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  1. 1. FeedJournal Basic 6/21/2010 at 3:00:00 PM - 6/22/2010 at 5:46:22 AM Israel’s Updated Gaza Strip Policy by jeremy (Hija del Zion para everything that is not on the society and harming the Palestinian Israel allowed in 5,355 tons of Israel - Daughter of Zion for published list of banned materials people. The de facto authorities must goods… Israel) (grenades and rifles etc.) will pass cease such repressive steps and allow • No Aid Found on Turkish Vessel through any and all Israeli-operated the re-opening of these civil society Mavi Marmara After contents of the Submitted at 6/21/2010 3:06:47 PM crossings. institutions without delay.” ship were unloaded, it has been… Over the past few months, Israel The policy of liberalizing the entry The policy of closure on the Gaza began easing restrictions on the flow of civilian goods into Gaza is meant Strip is anchored in international Related posts brought to you by Yet of goods into Gaza. This was met to enable the civilian population to rules of law and treaties (including Another Related Posts Plugin. with approval by UN Secretary Ban engage in routine economic and the Geneva Convention and the San Hija del Zion para Israel Support Ki-Moon during his visit to the civilian activity, while simultaneously Remo Manual on International Law Israel region. Israel’s policy towards the preventing the entry of weapons and Applicable to Armed Conflicts at • Letters: Obama’s step to a nuclear- Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is not materiel that could help the Hamas Sea). The policy was also authorized free world It is encouraging to see at stagnant and is always changing in terror regime to strike at Israeli by the Israel Supreme Court, an least some positive moves being response to regional security. Over citizens. Any civilian product that is independent body not tied to politics made by the Obama administration this past weekend, the Israeli Cabinet not on the list of prohibited items will of the ruling government. towards reducing the vast US nuclear voted to approve a number of be allowed in. Restrictions on the entry of goods arsenal (Report, 7 April), changing measures which will create a much As for “dual use” items, or goods into the Gaza Strip is now at a bare the rules of engagement and thus l... simpler policy towards the closure of that can be used either for civilian minimum, in which items banned are • Rashi and Zionism Answering the Gaza. projects or terrorism, Israel will allow comparable to what one is not question, put in the name of Rabbi The goal of the closure has always them entry to Gaza. With the help of allowed to bring to the United States Isaac, as to why the Torah does not been to eliminate the flow of international bodies, Israel is creating from Canada. Make no mistake, begin with the first mitzva, Rashi combatants and deny Hamas a system in which “dual use” goods Israel’s sanctions against Hamas replies that the Torah begins with an weaponry which it has, and will such as raw metals and chemicals will authorities will continue to deny them account of the Creation so that if continue to use against Israelis and be delivered with assurances from weapons to use against innocent there ... Palestinians. However, the updated third parties that its destination is not civilians, both Israeli and Palestinian. • White House correspondents nail policy will make the distinction Hamas but the people of Gaza. To The people of Gaza are not our Gibbs on lack of Obama – Netanyahu between what is and what is not ensure the safety and prosperity of the enemy, and we hope that this updated pictures; UPDATED WITH VIDEO allowed into Gaza clearer. All goods, Palestinian people living in Gaza, policy will strength Palestinians while White House correspondents nail food products, medicine etc. will efforts must be made to ensure that weakening Hamas, which refuses to Gibbs on lack of Obama - Netanyahu continue to enter Gaza with no Hamas does not hijack incoming aid, recognize Israel’s right to exist. Like pictures; UPDATED WITH VIDEO restrictions. But rather than publish a which has been happening on a daily Unlike There's probably video of this list of what is allowed, the Israeli basis. Related posts: somewhere, but I'm... government has decided it will be Said Robert Serry, special envoy of • Statement from COGAT, Policy of simpler to have only a list of what is the United Nations Secretary- aid into Gaza Statement from Original post source not allowed. This way, there is no General, “This targeting [by Hamas] COGAT (Coordinator of Government confusion and the world can see that of NGOs, including UN partner Activities in the Territories),… Israel has no intentions to deny organizations, is unacceptable, • Gaza Update: Increased Access and Gazans needed goods. Again, violating accepted norms of a free June 15th Report On Tuesday alone, How’s that ‘engagement’ going Mr. President? by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del effort to activate resistance in the Middle East, has met Palestinian Zion para Israel - Daughter of region in light of an expected Israeli leaders in the Israeli-occupied West Zion for Israel) offensive against Iran or against Bank as part of efforts to revive Hizbullah in Lebanon. stalled peace talks... Submitted at 6/21/2010 3:40:00 PM Initial arrangements for the meeting, • Overnight music video Overnight How’s that ‘engagement’ going Mr. according to senior Palestinian music video Here's President? Back in February, Iranian sources speaking to the Kuwaiti Yaakov Shwekey singing his version President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paper, were made at a of Mimkomcho (which is part of the and Hezbullah leader Hassan commemoration event for leader of involvement from PLO-faction Saturday morning prayer Nasrallah came to Damascus for what the Iranian revolution in 1979 centers, the paper reported. service).Let's go to t... al-Quds al-Arabi editor Bari Atwan Ayatollah Syed Ruhollah Moosavi Three words: Target. Rich. • Metropolitan Klezmer – Ot Azoy called a ‘ war council.’ On Monday, Khomeini, who died on 4 June 1989. Environment. Neyt A Shnayder, swing vocal Hard- Kuwait’s Al-Anba newspaper As part of an apparent ramp up in Heh. swinging Yiddish vocal based on reported that another war council will relations between Palestinian posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 1:40 traditional folk song, performed by take place, and this time it will also opposition factions – namely Hamas AM Metropolitan Klezmer at NYC's include members of Hamas (Hat Tip: and Islamic Jihad – Lebanon and Hija del Zion para Israel Support Summer on the Hudson stage in Memeorandum). Syria, the groups were reportedly Israel Riverside Park, July 2006. The meeting, according to the permitted to establish community • Jerusalem Palestinians fear eviction Arranged... anonymous source quoted in the centers in the refugee camps of by Israel – 17 Apr 09 George paper, will take place in late June, southern Lebanon, which had Mitchell, the US special envoy to the Original post source under official Syrian patronage, in an previously been prohibited in favor of
  2. 2. 2 FeedJournal Basic Obama’s Collapsing Base by Daniel Greenfield @ the ones who had provided Obama with a Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion radical halo. This was what drove the para Israel - Daughter of Zion press to treat him as the love child of for Israel) Gandhi and Martin Luther King, to shamelessly drool all over him, and Submitted at 6/21/2010 8:14:00 PM denounce any and all opponents of In a single year Obama lost the him as ruthlessly as a Pravda support of independent voters and editorial. Ideology is the messianism liberal Republicans by passing the of the left. And as the left grows left’s agenda. And this year, he is dissatisfied with Obama– his well on the way to losing the support ideological halo dims, and the media of the left for not passing enough of begins to stir and ask uncomfortable their agenda. Being too left wing for questions. mainstream America, and too The Democrats have lost faith in mainstream for the left is not a new Obama’s political invulnerability. problem for the Democratic party. It’s Candidates are actively ducking his a problem they’ve faced since what endorsements even in primary races. had been the counterculture became The left meanwhile is losing faith in the party establishment. But it’s a and a moderate at the same time. But the crisis. Stimulus and bailout, Obama’s revolutionary conscience, special problem for the man who rose the problem with maintaining takeover and take home checks. his willingness to do whatever it takes to power as the poster child of the contradictory identities is that sooner For Obama it was an endless party, to push their agenda through. left. Barack Hussein Obama. or later you have to commit. The an extension of his campaign but with Communist regimes usually purged 2008 was the left’s big moment. Its agenda of the left and that of the party more stature and a bigger budget. their own ranks after a revolution to chance to seize control of the were not completely incompatible. Plane trips anywhere he wanted. get rid of the fire breathers, who Democratic party and through it all of Both for example wanted socialized Vacation homes. Glamorous parties become an inconvenience once the America. The progressive medicine and cap and trade. But the and dinners. The D.C. party circuit practical issues of governance have to radicalization of liberalism had main priority for the Democratic that had been moribund during 8 be decided. Previous Democratic allowed the left to mainstream its party leadership was getting to power years of Bush was back with a administrations did not have gulags ideas within the party.The 8 years of and staying there. For the left vengeance. For his associates, it was or firing squads at their disposal, the Bush Administration had also however, the agenda always comes a chance to cash in. For the left, it they simply sidelined the left and let allowed the left to be in the vanguard first. And both naturally assumed that was about pushing their agenda, their them protest impotently. Obama has of the opposition, which through their Obama shared their priorities. way. Everyone was acting as if they not taken that road yet, mainly grass roots organizations, funded by Careerism for the party. And ideology had won the Superbowl, when what because he comes from the left, and the likes of Soros, they made sure to for the left. they had really won was a chance to because such a purge would translate into also being in the What neither of them considered was be responsible for a major economic thoroughly alienate his non-minority vanguard of the party as a whole. that Obama was even more of a fraud crisis. And internally no one was base. But he may not have a choice. Taking down Hillary, who had been than Edwards or Clinton. Because happy. Obama had protected himself In 2008, Obama ran against the War positioning herself as a conservative Obama was not just hiding mere run by playing divide and conquer, in Iraq, against economic malaise and Democrat, was Job 1. Picking the of the mill political hypocrisy or setting up conflicts within his an out of touch administration. It’s horse to ride to the White House was personal infidelity, he was living a lie administration, while he stood back 2010 and as far as his base is Job 2. in a much more profound way. and let them fight it out. This concerned, nothing has really The main two contenders were John Politicians commonly pretend to care aggravated the existing fault lines changed. Which means they’re less Edwards and Barack Obama. Initially about things to appeal to voters. But within the Democratic camp and likely to bother voting and more Edwards looked like the better Obama had been pretending to care created the appearance of an absentee likely to invest their energies into candidate to sell America on the left’s about things all his life. He had spent landlord. backing even more marginal agenda by wrapping it up in the the better part of his