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Welcome to cva cbs laj

  1. 1. Welcome to Computer and Business SkillsDelivered by Clay Virtual Academy CVA Teacher: Ms. Brown Virtual Lab Assistant: Kimberly Estevez
  2. 2. What is Clay Virtual?• Clay Virtual Academy (also known as CVA) is a Clay County Public School.• CVA offers web based courses virtually, through the Internet, for grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.• Students may be full or part-time.• CVA with the motto of “dream, achieve, soar” wants all its students to enjoy their classes and be successful! …including YOU!
  3. 3. Meet our Principal Dr. Hatcher Dr. Hatcher has dedicated his life to educate the youth of Northeast Florida. He believes that education is truly the passport to the future. He has been quoted as saying “If we can get all our students to believe that education is just as important as food, shelter and water; then and only then is our mission complete.”
  4. 4. The Role of the CVA Teacher• A CVA teacher is available in ways that are different than a traditional classroom teacher.• You can contact your CVA teacher by email, phone or you may be invited to a Blackboard Collaborate (BbC) session. Click here to see find out more about BbC.• A CVA teacher is also a facilitator, guiding you through the lessons.
  5. 5. The Role of the Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) Assistant• Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) is a concept that allows for students to attend a computer lab at their “brick and mortar” school while taking an online virtual class through CVA.• The classroom is managed by a VLL Assistant. ***Introduction of VLL Assistant***
  6. 6. The Role of the Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) Assistant• The VLL Assistant will: – Be the authority figure in the classroom – Take attendance and maintain a seating chart – Ensure students are progressing in their course – Communicate with teacher regarding student motivational and behavioral issues – Communicate with teacher about student questions
  7. 7. Student’s Classroom Behavior and Use of Equipment• Although this is a CVA class, students MUST abide by the rules of their district school.• Absolutely no food, drink or gum allowed in the lab.• Absolutely no use of cell phones, iPod or any other mobile device unless specifically directed by VLL Assistant or CVA Teacher
  8. 8. Student Expectations The DOs & DON’Ts of using the computer lab: DOs DON’Ts Come prepared to work. This  No food, gum/candy or drink is means coming to class with the allowed in the lab. correct materials and ATTITUDE!  Do not, under any Respect yourself, other people circumstances, change anything on the computer. and all property.  Unauthorized access to any Keep your behavior in check and software is prohibited. follow all the school rules.  Don’t just sit there, work through If you need help, ask for it! your course one step at a time! Learn and explore through your  Don’t disturb your neighbors, they are busy completing their CVA online CVA online course! Work steadily course! and diligently each class period!  No use of cell phones, iPod or any other mobile device unless specifically directed by VLL Assistant or CVA Teacher
  9. 9. Required Supplies• Flash/Jump Drive – all work should be saved to a flash and student H: drive• Spiral notebook and pen/pencil – as students navigate through the course, it will be advantageous to take notes to assist in completing assignments and preparing for quizzes and tests.• Personal Headphones – optional – only if you prefer to have your own.
  10. 10. Good to Know . . .• You MUST use the browser, Mozilla Firefox, to gain access to your Computer and Business Skills course through CVA.• Use good time management; keep up to date on assignments. If teacher requires additional attempts on assignments, complete as soon as possible.• Ask questions, get clarification!
  11. 11. Computer and Business Skills Course Expectations To be successful in today’s fast-paced office environment or college classes, you will need up-to-date technology and business skills. Computerization and the internet have transformed the workplace and college classroom. Businesses increasingly rely on office employees to create documents, spreadsheets, reports, e-mail correspondence, conduct internet research, and develop presentations using graphics.Are you ready? You will be more prepared after completing this Computer and Business Skills course.
  12. 12. Logging on the Computer• Username = enter your 6 digit student ID number (your lunch number)• Password = Student1213• Once you are logged on hold down CTRL+ALT+Delete• Choose “Change Password”, You will need to reenter:• Your “old password” which is Student1213• Your “new password” twice (See next slide) LET’S ALL TRY LOGGING IN – RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY
  13. 13. My New Password• First three letters of my last name• The FIRST letter MUST be CAPITALIZED!• Next, I use my birth month and birth date MMDD form• Example: if my birthday is June 13, I would use 0613• Everyone has a zero at the end for now.
  14. 14. Logging in to Blackboard (Bb)• Navigate to the CVA website: – http://www.clayvirtual.net• Click on the LOGIN button at the top right corner of the page• The username is the student’s six digit student identification number.• The password is the student’s school password. Our naming convention is to use the first three initials of the last name (capitalize the first letter) followed by their birthday in MMDD format followed by a zero. For example, a last name of Taylor with birthday October 7th would be Tay10070. Please note: Login and Password are identical for computer and Bb
  15. 15. Next click on the My Blackboard Tab and find your class: CVA Student Orientation Begin your expedition! Welcome to Clay Virtual Academy