Copreci Experience 2012


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Domestic Appliance components, sinde 1963.

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Copreci Experience 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to Copreci The heart of your appliance
  2. 2. 7 reasons to fall in love… with Copreci
  3. 3. 1. Ion, Maurizio, Elsa,Tomas, Bostjan, Choi, Anna… theyre great people humanity at workBecause people are what really matter: our customers, our suppliers,our workers, their families, their children, students and we dont forgetour former colleagues who have retired.
  4. 4. 1235-After yearsletsworkingthe 4--- Copreci hasof timeme the 6 --7 - work given live in Managing the last 30is in After Making me to My 42 years working Over expertise yearskey to our success, whichin with MondragónSwitzerland, the States upIto lot feel a part opportunity a take makeis Copreci still of part bring and and changes weve seen my three thanksof workingdifferent Im now thein2,000 México extraordinary5ofin do my to ourourand to strong children project. to way technology friends working.projects such member of inof In job asmadethe designtoa and workforce. Copreci as possible is a we continue continents.components fortotallyspirit and Copreci I feel team at one maintain our the ARIANNE Rosa Mari Muñoa cooperative company (Production Manager with theOleaga Javier project space Basque Lurdes Larrañaga like Copreci. social responsibility. cooperative Group ((Export Manager) Copreci initiative. Now retired ) Managing Director ) Georgia Theodorou Ione Salegi Oscar Lajas (Técnico (InnovationBrunner Juan & Technology ( PumpsCocción Gas) de Mgr.)worker and line ( Copreci México Administrative Council ) General Manager )
  5. 5. 2. We control technology …and we make it more human40 years in the manufacture of components, constantly improving,anticipating change and investing in the best technologies has made usmore efficient and turned us into market leaders but…. ….were better because we have a passion for what we do.
  6. 6. Our technologycollaboration network isbased around our owntechnology centres(Mondragon University, PoloGaraia, Ikerlan, Enerlan,etc.) and includescollaboration with Europeanand American universitiesThis allows us to developproducts such as electronicgas control systems,efficient induction andwater-saving pumps forwashing machines anddishwashers
  7. 7. 3. We innovate …we even innovate innovationTen years ago, when our boss got it into his head to set up an InnovationDepartment, our first question was whether Innovation was spelt with one n ortwo.Copreci launches an average of 10 new products each year and has over 200patents. These days, nobody has to ask how to spell innovation.
  8. 8. At Copreci, we believe in innovation, actively managing it as part of a New functions focused on: process, from the definition of Safety, Efficiency, Easy to use strategy through to the performance of projects, with the aim being continuous improvement, designing New materials components that incorporate New processes new features and making the Electronic end application easier to use. solutions In addition, the use of new technologies means cost- saving in production with a more rational use and consumption of resources. We achieve this through an inter-functional structure Aluminium stamped dedicated solely to this end, Interchangeable working in close cooperationNew technologies: process with external partners,Flame ignition research centres andFlame detection universities within ourFlame regulation corporation, amongst others.
  9. 9. 4. We control … the elementsFor time immemorial, humans have tried to master their surroundings and tocontrol fire, air, water and earth. Thats also our goal in Copreci, and so ourtaps and valves control fire, our ODS and pilots make sure that the air isclean, and our pumps control water...and all the while we show the utmost respect for the earth.
  10. 10. Pumps control theWATERAnalyzers assuringthe quality of the AIRODS assure thequality of the AIRValves and remotesregulate FIREmanufactured allover the EARTH
  11. 11. 5. We go wherever you are … …..because you don´t always have meet in the middle
  12. 12. In Copreci, we expandin response to ourcustomers´ needs. Wereach out to meet ourcustomers whereverthey are to offer our fullservice potential.Copreci has plants inSpain, Italy CzechRepublic, Turkey,Mexico, Brazil, China …and if we are everneeded in the moon…we will consider it
  13. 13. COPRECI TURKEYCOPRECI Location : GebzeLocation: Aretxabaleta Fundada: 2003Founded in 1963 Workforce: 62Surface 23.652 m2 Turnover: 4,3 M €Workforce: 836Turnover: 129 M€COPRECI COPRECI MEXICOSYSTEMS Location : GuadalajaraLocation: Mareno di (Jalisco)Piave (Italy) Founded: 1989Founded: 2002 Superficie: 3.500 m2Surface: 5.719 m2 Workforce: 720Personal: 41 Turnover: 33,6 M€Ventas: 5 M€COPRECI CZLocation: Dvorce (CZ))Founded: 1996Surface: 2.100 m2Workforce: 222Turnover: 12,3 M€ COPRECI CHINA COPRECI DO BRASIL Location: Zhuhai Location : Taubate Founded: 2004 Founded: 2002 Workforce: 91 Workforcel: 72 Turnover: 4,4 M€ Turnover: 3,8M€
  14. 14. 6. Our heart is … greenIn Copreci we encourage environmental thinking and we supportsustainable development. The fact that we are in the midst of nature inAretxabaleta makes us aware of what we have and what we stand toloose if we don´t take care of the environment. We do what we do with care and dedication.
  15. 15. At Copreci, we take seriouslyour commitment to theenvironment.We conduct our business inways that protect theenvironment anddemonstrate goodstewardship of our worldsnatural resources.We work closely andcooperatively with localcommunities, suppliers andcontractors, and otherorganizations engaged inimproving the environment.And we continually seek newways to address theenvironmental cost andimpact of our activities,products and services.
  16. 16. 7. Copreci is more… than CopreciCopreci belongs to Mongragon Group, the first Industrial Group in BasqueCountry and the seventh one in Spain. Our 90.000 people workforce and 210companies work in all over the world.Because of that and, above all, because of you... we are not alone
  17. 17. Copreci in Mondragon CorporationCopreci is part of Mondragon Group,the foremost business group in theBasque Country and seventh in theranking of Spains largestbusinesses. “World’s biggest co-operative”
  18. 18. Mondragon Corporation Worldwide
  19. 19. Mondragon Corporation Highlights 85,000 120 14 1 8 workers Co-operatives Research & University Educationalaround the world Development Centers Centers 788 persons
  20. 20. financial Assets under administration: 13,917 M€ Personnel : 2,876 INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION BODYWORK AND SUPPLIES COMPONENTS CONSTRUCTION LIFTING EQUIPMENTindustrial HOUSEHOLD AUTOMOTIVE Sales: 7,172 M€ Personnel: 43,315 MACHINE TOOLS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS TOOLING AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND BUSINESS SERVICES Sales: 8,582 M€distribution Personnel: 44,695 Research, Education and Training centers personnel: 1.034
  21. 21. Figures1.000.000.000 Gas Components in the Global Market 168.000.000 € Copreci Group turnover 12.000.000 Washing appliances with Copreci components per year 4.552.327 Average annual investment in R&D projects 230.400 Bypasess production per day 12.960 Seconds ( time to achieve Jose s retirement ) 1.856 Friends in the Copreci Group 223 Patents of Copreci 48 Years of experience in Domestic Appliance sector 7 Facilities around the world 1 One Project
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention…