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EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities


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The role of KICs in a new research strategy for universities

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities

  1. 1. KTH Royal Institute of Technology On the forefront of Scientific Innovation EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communi Ramon Wyss, Director Energy Platform, Vice President International Affairs
  2. 2. Facts and figures on KTH • founded in 1827 • 17,000 undergraduate students (4000BSc, 13.000MSc) • 2,000 PhD students • 3,300 employees • approx. >230 PhD degrees issued/year • ranked among the top ten technical universities in Europe • annual turnover EUR 410 milj • “-In service of humanity – for the society of tomorrow.”
  3. 3. Funding Total income 3713 MSEK (410MEuro) 2012: 3948MSeK (440M€) Industries/private 13,8% EU 6,6% Basic funding for BSc, MSc education 28,4% Foundations 2,1% Governmental authorities 15,5% Research councils 8,9% Basic funding for research and PhD education 24,7%
  4. 4. KTH’s organisation University Board University Administration President Faculty Council Architecture and the Built Environment Electrical Engineering Biotechnology Engineering Science Chemical Science and Engineering Industrial Engineering and Management Computer Science and Communication Information and Communication Technology Education and Communication in Engineering Science Technology and Health
  5. 5. KTH research platforms Materials Medical and biomedic al engineeri ng Transport KTH Information and Communica tion Technology 2013-12-26 Energy and Climate KTH Royal Institute of Technology • 5
  6. 6. KTH- Machine Design Capstone courses Innovation Driven Learning
  7. 7. KTH student teams solve Engineering Product Development and Design Problems • Open problems from industry are given to student teams • Student teams form project teams with leaders and tasks distributed among students. ~10 students/team • Industrial mentors • KTHprofessors supervise student project teams • Creative mindset of students and team work generate innovative solutions for societal and corporate innovation
  8. 8. Integrated Product Design Master´s programme Integrated Product Development • Complex projects - organisation & management • Methods and mindsets for PD work Product Innovation • Innovation processes – management and development • Business development, organisation & strategy, with technical depth Industrial Design Engineering • Functional design and communicative aspects, user-product relations
  9. 9. Machine Design advanced course 18 cr • Some project examples ! Steam engine Head for waterjetmachine Haptic devices Fuel cell driveline Adustable CVT Shell eco marathon Electrical vehicle Magnetic gearbox Shell eco
  10. 10. Carefully selected standard hardware and free open source software components 700 kpps 20W Integrated power management Any 12-20 V Power source Power storage Capex < 1k€ b
  11. 11. Challenge Driven (Research) Education Core of the Knowledge Triangle 11
  12. 12. European Institute of Innovation & Technology MISSION: EIT to unlock the European innovation landscape through a new agenda at EU level To become the catalyst for a step change in the European Union’s innovation capacity and impact The EIT is an integral part of EIT is the first initiative of the EU bringing together the three corners of the knowledge triangle with the entrepreneur in the driver’s seat to form the necessary links between education, business and research
  13. 13. The EIT operates via three knowledge and innovation Communities KICs Climate KIC EIT ICT Labs KIC InnoEnergy
  14. 14. Six Co-location Centres of ICT Labs are fully operational with an expanding ecosystem Berlin Eindhoven Helsinki Paris Stockholm Trento
  15. 15. Our Thematic Action Lines bring ICT innovation to specific markets Smart Spaces Smart Energy Systems  intelligent environments that facilitate everyday practices  create richer user experiences & enhance the users’ awareness of local opportunities in a resource and cost efficient way  increasing energy efficiency via ICT enabled power grids  energy efficient ICT solutions - green ICT Health & Wellbeing  Development of ICT enabled services supporting a cost effective sustainable healthy lifestyle  ambient assisted living Digital Cities of the Future  ICT enabled solutions in the areas of security, pollution, transportation, and resource management (e.g. water). Future Media and Content Delivery  Development of powerful and open ICT infrastructure, capable of delivering rich data-intensive media and content storage services, at competitive costs, across administrative domains, ensuring quality of service Intelligent Transportation Systems  Services for people using all kinds of transportation systems
  16. 16. What is InnoEnergy? • • • • A company placed in Holland Turn over 2011: 137M€ (2014 ~200M€) Run by a CEO – with annual business plan Business area: solutions for a sustainable energy system • Acitivties: Reserach-Education-Innovatoin • KTH Owns one share (of 29) KIC InnoEnergy 16
  17. 17. KIC InnoEnergy is a Company (SE) – Each Partner owns one share 6 Co-location Centers each assigned a Thematic field 17
  18. 18. InnoEnergy creates a single Highway for startups and new businesses InnoEnergy Products are: Education Programmes Innovation Projects Business Creation M.Sc, Ph.D, Thema tic & Entrepreneurial Products, Services, Patents, Publicatio ns New business, Start-ups, spinouts Ideas / Entrepreneurs / SMEs 18
  19. 19. Regional Innovation Scheme • New outreach element of the KICs – wider community accross Europe • Excellence • Implemented by the KICs – transparant selection • No automatic partnership • Funding primarely from non EIT sources (mobility etc from EIT – 4.4% of EIT budget for outreach) • Synergies with smart specialization strategies (RIS3) utilizing structural funds 2013-12-26 KTH Royal Institute of Technology • 19
  20. 20. 2013-12-26 20
  21. 21. Change in share of Top10% papers in the world (Engineering field) Share of papers Share of Top10%papers (US: right axis) (US: right axis) Japan Japan UK China Korea Materials: NISTEP, MEXT, Japan Japan France Germany USA UK China Korea Japan France Germany USA 21
  22. 22. US EIT – KICs - Asia (China) - Europe • Addressing the issue of excellence, societal impact, industrial leadership • Fragmentation • Entrepreneurship is core ÅÅÅÅ-MMDD