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Grape Digital Trends Newsletter #4 English Version


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English version of Grape Digital Trends Newsletter #4

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Grape Digital Trends Newsletter #4 English Version

  1. 1. GRAPE Digital Trends Newsletter #4
  2. 2. The objective of the conference is to create a platform for exchanging international experience, to sum up the achievements in digital communication of this year and to demonstrate the trends of the nearest future. One of the objectives of the conference is to demonstrate the clients’ viewpoint on the key aspects of working with consumers in interactive media spheres. Besides, executives of leading international agencies and research companies will present their reports. More To ask questions, email:
  3. 3. с4 best practices с9 online marketing с13 web 2.0 с16 mobile marketing с21 interactive media с25 communications 3.0 с28 sensational marketing с30 innovations in media с32 digital lifestyle с39 innovations in web с42 statistics and analytics с47 trends
  4. 4. Best practices
  5. 5. Searching for treasures and adventures with Levi’s Levi’s has launched a new game. “The G.O. IV Fortune“ is based on the stories about life and deeds of a legendary discoverer and researcher Grayson Ozias IV, who was a friend of Levi Strauss Natan’s nephew. The game is in fact a quest the aim of which is to find $100 000, which Ozias hid a hundred years ago. The users start listening to enigmatic recordings which were created by the explorer during his adventures. Hidden inside are the secret codes which should be disclosed; there users must find keys hidden in the real worlds, put them in and to get an artifact with a new secret. It is a quest after treasures when every step is a new key to the puzzle. The game will have been finished in the middle of November when the last trial will be revealed for 100 finalists. They will simultaneously receive the last piece of the story and the first one who achieves the aim will win $100 000.
  6. 6. The fun theory from Volkswagen In September Volkswagen launched a project (, the aim people’s behavior human behavior through fun. In mid-October the campaign enjoyed huge public attention due to one of the project cases, which is called “Piano Staircase” (herewith, the Swiss version of the same promo was not that successful). The promo website encourages users to send their ideas which would demonstrate how to change usual objects of the reality. The winner will be announced on December, 15 (initially – November, 15) and he will be awarded 2500 euro in cash. v=2lXh2n0aPyw
  7. 7. A symphony from Vodafone New Zealand This is a unique music interpretation of Tchaikovsky overture 1812. 1000 cell phones, 2000 text messages and impressive video which demonstrates how to spend fascinating time while communicating with each other. Here you can find a detailed story retelling how the symphony is played with 53 other melodies.
  8. 8. Trust, but verify Samsung offers its users to check an immortal B2100 model through digital technologies. We face a room with working video cameras and 70 phones which can be put to the test with a vibro ring. When a certain number is called (and each phone is marked and it is possible to call the one which is the closest one to crash), the vibration moves the phone and it falls on the stone floor or into the fish tank with fish, and the phone continues to work! It is possible to call it even when it is under the water, thus Samsung overtakes the content which Youtube users will create while testing this model.
  9. 9. Online marketing
  10. 10. Rich-media campaign for iPod An example of using rich-media opportunities when placing online advertisement which demonstrates not only the users’ mood created by a new Apple gadget but also the experts’ expertise: that is how a user can use the product in real the life.
  11. 11. Daughters - Mothers 2.0 Telstra, an Australian telecommunication brand reconstructs lost connections between parents and children. The first “Mum. 2.0. Digital Makeover” is an unusual way to attract adult audience, to attract attention to your services. It is true that mobile communication, internet and communicational services can encourage the increase in communication between people, in a family, especially when teenagers move into the adulthood. Mothers from all over the world can use manuals, which reveal specific features of the digital world, which has changed – it is new world of their children. The project found more that 2000 friends on facebook in a week. Slang, different interests, new friends…Children are moving away from their parents. The brand created a “Call Mum” project for the latter ones. It calls out to remember your parents and that there is nobody better than them. And, if you are lucky, your mom can win a prize – a cell phone which is randomly raffled among all the registered moms.
