS SchweizFlüelastrasse 32CH-8048 Zürich+41 44 234 65 16