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Para israel 20072010

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Zion para Israel - Daughter of • Stop the blogging ambassadors | Zion for Israel) For previous postings about this of a Lebanese Shi'ite cleric.The above Oliver Miles The immediacy of social holiday please click on Tisha Be’Av.- tweet by Octavia Nasr referred to the media does not lend itself to the Submitted at 7/19/2010 8:00:00 PM Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Grand Ayato... measured nature of international Today is the holiday of “Tisha Strip Since 1973 • The Talmud of the Land of Israel, diplomacyThe French have an Be’Av”. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Volume 17: Sukkah (Chicago Studies expression for it: Il a manqué une Today’s Golden Oldie was done ten Israel in the History of Judaism) The belle occasion de se taire – "He (or, in years ago giving the date of “Tisha • Roy Greenslade: CNN fires Talmud of the Land of Israel, Volume this ... Be’Av” that year on the civil calendar journalist for Twitter message CNN 17: Sukkah (Chicago Studies in the …along with the observation that our International has fired one of its History of Judaism) Edited by the Original post source ancient holidays are as contemporary senior editors after she published a acclaimed scholar Jacob Neusner, this as the latest news. Twitter message lamenting the death thirty-five volume English translation
  2. 2. 2 FeedJournal Basic British is the New Un-British, Islam is the New British by Daniel Greenfield @ the feminism for that matter. Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion If wearing the Burqa is about dignity, para Israel - Daughter of Zion why don’t Muslim men wear it? The for Israel) Burqa exists because Islamic law labels all of a woman’s body Awrah, Submitted at 7/19/2010 8:11:00 PM which must therefore be covered. There’s a widow in sleepy Chester What is Awrah, you might ask. It Who weeps for her only son; means defect or disability. It’s also There’s a grave on the Pabeng River, used to mean women in general. You A grave that the Burmans shun; might get the idea that Muslims are And there’s Subadar Prag Tewarri not terribly fond of women from that, Who tells how the work was done. and you would be right. The Burqa is The Grave of the Hundred Head a portable curtain, for when a woman Rudyard Kipling has to go out of the house. It’s mobile That was then. This is now. And now Purdah, keeping her segregated from a Gurkha soldier from the 1st men. Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles, is But this isn’t really about feminism. facing charges for cutting off the head It’s about surrender. One of the of a Taliban commander, took the uncomfortable questions arising from head so it could be identified and left turning over Afghanistan to the the body behind. From Kipling’s Taliban, is the question of women’s Grave of the Hundred Head, as rights. The Taliban’s approach to retaliation for the killing of a single women’s rights was a bullet to the British soldier, we’ve gone over to head. Which means the question the British government being horribly requires a little bit of whitewashing, embarrassed because a Gurkha such as say describing the Burqa as soldier beheaded the corpse of a dignified clothing that women choose Muslim terrorist, from a group that to wear. Case in point… routinely beheads people while alive. For her security, she wears a burqa Why was this beheading such a — a different colored one each day terrible thing? — and she says she never takes the The incident is hugely embarrassing and today? For one thing, an election. An era in which the lives of soldiers same route to and from work. The to the British Army, which is trying And a new government. Which likely mattered more than showing respect woman says she is interested in peace to build bridges with local Afghan is why Richards has changed his tune to the body of an enemy terrorist. coming to Afghanistan, but isn’t sure communities who have spent decades in public quite this much. Richards is When you’re waiting for just the that a deal with the Taliban would under Taliban rule. also being echoed by Brigadier right moment to surrender to the mean real peace for her. But who exactly are the Brits trying Lowder, commander of the Scottish Taliban, you don’t want to blow the and to build bridges with here, that they Brigade, and Scotland’s most senior deal by beheading one of their She says some in the international would be so worked up over a soldier, who was even more blunt commanders after all. Why then they community are trying to forget how Taliban commander’s missing head? than Richards, saying openly that might refuse to accept your surrender. brutal the Taliban movement is With the Taliban of course. Who did negotiating with the Taliban would be They might even set stiffer terms for toward women, because they’re so you think? an exit strategy. (Not that this is a your surrender. The Russians got off impatient to reach a peace deal that While the American media is particularly surprising view from a with their own exit strategy from will allow their troops to come home. steadfastly ignoring anything coming commander who led troops in Basra, Afghanistan by giving up a whole Revisionism. What revisionism? out of the UK that doesn’t involve where Shiite terrorists were allowed load of military equipment to certain Damian Green and Caroline Spellman disgraced pop stars, burqas or BP– to take over, form death squads, and key figures in the Mujahadeen, who have you covered. The Burqa is all events are moving at their own pace kidnap British troops.) just happened to also become pivotal about giving women dignity, by under the Tory-Lib government. The entire thing is of course a commanders in the Taliban. It just refusing to treat them as human Britain’s new Chief of Defense Staff, charade, and has been for some time. happened to be one of those beings. So while 67 percent of