life playing the Democratic party insiders began to candidates on the left. Another year sugary rhetoric of compassion with chameleon, and this made him a see Obama as oddly distant and a of this and the only people who will some obligatory JFK New Frontier natural politician, but underneath all neophyte lacking in basic still be invested in an Obama homages. But to many Edwards that was a coldness and detachment management skills. The left Administration are the people making seemed like yet another version of that exceeded that of any normal meanwhile was becoming money off his bailouts, programs and Bill Clinton, a Southern Democrat politician. Obama had learned increasingly irritated because they laws. And that can only repulse the who spoke the progressive language, quickly that identity is more defined weren’t getting their way often public even more. but had enough realpolitik to draw the by the things you care about, than the enough. The left wanted radical Obama alienated the center by line at his own political welfare. And country you come from or the color change, while party politicians pandering to his base and alienated as it turned out, Edwards shared yet of your skin. There was only one wanted to stay in power. Obama had his base by not giving them another of Clinton’s proclivities problem, he didn’t care about any of to choose between two sides. everything they wanted right away. which made him politically those things. He cared only about Mainstream party donors who wanted The Democratic party has stopped unsuitable. Obama was a bigger risk, himself. stability and radical donors and their celebrating him and come to the but he came with “deep backing” The administration that Obama put grass roots networks who wanted realization that for the next few years from luminaries like Ayers. The only together was a compromise. Clinton radical change. A talented politician they’re stuck with him. The left is obstacle for the party was to make people out front and the radicals just might have been able to keep both teetering on the edge of throwing him him seem mainstream enough to be behind them. The Clinton people sides working together. Obama was over for another socialist knight in electable. Which they did by were there to reassure the party, but not the man for the job. And while he rotten armor. And as his base wrapping him in the flag at every often they had titles, but not real was trying to keep both sides happy, collapses, he has few options left. opportunity and keeping his rhetoric power or access. The radicals were he was thoroughly alienating Hija del Zion para Israel Support focused away from specifics and there to reassure the left that mainstream Americans. Israel toward high minded generalities. everything was going according to Obamacare was when it all went • Qaradawi forbids Hamas to The left thought it had its candidate. plan. Obama came into office with a south, as a panicked Democratic reconcile with Fatah As if we needed So did the party. Both spent a great halo and golden wings, surrounded by congress was herded into supporting any more proof that rabid terror- deal of money to put him in the White propaganda more worthy of North a wildly unpopular plan. A plan that supporting Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi House, but neither of them really Korea, than the United States of an embittered left thought didn’t go was really a secret Zionist, he just spent very much time thinking about America. The left assumed that this far enough, but turned independent came out with a fatwa - against who Barack Hussein Obama really would give him unlimited power. voters into Tea Party supporters. It Palestinian Arab unity.Qaradawi said was. Obama’s native instincts as the Saner Democrats knew better and was the ugliest and biggest pork pie that if Hama... eternal outsider allowed him to wear assumed that the White House did in a series of them, which nobody but • Holocaust Memorial Day – numerous disguises. And so he had too. What followed was the usual Joe Biden seemed happy about. Kabbalah Moments – April 12, 2010 no really trouble finessing a new set “Pigs at the Trough” scene as the Alienating the left was a dangerous of dual identities, as both a radical OBAMA’S page 4 victors dug in and began feeding off thing to do, because they were the
  3. 3. FeedJournal Basic 3 Nepal: School textbook banned for Overnight "feminine" depiction of Muhammad music by Marisol (Hija del Zion para added that it should not be taught in ‘Asia’s Social Studies’ by Asia Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) video schools. All school books authorised by the Publications. Nizamuddin said that ‘Nepal Social government respected religious and Studies’ has also been banned and by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Submitted at 6/21/2010 4:53:23 PM cultural sentiments, it said. Muslim organisations would continue Zion para Israel - Daughter of Nepal: School textbook banned for The first objections were raised by with their vigil for corrective Zion for Israel) “feminine” depiction of Muhammad Muslim Association Nepal that called measures against the third book as Of course, depictions of Muhammad a press conference in the capital last well. Submitted at 6/21/2010 5:33:00 PM are verboten to begin with, but given week to object to the controversial Nizamuddin said the government had Overnight music video I can’t women’s status in Islam, maybe book as well as two others. also announced it would form a believe I found this so quickly. that’s why making Muhammad in any Mohammad Nizamuddin, senior vice committee to supervise textbooks and At the wedding tonight, this kid (who way “feminine” is such an insult. -president of the association, told prevent such errors in future…. has to be about 10-11 and is quite “Nepal bans school book after IANS that the books gave wrong Posted by Marisol on June 21, 2010 well known here) got up and sang this Muslim outcry,” from Indo-Asian information about Prophet 4:53 PM song (which is from the prayer said News Service, June 21 (thanks to Mohammed, erroneously describing | 7 Comments by many before putting on the talith Twostellas): him as the ‘founder of Islam’. Print this entry in the morning – I remember the song The Nepal government Monday ‘We Muslims believe Allah created | Email this entry being part of the Hasidic Song banned a school textbook after the universe and that the Islam | Digg this Festival in 5739-1979). His name is growing outcry by Muslims over an religion existed since creation,’ | Yonatan Sheinfeld. Hmmm. ‘objectionable’ illustration depicting Nizamuddin told IANS. ‘Because | Let’s go to the videotape. Prophet Mohammed as a woman-like many people did not know this and Hija del Zion para Israel Support posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:33 figure and containing ‘erroneous other things about Islam, Prophet Israel AM interpretations’ of Islam. Mohammed came as the messenger • Norway: First conversion course Hija del Zion para Israel Support It would be interesting to see what of Allah to explain things to people.’ Norway: First conversion courseThe Israel the problem was with the image that Not only is it radical historical Islamic Network opened conversion • Filming in Israel – Filming Short got it tagged as “woman-like.” revisionism, but a demand for course for non-Muslims in Oslo Segments As an experienced This is the first time in Nepal, which textbooks to accept a matter of Thursday."Many Norwegians are producer and provider of production has enjoyed religious harmony Islamic faith as fact. turning to Islam," says the services in Israel for foreign crews despite being a Hindu kingdom till The now banned book, meant to be organization.Board member Fahad and TV networks filming in Israel, I 2006, that the government has banned taught in class 8, also carried an Qureshi th... provide my services to each and a book after protests by Muslims. illustration of Prophet Mohammed • Mae 2007 Yom Kippur Break the every format crews... The education ministry issued a looking like a woman. Fast – 22 Image taken on 2007-09-22 • Hashkedia Hashkedia ... statement asking schools not to teach Islam forbids idolatrous depictions 19:59:58 by Cirne.... • Part 2: Beit Shaar Ha-Kavanot, from the controversial textbook – ‘A and there is no authentic historical • Hamas-linked CAIR smears anti- item 85, lesson 30 Lecturer: Rav modern approach to social studies’ – record to establish what Prophet jihad Virginia driver as neo-Nazi Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-04- brought out by New Nepal Muhammad looked like. Hamas-linked CAIR smears anti- 21Video: ENG 30.7MB Audio: ENG Publication. Two other books have also come jihad Virginia driver as neo-Nazi 5.47MB ... It said that the book was not under fire for similar transgressions. ... authorised by the department that These are ‘Nepal Social Studies’ Original post source supervises all school textbooks and published by Athrai Publications and Original post source Times Square jihadist says he is "guilty and 100 times more" by Robert (Hija del Zion para the Muslim people.” Times Square car bombing, saying he “we will be attacking U.S.”… Israel - Daughter of Zion for Faisal Shahzad (FY’-sul shah- wanted it known that unless the U.S. Posted by Robert on June 21, 2010 Israel) ZAHD’) defiantly made the statement stops attacking Muslim lands, “we 3:04 PM in federal court Monday as he will be attacking U.S.” | 1 Comment Submitted at 6/21/2010 3:04:58 PM pleaded guilty to a 10-count Faisal Shahzad, 30, entered the plea Print this entry Times Square jihadist says he is indictment charging him in the failed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan | Email this entry “guilty and 100 times more” And he bombing. just days after a federal grand jury | Digg this says he wanted to set off the bomb He also says he actually tried to set indicted him on 10 terrorism and | because the U.S. is “terrorizing the off three separate bombs in an SUV weapons counts, some of which | Muslim nations and the Muslim parked near a Broadway theater May carried mandatory life prison Hija del Zion para Israel Support people.” Now would be a perfect 1 to injure and kill people but that all sentences. Israel opportunity for ostensible three failed to ignite. The Bridgeport, Shahzad made the plea and an • ????? ???”? (?? ?????) 7 3/3 “moderates” like Honest Ibe Hooper Conn., resident was arrested two days accompanying statement as U.S. Messiah in the Tanach G Israel Harel and Brave Ahmed Rehab to explain later. District Judge Miriam Goldman explains how Yeshua (Jesus) has why they don’t believe that the U.S. Shahzad (FY’-sul shah-ZAHD’) said Cedarbaum began asking him a fulfilled the prophecies in the is terrorizing Muslim nations, and he was trained by the Pakistan lengthy series of questions to ensure TANACH ????? ???? ????? ??? ???? don’t think Muslims should be Taliban in Pakistan in late December he understood his rights. She did not ???? ?? ?????? ???"? ?? ?????... waging jihad against the U.S. Honest and early January before he returned immediately accept the plea. • Funny Bar Mitzvah Dance Mikey Ibe? Brave Ahmed? Anyone? to the United States in February to Cedarbaum asked Shahzad if he and Mom's Funny First Dance at his Anyone? build his bomb. understood he might spend the rest of Bar Mitzvah... “Times Square car bomb suspect Sentencing is Oct. 5. his life in prison. He said he did. • MASHINA ISRAELI BAND IN pleads guilty in NYC,” from AP, June THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS At one point, she asked him if he was RIO PART 1 OF 5 MASHINA 21: UPDATE. Check back soon for sure he wanted to plead guilty. ISRAELI BAND AT RIO DE NEW YORK – A Pakistan-born U.S. further information. AP’s earlier story He said he wanted “to plead guilty JANEIRO (CANECÃO) by citizen pleaded guilty to trying to is below. and 100 times more” to let the U.S. HABONIM DROR... bomb Times Square and says he is NEW YORK (AP) — A Pakistan- know that if it did not get out of Iraq “part of the answer to the U.S. born U.S. citizen pleaded guilty and Afghanistan, halt drone attacks Original post source terrorizing the Muslim nations and Monday to carrying out the failed and stop meddling in Muslim lands,
  4. 4. 4 FeedJournal Basic Obama’s Mineral Management Service knew that the Deepwater Horizon was going to blow in February by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/21/2010 4:37:00 PM The Transocean Ltd. Development Driller III platform, leased by BP Plc, works to drill a relief well at the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill site. Photographer: Derick E. Hingle/ Bloomberg BP Plc was struggling to seal cracks in its Macondo well as far back as February, more than two months before an explosion killed 11 and spewed oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It took 10 days to plug the first cracks, according to reports BP filed President Obama Finances Offshore with the Minerals Management Service that were later delivered to congressional investigators. Cracks in Drilling in Brazil – the surrounding rock continued to complicate the drilling operation during the ensuing weeks. Left by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del the old U.S.A.? The land of the sorta with Iran and Turkey. So we are unsealed, they can allow explosive Zion para Israel - Daughter of free and the home of the heavily investing to help an enemies natural gas to rush up the shaft. Zion for Israel) indebted has enormous offshore oil economy and not investing in our “Once they realized they had oil deposits, and last year ahead of the own? one might think that Obama down there, all the decisions they Submitted at 6/21/2010 8:40:00 PM November elections, with gasoline at wasn’t on America’s side. I hope the made were designed to get that oil at You read that headline correctly. $4 a gallon, Congress let a ban on interest to the loan to Brazil is tied to the lowest cost,” said Peter Galvin of Unfortunately, the Obama offshore drilling expire. the number of Israelis that die the Center for Biological Diversity, Administration is financing oil The Bush Administration’s five-year because of Obama’s policy of helping which has been working with exploration off Brazil. plan (2007-2012) to open the outer our enemies. Posted via web from congressional investigators probing The U.S. is going to lend billions of continental shelf to oil exploration noahdavidsimon’s posterous the disaster. “It’s been a doomed dollars to Brazil’s state-owned oil included new lease sales in the Gulf Hija del Zion para Israel Support voyage from the beginning.” via company, Petrobras, to finance of Mexico. But in 2007 Israel Posted via web from exploration of the huge offshore environmentalists went to court to • Germany: Fighting for Islamic noahdavidsimon’s posterous discovery in Brazil’s Tupi oil field in block drilling in Alaska and in April a enlightenment Germany: Fighting for Hija del Zion para Israel Support the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro. federal court ruled in their favor. In Islamic enlightenmentKelek, 52, a Israel Brazil’s planning minister confirmed May, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar German woman with Turkish roots, is • Feds: Synagogue Muslim Bomb that White House National Security said his department was unsure sitting in the cultural center in Achim, Suspect Wanted To Shoot President Adviser James Jones met this month whether that ruling applied only to a town near Bremen in northern “700 Times”[Excerpt: "If the with Brazilian officials to talk about Alaska or all offshore drilling. So it Germany. She has just finished a Muslims was to want the United the loan. asked an appeals court for rea... States down, they can do it. With the The U.S. Export-Import Bank tells us clarification. Late last month the • Israel could lose a major Muslim regular Muslims here, all somebody it has issued a “preliminary court said the earlier decision applied ally in Turkey By Ashish Kumar Sen has to do is give a good Fatwa commitment” letter to Petrobras in only to Alaska, opening the way for Israel stands to lose its main Muslim [religious edict] to the b... the amount of $2 billion and has the sale of leases in the Gulf. Mr. ally in the Middle East — Turkey — • Clinton lays wreath at Yad Vashem discussed with Brazil the possibility Salazar now says the sales will go over a recent raid on a flotilla bound Mar 3 - US Secretary of State Hillary of increasing that amount. Ex-Im forward on August 19. for the Gaza Strip in wh... ... Clinton lays a wreath at the memorial Bank says it has not decided whether This is progress, however slow. But • Report that Hamas robbed Gaza to the Holocaust in Jerusalem. the money will come in the form of a it still doesn’t allow the U.S. to bank (updated) Palestine Today Clinton is engaging in two days of direct loan or loan guarantees. Either explore in Alaska or along the East reports: Armed elements from Hamas direct Israeli-Palestinian... way, this corporate foreign aid may and West Coasts, which could be our today took control of a branch of the • Traveler’s Prayer by Rabbi Phyllis strike some readers as odd, given that equivalent of the Tupi oil fields, Bank of Palestine in the Rimal SommerOriginally posted on Ima on the U.S. Treasury seems desperate for which are set to make Brazil a neighborhood of Gaza City, and (and off) the Bima I am NOT a cash and Petrobras is one of the leading oil exporter. Americans are confiscated a million shekels.Local nervous flier. While I don't get to do largest corporations in the Americas. right to wonder why Mr. Obama is sources repo... it all that often, I do...... But look on the bright side. If underwriting in Brazil what he won’t President Obama has embraced allow at home. via Original post source Original post source offshore drilling in Brazil, why not in …and the irony is that Brazil is allied OBAMA’S continued from page 2 Tweet This Post Delicious Original post source Facebook Stumble It... • Weekly Parshah "Korach", The Book of Zohar, selected excerpts Lecturer: Rav Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-06-11Video: ENG 54.74MB Audio: ENG 9.75MB ...
  5. 5. FeedJournal Basic 5 Part 2: Writings of A prelude to war on Iran? Rabash vol.1, Shlavey by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del ha Sulam, page 110 Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion Submitted at 6/21/2010 6:03:00 PM for Israel) A prelude to war on Iran? Earlier, I Submitted at 6/21/2010 3:00:00 PM reported that at least twelve war ships crossed the Suez Canal into the Red Date: 2010-06-22 Sea on Friday. Eleven of those ships Video: ENG 48.08MB may have been American. And they Audio: ENG 8.57MB may be headed for war with Iran. Hija del Zion para Israel Support One day prior to the report on Israel Saturday, Voice of Israel government • International Film Festival returns radio reported that the Egyptian to Sderot President Shimon Peres and government denied an Israeli request Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal at the not to allow the Iranian flotilla to use opening of the 7th Cinema the Suez Canal to reach Gaza, in International Film Festival in Sderot violation of the Israeli sea embargo on Sunday June 1, 2008. The 7th on the Hamas-controlled area. Cinema International Film Festiv... International agreements require • Cayleigh Shabbat Shalom CB sings Egypt to keep the Suez open even for Shabbat Shalom by the Jewish warships, but the armada, led by the funkeymonkeys (Joshua Sitron)... The magazine’s website also bank Ma'ariv (Hebrew) reports that USS Truman with 5,000 sailors and • “Some 1,500 years ago, it was reported that the Iranian navy is the PA security forces arrested seven marines, was the largest in years. decided for an individual’s personal weakest part of its armed forces. men, five of them Hamas members, Egypt closed the canal to fishing and reasons that women should [be Tehran has already backed down who had created a rocket other boats as the armada moved secluded] and since then millions of from announced intentions to escort manufacturing facility near through the strategic passageway that Muslim women all over the world the Iranian ships with “volunteer Ramallah.One rocket which was connects the Red and Mediterranean have had to suffer it”"Some 1,500 marines” from the Iranian close to completion ... Seas. years ago, it was decided for an Revolutionary Guards. • Axelrod backpedals and lies Despite Egypt’s reported refusal to individual's personal reasons that The Iranian news site Axelrod backpedals and lies block the canal to Iranian boats, the women should [be secluded] and reported, “The move might be in Just when you thought you had seen clearance for the American-Israeli since then millions of Muslim women connection to U.S. self-inflicted all the chutzpa you could take from fleet may be a warning to Iran it may all over the wor... embargo against Iran aimed at the Obama administration, along face military opposition if the Iranian inspecting Iran bound ships for comes Obama th... Red Crescent ship continues on Original post source suspected goods related to the • Group work on the articles of Rav course to Gaza. country’s nuclear program.” Baruch Ashlag, Rabash, article 759 The warships may exercise the right Hmmm. "Klalut adam" ,page 1986 "Dargot to inspect the Iranian boat for the posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 4:03 sulam"(evening) Date: 2010-06- illegal transport or weapons. AM 21Video: ENG 59.92MB Audio: Newsweek reported that Egyptian Hija del Zion para Israel Support ENG 10.69MB ... authorities could stop the ship for Israel weeks, using technicalities such as • Ma’ariv: Hamas trying to Original post source requiring that any official documents manufacture Qassams in the West be translated from Farsi into Arabic. Most on Capitol Hill back Gaza ‘blockade’ by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del attack and we regret the loss of life Zion para Israel - Daughter of that resulted. Zion for Israel) What could go wrong? posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 2:12 Submitted at 6/21/2010 4:12:00 PM AM Most on Capitol Hill back Gaza Hija del Zion para Israel Support ‘blockade’ Vast majorities in both the Israel US House and Senate have signed • street party yom haatzmaut in neve onto a letter being sent to President tzedek 2009 was so much fun.. there Obama urging support for Israel’s were several hotspots with djs and we ‘blockade’ of Gaza (Hat Tip: danced for hours and hours - at some Memeorandum). point a couple of old school songs Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, came on.. was cool..... along with 83 other senators, have • Passover Haggadah [2009-0-31- signed the Senate version of the 295] Image taken on 2009-08-31 letter, which is backed by AIPAC; 13:32:11 by MagnesMuseum.... 298 members of the House have • Binyamin Netanyahu defiant ahead signed on. of meeting with Barack Obama Says the letter: Isareli PM refuses to bow to US of the measures is to protect Israel, forces were able to safely divert five We fully support Israel’s right to self demands and freeze building of while allowing humanitarian aid into of the six ships challenging the -defense. In response to thousands of settlements in East JerusalemThe Gaza. blockade. However, video footage rocket attacks on Israel from Hamas Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Late last month when Israel learned shows that the Israeli commandos terrorists in Gaza, Israel took steps to Netanyahu, came out fighting against that groups operating in Turkey who arrived on the sixth ship, which prevent items which could be used to American pressure to end construct... wanted to challenge its blockade of was owned by the Turkish support these attacks from reaching Gaza, Israel made every effort to Humanitarian Relief Foundation (the Gaza. Israel’s naval blockade, which Original post source ensure that all humanitarian aid IHH), were brutally attacked with is legal under international law, reached Gaza without needlessly iron rods, knives, and broken glass. allows Israel to keep dangerous goods precipitating a confrontation. Israeli They were forced to respond to that from entering Gaza by sea. The intent
  6. 6. 6 FeedJournal Basic A prelude to war on Iran? by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/21/2010 6:03:00 PM A prelude to war on Iran? Earlier, I reported that at least twelve war ships crossed the Suez Canal into the Red Sea on Friday. Eleven of those ships may have been American. And they New US-Israeli may be headed for war with Iran. One day prior to the report on Crisis Looms over Saturday, Voice of Israel government radio reported that the Egyptian Jerusalem Park government denied an Israeli request by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del not to allow the Iranian flotilla to use Zion para Israel - Daughter of the Suez Canal to reach Gaza, in Zion for Israel) violation of the Israeli sea embargo on the Hamas-controlled area. Submitted at 6/21/2010 8:35:00 PM International agreements require Another crisis between the Egypt to keep the Suez open even for Netanyahu and Obama warships, but the armada, led by the be translated from Farsi into Arabic. • Video: Israel deports aid activists to administrations looms over housing USS Truman with 5,000 sailors and The magazine’s website also Jordan Israel announces deportation in Jerusalem, this time because of marines, was the largest in years. reported that the Iranian navy is the of 682 activists seized in raid on the Jerusalem’s plan to wreck 22 illegally Egypt closed the canal to fishing and weakest part of its armed forces. Freedom Flotilla, and activists built Arab homes to make way for an other boats as the armada moved Tehran has already backed down arriving in Jordan begin telling their archaeological park. The Jerusalem through the strategic passageway that from announced intentions to escort story... municipality proposal also calls for connects the Red and Mediterranean the Iranian ships with “volunteer • Stop The Mosque At times it feels making legal 66 other Arab buildings Seas. marines” from the Iranian like we are watching a slow motion built without permits. Despite Egypt’s reported refusal to Revolutionary Guards. movie which ends with us being Another similarity between Ramat block the canal to Iranian boats, the The Iranian news site incapable of changing an unwelcome Shlomo and the park project is that clearance for the American-Israeli reported, “The move might be in outcome. Day in and day out both of them are a long time away fleet may be a warning to Iran it may connection to U.S. self-inflicted evidence appears which supports the from final approval. “This is a face military opposition if the Iranian embargo against Iran aimed at thesis that the O... preliminary planning procedure and it Red Crescent ship continues on inspecting Iran bound ships for • MASHINA IN RIO part 5 of 5, the still gives time, more than enough course to Gaza. suspected goods related to the best solo israeli music O time, for dialogue to continue The warships may exercise the right country’s nuclear program.” BATERISTA veio no final do show between the municipal authorities and to inspect the Iranian boat for the Hmmm. para arrebentar! Brought by Habonim residents of the neighborhood in the illegal transport or weapons. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 4:03 Dror... hope an agreed solution can be Newsweek reported that Egyptian AM found,” said Israeli government authorities could stop the ship for Hija del Zion para Israel Support Original post source weeks, using technicalities such as Israel NEW page 7 requiring that any official documents Boker tov, Boulder!: The Gradualism of Fareed Zakaria: Cushioning Our Descent into a Post- American World by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del • iPad Is Banned In Israel — Zion para Israel - Daughter of InformationWeek iPad teardown shot Zion for Israel) via FCC. (click for larger image and for full photo gallery) Israeli officials Submitted at 6/21/2010 8:15:00 PM told the Associated Press that the ban Nothing surprising here — “Post- was imposed because the... ... American,” and therefore willing to • Israeli Navy intercepts Aid Boat “live with” radical Islam as a “fact of Headed for Gaza A small ship that life,” Fareed Zakaria now takes up was en route to Gaza Strip from space in the Washington Post e Cyprus was intercepted by the Israeli xcusing Ahmadinejad (and taking the IDF Navy in Ashdod, Israel on opportunity to bash John McCain in Tuesday, June 30, 2009. The boat the process): was carrying medical supplies with... McCain reveals a startling ignorance • Si verias, sephardic song – ANYA about the Iranian regime when he Anna Jagielska ANYA Anna argues, as in his speech, that it been his large-scale spending on because of terrorist attack. It disgusts Jagielska with ensamble in concert of “spends its people’s precious social programs for the poor. me that this guy is allowed on TV and sephardic songs: "Lunas olvidadas" resources not on roads, or schools, or Let’s take this last sentence bit by considered impartial and objective for 27.09.08, Warsaw, Poland (the video hospitals, or jobs that benefit all bit. via an American audience. made by Maciej Szyma?ski)... Iranians — but on funding violent visit Boker Tov now for a visual Posted via web from groups of foreign extremists who analysis…. seriously. Using the word noahdavidsimon’s posterous Original post source murder the innocent.” While Tehran militant groups is insulting to anyone Hija del Zion para Israel Support does fund militant groups, one of the who knows someone who died Israel keys to Ahmadinejad’s popularity has
  7. 7. FeedJournal Basic 7 Israel agrees to ease Can’t Afford College? Gaza land blockade Pretend You’re Iraqi by paraisrael (Hija del Zion by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del para Israel - Daughter of Zion Zion para Israel - Daughter of for Israel) Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/21/2010 3:15:14 PM Submitted at 6/21/2010 4:41:00 PM by merdi via Israel agrees to ease Gaza land The Obama U.S. State Department is blockade spending hundreds of thousands of Israel agreed Thursday to ease its dollars to send at least 400 Iraqi three-year-old land blockade of the to Ease Gaza Blockade JERUSALEM students to college, beginning this Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, hoping to -- Israel will significantly ease its summer. The State Department quell international outrage over its bruising land blockade of the Gaza awarded grants to the Academy for deadly raid on a flotilla bound for the Strip on Wednesday, officials said, in Educational Development, which is Palestinian territory. an effort to blunt the w... funding the college education and all Read more on AP via Yahoo! News • Israel ready to ease Gaza blockade expenses for these Iraqis in America Why America Stores Bombs In Israel – Blair by merdi Israel ready to ease and 200 more Iraqis in Great Britain. generationThey are the generation by James Dunnigan June 20, 2010 Gaza blockade - Blair ISRAEL The money will also go to develop who protested in the 1960s and have Israel wants to buy more JDAM GPS agreed in principle to greatly ease its something called the Iraq Higher girded themselves ag... guided bombs from the United States. blockade of the Gaza Strip, allowing Education Advising Network and • ?????| sephardic prayers | ??? ???? Quantity was unspecified, but some in everyday goods while ensuring help Iraq to eventually send 10,000 sephardic synagogue prayers singing of the JDAMs headed for Israel won’t arms and military material s... Iraqi students to study abroad, all moroccan style nusach music. not on be owned by Israel, but by the United • Israel to ease Gaza siege by expenses paid. And don’t be shabat of course. after services.... States. This is because, starting last jaime.silva Israel to ease Gaza siege surprised if Americans are ultimately • Europe does its homework on Iran year, the U.S. began storing weapons Israel approved a plan to ease its stuck with the bill for the entire Europe does its homework on Iran and military equipment in Israel. blockade of the Gaza Strip after 10,000. Posted via web from Even if the Obama administration Read more on Strategy Page weeks of pressure. Read more on noahdavidsimon’s posterous isn't fed up with Iran yet, Europe Hija del Zion para Israel Support Germany blasts Israel Hija del Zion para Israel Support apparently is. Europe has prepared Israel block Germany h... Israel another r... • After Raid, Israel to Ease Gaza • Grey power for Gaza The key Blockade by Zoriah After Raid, Israel figures of the Free Gaza movement Original post source are all women of pensionable age, who came out of the 1960s protest Heat (1988) Overnight music video by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Israel by Yaakov Kirschen (Hija del Israel Zion para Israel - Daughter of • 70 Years Anniversary to Negba 70 Zion para Israel - Daughter of • Humanitarian narrative means no Zion for Israel) Years Anniversary to Negba was Zion for Israel) one sees Israel as a victim | Conor celebrated by Negba residents and Foley The desire for simplicity can Submitted at 6/21/2010 5:33:00 PM with the honor of the Israeli president Submitted at 6/21/2010 8:00:00 PM turn complex disputes over territory Overnight music video I can’t Mr Simon Peres on July 09 2009 .The Today is a special day. It’s the and sovereignty into simple tales of believe I found this so quickly. community was founded on 12 July Summer Solstice. And it’s the official good versus evilIt is too early to At the wedding tonight, this kid (who 1939 as ... start of Summer. The season of heat! judge the full political impact of has to be about 10-11 and is quite • Temple Mount (Jerusalem This Golden Oldie was done 22 Israel's grotesquely-named... well known here) got up and sang this model)_1357 Image taken on 2007- years ago. in 1988. Back then buses, • Dubai report Dubai Inspector song (which is from the prayer said 05-04 05:17:37 by hoyasmeg.... cabs, restaurants, living-rooms and Clouseau: We Found Killer's by many before putting on the talith • Paris: Bus attacks continue in Paris stores were not all air-conditioned. DNA!Police chief contacts various in the morning – I remember the song suburb Paris: Bus attacks continue in Back then we were grumpier. I countries in attempt to assemble being part of the Hasidic Song Paris suburbSee also: Sarkozy believe that the two facts are global team to pursue 26 alleged Festival in 5739-1979). His name is promises action after bus attack in connected. Sure we continue to killersDubai police chief Dahi Yonatan Sheinfeld. Hmmm. Paris suburbs and Sarkozy promises remark on the heat, but we do it in Khalfan Tamim announced F... Let’s go to the videotape. 'war without mercy' for Paris suburbs uncomfortably cool surroundings. • Another Chance There’s no such posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:33 For the fourth time in just... The other day, when I suggested to thing as defeat. There’s always AM the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) that another chance. To believe in defeat Hija del Zion para Israel Support Original post source we go out for dinner, she said “Wait, is to believe that there is something, a I’ll get a shawl!” Sitting in an Israeli certain point in time that did not restaurant in a summer heat wave can come from... be a chilling experience.-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since Original post source 1973 Hija del Zion para Israel Support NEW continued from page 6 spokesman Mark Regev via Posted via web from there are 29 days in the month 12:47:15 by Ahron de Leeuw.... via noahdavidsimon’s posterous recite... Hija del Zion para Israel Support • KKL PLANTINGS ON THE Original post source …but if the houses are illegal and Israel LANDS OF DESTROYED Jerusalem is still willing to negotiate • Psalms – Tehillim – Daily Portion PALESTINIAN VILLAGES Image with a criminal party then what is the – ????? Arranged and mostly written taken on 2009-02-10 14:02:39 by problem here? The Arabs will gain by King David (David HaMelech) Salon.Mazal.... legality in 44 homes because of the This video is the guide for the Daily • Jerusalem Mea Shearim posters park! Portion over a monthly period. If (Israel) Image taken on 2006-05-17
  8. 8. 8 FeedJournal Basic Israel’s feeling of isolation is becoming more pronounced by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/21/2010 6:32:00 PM A Palestinian girl waves a Lebanese flag during a rally in support of two Lebanese ships planning to sail to the Gaza Strip. (Mohammed Abed/ agence France-presse… Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Thanksgivings’ Day in Canada We know a knowledge of Thanksgivingsâ?? Day in United State.Today let us learn it in Canada. designs"Elegant and imaginative de... Thanksgiving is a statutory holiday in • Goldstone to attend grandson’s Bar most jurisdictions of Canada, with the Mitzva Goldstone to attend prov... grandson's Bar Mitzva • Tree of Life Pin from the Artazia A compromise has been reached that Collection #238 JP This beautiful and will allow South African judge funky tree of life pin is hand painted Richard Richard Goldstone to attend in a rainbow of radiant colors"Each h... tree is hand decorated with chains and found objects in fun, swirling Original post source Gaza-bound Boats – a Headache for Israel. – The Daily Beast by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/21/2010 8:33:00 PM With several ships bound for Gaza, more trouble may be brewing for Israel. Thanassis Cambanis on why Israel’s easing of the Gaza blockade isn’t enough. Crew… Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Snow After The Holocaust Image taken on 2005-12-05 12:56:18 by Tolka Rover.... • Leeds University: campus dispute 2010): Port, Lights, Olive Flowers, in microcosm | Henrietta Foster A Storm Two previous picture posts bitter row over free speech and [First] and [Second] on this blog antisemitism is an example of the Hazy dusk in Independence Park just ugly disputes over Israel affecting north of the Hilton. Looking north at Jewish studentsOn the face of it, the old Tel Aviv port is a mix of new Leeds student union looks much like upscale apartments, the... any other – torn posters a... • More Pictures of Tel Aviv (March Original post source