  12. 12. Snowboard revolution Shaun White and RedBull make a new step in snowboard development and tell about it online. In distant Colorado mountains RedBull built a huge pipe to enable the best snowboarder opened the season with new tricks and superhuman discoveries which will be available to users since November 2. But even now the video which saturates the website makes the viewers dream about slopes, wind and the adrenaline of the descent.
  13. 13. Web 2.0
  14. 14. English black PR Liberal democrats have mocked the Labour party members and the Conservatives really well. The Speechbreaker project makes it possible to compose your “historical speech” from fragments taken from Gordon Brown’s and David Cameron’s speeches. It is not enough to laugh on your own. You can also share your version with friends by uploading this promo to Youtube. The Liberals are presented only with one version, which demands to elect only one party.
  15. 15. Desires 2.0 shape goods display This is a recommendation service for good. On the basis of wish lists the system shapes a list of interesting goods. Each of them has a link which you can click to go to the webpage of the shop, which sells the selected object. So far the website exists due to invitations system. The website has an easy and clear monetization: shops pay when clients click the link or buy something from the server.
  16. 16. Mobile marketing
  17. 17. Zipcar Appliction from App Store Zipcar, a widely spread network which renders rent service, raises the bar of the technical literacy of its clients with its new iPhone application. Zipcar free application automatically shows the nearest offices on the map. When you click an office, cars available for rent and their prices are demonstrated. The application enables permanent clients to rent, change, prolong and cancel the reservation. The “Drive” is a special feature, which makes it possible, with a touch, to open, to close the car and even to beep the klaxon of the reserved car.
  18. 18. Layar brings the augmented reality browser to the iPhone platform. Apple allowed the application created by the Dutch company Layar to enter the App Store. First time when this augmented reality mobile browser was demonstrated last year at Mobile 2.0 Europe exhibition in Europe. Then it worked with the Android platform. Throughout year 2009 Apple did not accept a single application which used the functionality of combining reality and virtual content. (Yelp application was the only one which succeeded to get through by concealing this option from the App Store administration). Finally they did it!
  19. 19. NIKE ID on iPhones NikeID is in your hands: make your crosses, share impressions online, order and demonstrate them on yourself in real life. viewSoftware?id=332640529&mt=8
  20. 20. Toyota Prius Application in Times Square Toyota enabled New Yorkers to express their attitude to the popular model of the hybrid in Times Square from October, 26 until October, 28. Every iPhone owner had a chance to demonstrate their pattern to the whole city on the Reuters billboard. The patterns were drawn by the Prius Experience application and downloaded from the ITunes Store.
  21. 21. Interactive media
  22. 22. Sniff – a public interactive projector You are walking down the street and suddenly you approach a dog. It is alarmed, it guards the territory and it is trying to attract attention. It follows you all around and depending on the situation meets you either tenderly or aggressively. Sniff is an interactive technology, which is projected on shop windows. It reacts to people by catching movements in pre-shop space. The artificial intellect of the project enables it to communicate with passers – by, to change behavior and to involve them into communication.
  23. 23. Where is Dexter? If you went completely bugs from soap operas, a short video quest from Dexter will make things only worse. All you need is to look for the maniac in the crowd and to point the avenging mouse cursor at him. And thus level by level, promo by promo, day by day, year by year until Dexter knocks your door.
  24. 24. A new series format? HBO, a new American cable online channel has launched a new project “It’s more than you can imagine”. The objective of the project is to demonstrate the aspiration to break the boundaries, to change the perspective and to create a truly new experience. The plot unfolds, and the user can influence it, for example – to watch a scene from a different perspective, which makes it possible to notice what was hidden behind the scene. Each viewer randomly builds the sequence of scene in which the characters and the events unfold with new shades and intonations. The production quality and the way the actors act demonstrates a truly new format of a TV show. It is a real convergence of TV and digital.
  25. 25. Communications 3.0
  26. 26. A U2 concert on Youtube A U2 concert was webcast live on Youtube. It was the largest concert that has ever been cast via a video hosting. Almost 100 thousand people saw it life and 10 million people all over the world could watch it online for free. Unfortunately the webcast is available for a limited number of countries (the USA, the UK, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico, India, Israel, the South Korea and the Netherlands. Youtube has been experimenting with video streaming for a while, but so far there are no clear plans for this direction development.
  27. 27. The Foo Fighters stream concert on Facebook The Foo Fighters stream concert took place on Facebook on October 30. It was cast right from their Studio 606 in Los Angeles. Unlike the U2 there was no huge real audience, just online users were present there. Live video was created with Livestream. eid=317195110480
  28. 28. Sensational marketing
  29. 29. My Sky Status from Lufthansa Lufthansa has found an innovative way to attract the Internet users’ attention to its brand. Free service MySkyStatus enables passengers to sign up for an automatic update of their status on Facebook or on Twitter. It is available to all air companies in the world. MySkyStatus posts regular information about the departure status, the height, the location and the arrival. MySkyStatus reminded of the FlightCaster project, which makes it possible to learn about the situation with the flight (if it is delayed/cancelled earlier than the airport information services will announce it. раньше службы оповещения аэропортов.
  30. 30. Innovations in media
  31. 31. Video Painting from Sweatshoppe Sweatshoppe is a multimedia project from Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy, which enables artists to paint video onto any surface with a LED roller. The technology makes it possible to connect video, architecture and the artist’s creative potential in a single performance video. LED rollers paint the pattern by catching it from the video cameras angle, then lines are shaped and a video stream is projected onto them.
  32. 32. Digital lifestyle
  33. 33. Facebook, Twitter and enter Xbox Microsoft develops the social opportunities of its game platform. A chance to socialize within your own accounts appeared in Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM The only minus is that it is very inconvenient to type in the text if you do not have an additional keyboard.
  34. 34. A laptop concept from OLED panels Orkin Design’s Rolltop is a futuristic impression about possible use of OLED technologies and PC industry. The constructive solution is convenient for carrying, exterior functional elements are not present (the controls and the keyboard are on the panel), if necessary, the whole surface turns into a presentation screen. We would like to remind that Sony has already demonstrated the concept of a flexible laptop at the CEATEC 09 exhibition.
  35. 35. iDriver - iPhone as a car control An application for iPhone, developed by computer specialists from Berlin's Free University makes it possible to control the Spirit of Berlin minivan. Steering, brake and acceleration commands are sent over Wi- Fi. The promo shows a car control video experiment.
  36. 36. Apple new multi-touch surface patent Apple continues to create frenzy around its new semi-mythical product - the apple tablet. In October there appeared information about a new patent of a multi-touch surface, which allows to use the touch of all ten fingers turning the screen into a ten-finger keyboard, a mouse and a scriber. Secrecy, rumors and the expectation of innovation from Apple create a huge deferred demand for an unexisting product. to-take-multitouch-where-its-never-been-before- in-n/
  37. 37. Desktop Bumptop in Windows 7 Developers of the alternative desktop interface Bumptop have announced in their blog that new multi-touch features appeared with a new Windows 7 operational system. In fact, now we have a tactile feature which makes in possible to feel and manage the contents and the programmes in the computer. The control is on the literally on the tips of your fingers. Meanwhile Apple is working on a gadget without the keyboard, Microsoft develops touch-based object control features.
  38. 38. Wii – the baby and Me “Bring your baby to life with your Wii remote,” – this is what the box for the “Baby and Me” game says. Possibly, this is the weirdest accessory for the Wii console – a doll with a special section for a controller. While playing one must make the baby laugh, gurgle or cry with the Wii remote. Game situations include feeding and putting the baby to bed. It is possible to create your own clothes, new accessories and playrooms for the doll.
  39. 39. Innovations in web
  40. 40. Faces recognition system in video clips. Viewdle is a platform for faces recognition and tagging people in video clips. The system interprets the video, analyzes it shot by shot (55 shots a second). At the moment the system is used by the Reuters agency video search and VideoFriends Facebbok application, which makes it possible to tag your friends within a video.
  41. 41. Sketch2Photo: an automatic Internet image montage Five Chinese students presented a prototype of an instrument which creates a realistic picture from a simple freehand sketch annotated with text labels. The composed picture is generated by seamlessly stitching several photographs in agreement with the sketch and text labels; these are found by searching the Internet. Although online image search generates many results, our system is able to automatically select suitable objects to generate a high quality composition.
