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Trends 2010 by Grape

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  • Trends 2010 by Grape

    1. 1. Trends 2010 Dedicated to GDTN subscribers
    2. 2. 76% broadband Internet access penetration in Russia
    4. 4. Geolocation Combination of GPS sensors in mobile phones and revolutionary mobile applications with social networks makes geolocation one of the most essential tools for any killer app. We are talking not only about retranslates like Foursquare и Gowalla. Geo APIs for Twitter’, SimpleGeo are already functioning and, hopefully, there is one more coming for Facebook. It is shifting our attitude by putting online all the geographical information that physically exists in our community.
    5. 5. Real-time search Users had done UGC- revolution by opposing themselves to the regular media. 2010 will bring us new Internet reality: content is going to become live.
    6. 6. Mobile payment transactions Mobile phones are become full-featured portable computers and can be used for commercial activities. Mobile is a new point of sale now. In 2010 we foresee a global battle among producers of mobile devices and software companies for the market share of mobile payment transactions. The idea is quite evident and simple: interface is already created, the device itself exists and widely used, easy Internet access is affordable for almost anybody not mentioning easy verification of each user. Jack Dorsey, the Twitter founder, had just launched a start-up called Square and capable to turn iPhones into card-readers. Verifone is developing similar product as well as Mophie (mobile accessories producer) does.
    7. 7. Global digital agencies in Russia Business globalization and TA similarity had lead to the fact that more and more large foreign agencies are opening their offices in Russia. And we are not talking about Russian representatives, it is about global offices with international staff.
    8. 8. Local tools influence the brand across the state borders With the rapid growth of Internet usage communication has become international. Mobile applications, viral and TV reels created originally for other countries are traveling to and from Russia avoiding all the boundaries, beyond national mentalities and regional specifics. In the nearest future all the agencies are going to become more universal, global campaigns will be created and implemented easier, faster and more effective.
    9. 9. Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! Just like all the sciences originated from philosophy all the media entered Internet. And it is there to stay. That is why all the marketing is going to be digital and to save the words we will not call it digital-marketing. It will be just MARKETING.
    10. 10. Mobile apps boost In 2012 applications will become more popular than websites. Each application is capable of solving only one problem. Applications fulfill users’ needs and it is as easy and fast as to push one key on the keyboard. It is here and now. Remember the computer mouse taking over the keyboard? Hot-keys were no longer useful because of the Internet and website development. In 2010 Apple Tablet was announced with its fabulous AppStore. Android Market and Nokia Ovi store are following its tracks. We are rushing into the Apps World.
    11. 11. The future of communication Personal and portable devices are going to transform tremendously in the nearest 2 or 3 years. Overpowering broadband Internet penetration will save us from paying for GSM traffic, we are going to pay for megabytes only. We be using only Skype and webcams to talk to others.
    12. 12. Content revolution Steve Jobs started his iPad presentation with the words: "This is the most important thing I have ever done". It is hard to make any objections. We are more than sure that this event will be called the beginning of The Age of Enlightenment 2.0 in the digital-history schoolbooks. Pretty soon we will read the freshest issue of The New Yorker instead of Moskovskii Komsomolets (Russian newspaper) right in the Moscow metro. More over the First digital issue of The Russian Pioneer (magazine) will hold more video-content than all the telecasts on Pervyi Kanal (Russia’s leading national TV channel) during the week and the editors of The Pioneer and their point of view will influence Presidential elections 2012 and other major decisions.
    13. 13. Touch screens and surfaces is the new reality for interfaces - new level of users’ experience Touch screens are TAKING OVER all the other types of interfaces. The latest Apple’s iPad brings it the next level up. Also some “craftsmen” had created electric guitars with the touch screen instead of the strings. 2010 and 2011 will let various touch interfaces enter and influence our lives even more.
    15. 15. Social CRM We are experiencing the real boost of social media tools: Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This year brands are coming even close to their customers by socializing business-processes. launched Chatter - new collaboration online system that puts together all business flows in real-time using the best technics and interfaces from Twitter and Facebook and converting it into a business tools.
    16. 16. Crowd-sourcing in marketing Years ago user-made advertising provoked nothing but irritation. This year brands are going to inspire and trigger their consumers to work on the new form of communication. We are about to face UGC-billboards, shopwindow displays and even TV commercials.
    17. 17. Viral rush Brands will try to fill every TV spot with viral content Viral reels production can be equal to the shooting for national TV if talking about the budget. But it is possible and wise to save here by making one reel for both TV and Internet. Marketing directors will challenge their brand-managers to create originally-viral TV reels which are also capable of capturing the Internet audience’s attention.
    18. 18. New realities in the users’ world Existing technologies allow us to describe the environment more that ever. We are changing not only our behavior starting every day with the twit, we make our life much more interesting by observing the things we have never noticed before. For instance, we discover that janitors at public restrooms at the shopping malls never lift up their heads and spend the lives staring at the marble floor.
    19. 19. Stop counting, start buying! Smart clients were always talking about the efficiency of Internet campaigns but everybody used different measuring approaches. During the last ten years we went all the way from counting the clicks to users’ actions and measuring the number of sales. We do count sales! What in the world can be more important? The freshest trend. A couple of weeks ago one of our major clients had said that they were not into the clicks and views any more. Instead they take into consideration only the real actions that users perform on the website. And advertising systems are ready for it too! Of course, it is not true for all of them but all it takes is for one trend-setting resource to start operating like this. We believe that it will happen this year.
    20. 20. Fight for the audience Major social media are coping competitors’ technics to keep and involve the audience instead of developing something new. The brands are about to face similar war. Major services are following the competing networks and launching twin- services and functions in order to keep the audience from migrating. To catch on Twitter Facebook marks the users with the @ sign, renews the main page to make it look more like activities stream on Twitter, creates to be weightless just like Twitter, planning to launch Skype analog.Youtube gathers trends. Wordpress "speeds up" RSS with the help of RSS-Cloud.
    21. 21. Lego sequel Using the brand or product in projects like “Be kind rewind” or in “folk” sequels can build up popularity out of nothing.
    22. 22. Micro groups At the end of the year all the digital communications will be split among micro groups. There is not going to be many different communications for the TA. Instead we will have 100 different digital-experience for a hundred different (maybe overlapping) groups. Audience is growing quality and quantity wise and it is almost impossible to meet their expectations with three websites, they are constantly searching for the new media. The relevant TA is harder to get every day and it is better to make small activations on the small websites creating digital tools individually for each resource. This kind of message looks much more natural and trustable for the customers.
    23. 23. Games are more and more popular in social networks For the brand it is much easier to get into online gaming world than into the real world. Besides it means obtaining long-time and daily contact with the audience. In 2010 games in social media are going to become individual advertising resources.
    24. 24. New lead format Progressive websites and projects are taking chances with various types of logins: it is started with an openid that did not really worked out. Here comes Google connect, facebook connect, etc. Login and registration are almost blended together, the only thing that is left is authorization. That is it. We think that Vkontakte must develop similar service for Runet. The lead is not the same any more. Not so long ago lead was the true user identification with his/hers personal data + gave the opportunity to communicate through e-mails. At this time lead is a composition of all the user’s profiles in various social networks and it gives us the opportunity to give the message through any channel.
    26. 26. The brand are paying for your purchases Almost anything is worth doing to keep the loyalty of the customers... Even paying them their money back! GAP Canada had already demonstrated it with the Sprize project by providing the insurance anti-sales packages for the customers for 45 days. In March of 2010 CashBack system is going to be launched by Grape’s partner Sales Generator: buy whatever you want to and get some cash back.
    27. 27. Web 2.0 is able to influence the society and political life in Russia Alexey Dymovskyi’s video message uploaded on Youtube started the new style for the users‘ video with many fans. Social media are taking an active part in the development of the new-formation of the civil society in Russia.
    28. 28. Public indulgences All the public actions users are making due to their religion, for example, are now accomplished through social media. Twitter is quite good for it. You can say sorry to each and every friend at the proper day. Why calling and sending sms to each one personally if you can do it only once? You can as well forgive your “enemies” all together. And it is even easier than doing it via vkontakte or odnoklassniki (here you have to select all the recipients manually) while in Twitter you can write 140 symbols and it is all done - you are forgiven by those who saw it.
    29. 29. Digital world and virtual life are blending in with personal and even intimate actions. Japanese man is getting married to the virtual beauty from the computer game, newly weds are announcing supposedly the most valuably event in their life by posting the status on Facebook, a monkey at a zoo has a mobile phone with a camera for taking photos and posting it into social network accounts. Is there a place in the whole world where a human being can stay face to face with his own thoughts without socializing and continuous content replication? There are too many electric plugs in this world. Leave the country. Tonight.
    30. 30. SEE YOU ONLINE
    31. 31. Trends 2010 +7 (495) 789 4527