  42. 42. Statistics and analytics
  43. 43. An image of a Russian Internet user (Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, 17.09.09) Do you use the Internet? If yes, how often? (a closed question – one question, one answer)   September September September 2006 2008 2009 A daily Internet user lives, as a rule, in the Practically daily 5 11 15 North-West region of Russia (27%),  in Several times a week 8 9 8 Several times a month 6 7 6 Moscow or in St. Petersburg, or in a city Episodically, not less than ones in half- 4 3 3 (22-25%), male (17%), in 18-24 age year I do not use it 76 69 69 group(36%), highly educated and financially Don’t know 1 0 0 secure 28 and 22% accordingly), or a student(47%). The Internet is not used Why do you need an Internet access ? (an open question – any amount of answers, % of Internet users. mostly by those who live in the Volga region To gain necessary information, to expand the perspective 41 Communication 38 and the Urals (75 and 72% accordingly), rural Work, Income 23 people (81%), women (71%), elderly people To be in the know of all events, to follow the news and the weather Entertainment 14 14 (97%), low-income respondents (97%) Studies 12 (84%), as well as retirees and non-qualified Correspondence Online shopping 9 2 employees (97 и 95% accordingly). «To kill the time» 1 Other 3 Do not know 5
  44. 44. Brands and Bloggers in 2009 • 70% bloggers write Meanwhile, there is an about brands overwhelming majority of • 80% - only professional non-professionals who blog bloggers for fun - 72% STATE OF THE BLOGOSPHERE. October, 2009
  45. 45. Online Ads Pro and Contra Only 2% do not see any benefits in investing into online marketing. It is important that clients see an opportunity to allot the budget and to see direct results in the chosen communication instruments in Internet mechanisms.
  46. 46. How can you measure the efficiency of a digital campaign? New customers and the data about them (leads) is the basis for online communication efficiency evaluation. The most efficient instruments are a corporate websites, social media and custom content.
  47. 47. Trends
  48. 48. World digital agencies in Russia Business globalization and target audience similarity will motivate more foreign agencies to take part in Russian tenders. These won’t be Russian representatives of the network, but global offices.
  49. 49. Local solutions influence brands beyond state boundaries Communication becomes international as the Internet develops Mobile platforms applications, virus and TV clips from the western market are freely distributed in our country and vice versa. There are no boundaries; mentality and regional specifics do not make any difference. Soon agencies will become more international; it will be easier, faster and more efficient to launch global companies.
  50. 50. Offline comes to online Human life becomes strongly connected to online – we practically gave up handwriting. A new format of communication and entertainment is developing in the blogosphere now – writing comments or posts on paper, scanning them and downloading. So far this is just a game, but its background is interesting – users call on their online environment to return to their offline values. Thus they make up for the growing role of virtual space in their life.
  51. 51. Twitter Store? Twitter thinks of buying the This is a database/collector of everything you need for twitting. We suppose that a paid app store for various needs will appear in the nearest future. It is logical to collect all the twitter-based services in one place and to present the same game rules and development monetization features to developers.
  52. 52. Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! Like all sciences originated from philosophy, all media became integral part of the Internet. That is where they will exist. That is why all advertisement will be digital and in order not to waste words it will not be called digital advertisement. It will simply be called ADVERTISEMENT.
  53. 53. The pig flue infected the Internet The users began anew sending pictures massively to their friends and acquaintances on emails, ICQ and facebook like it used to be several years ago. A fashionable topic of the pig flue motivated them to remember the old habit. A bright image of the pig made the users to visualize their vision of the flue virus problem. And now we are sending pictures with poor piglets to our friends and acquaintances like in good old times.
  54. 54. Sources
  55. 55. The last drop
  56. 56. advertising-2009
  57. 57. Стив Балмер на NBC перед стартом продаж Windows 7. Microsoft доверяет публичную демонстрацию своих продуктов платформе Apple (на экране Mac Book Pro).
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