General Sir David Richards, came out All the efforts to win over the Taliban coincidences that probably wasn’t a Britons support a ban on Burqas– and said that this whole war thing is have really accomplished is to give coincidence at all. What sort of government ministers insist that a hopeless, and we need to start them money to buy more weapons equipment will be left behind this Burqa ban would be “Un-British”. negotiating our surrender/withdrawal and recruit more fighters, via the 280 time and whose hands will it fall This naturally raises the question of with the Taliban. million dollar Peace and into? Probably not a question we whether a Burqa itself is British. “There’s always been a point at Reintegration Fund which attempts to want to ask at this point. Apparently nowadays the Burqa is which you start to negotiate with each bribe the Taliban into going back to Instead let’s turn away to another British. Banning the Burqa is un- other,” Gen Sir David said. In his civilian life. Meanwhile the Coalition issue of the head involving Muslims British. It is however French, Belgian “private view” there was “no reason of the Willing has been winning and the UK. Cameron’s Environment and possibly Spanish. why we shouldn’t be looking at that peace by providing payoffs to the Secretary, Caroline Spelman, has Surrendering to the Taliban is also sort of thing pretty soon,” he said. Taliban in order to avoid attacks. helpfully the citizenry, 67 percent of British. Beheading them however is His private view, being that of the And so we go back to that lone whom would like to see the Burqa not. British Army Chief, is of course not Gurkha who hadn’t gone the message banned, that it is actually very How do we make sense of all this? very private at all. The odd thing from the top on down that the war empowering. Where did Caroline Oh it’s rather simple. Being British is about it is that Richards was singing a was unwinnable, and that Britain’s pick up this novel lesson from? Why now Un-British. But being Un- completely different tune back in only hope lay in trying to bluff the from Afghanistan of course, the British, is British. Still confused? Do February, when he was claiming that Taliban into letting them leave with country most known for using the try to keep up. David Cameron we were on the verge of defeating the some dignity. Instead after three Burqa to empower women. explained this himself before he was Taliban. members of his unit were killed by But Mrs Spelman suggested that elected by people hoping for “The Taliban is now beginning to Talib Hussein, a Taliban who had wearing the burka could be seen as a something besides Labor, only to realise that they can lose this war, been posting as an Afghan soldier, feminist statement. She claimed that a discover that it was completely which was not the view they had a instead of risking his life trying to visit to Afghanistan had persuaded possible to vote for three different year ago. We have to reinforce the drag the entire body of a Taliban her that “the burka confers dignity”. parties, and end up with Labor view that they can, and will, be commander back while under fire– he Of course nothing says dignity like anyway. beaten.” took the head. But that soldier was being forced to wear a garbage bag What happened between February clearly operating in a different era. over your head, or be shot. Or BRITISH page 5
  3. 3. FeedJournal Basic 3 Israeli Activist Interrogated for ‘Hurting Shin Bet’s Feelings’ by Richard Silverstein (Hija del politics these days: going to talk to her. Rona said she was there herself and Zion para Israel - Daughter of Yesterday Rona from the Shabak Rona emphasized that there is a that stones were thrown at her, and Zion for Israel) called me and asked me to come talk Knesset bill that might soon make my that it war really unpleasant. She said to meet her in the police station on activities illegal. She went on and that the fact that Israelis are present Submitted at 7/19/2010 10:54:44 PM Dizengof st. (Tel Aviv). She refused tried to get me into a political debate, there makes the Palestinians more Yonatan Shapira to tell me what was it about, but made asking if I know that the BDS is in violent, and that I have to think how Israeli peace activist, Yonatan it clear I wasn’t going to be arrested, fact a Palestinian organization. the poor soldiers feel, and that all she Shapira has been a busy guy lately. and that this is just an acquaintance or Rona raised the issue of the graffiti is trying to do is for the good of the Recently returned from Warsaw, “a friendly talk”… in Warsaw and asked it was my own country and out of her will to defend where he spray-painted one of the last At five o’clock I got to the Dizengof idea or another part of the BDS. She the people living here. remaining vestiges of the Holocaust- police station and was sent to the asked if I understood that I crossed a I answered that all I do is out of a era ghetto wall with the slogan: “No second floor of the rear building, line and hurt many people’s feeling. will to defend the people living here more ghettos,” protesting the Gaza where a guy who presented himself as Obviously the Shabak feeling’s (were as well, and I asked where did she get siege, Shapira has also been regular Rona’s security guard waited for me. hurt) as well… I offered her again to all the information on my activities protestor at the Bilin anti-Wall I was taken to a room and subjected listen to interviews and read article on and whether they are listening to my (“something there is that does not like to a pretty intimate search to make the issue. She said she did listen and phone. She said that she can’t answer a Wall”) demonstrations, and is an sure I didn’t install any recording read, but she wanted to know more. I this, but that generally speaking the active supporter of the BDS device on my testicles. After I was told her I would be happy to give a Shabak has more important things to movement. Amid this flurry of found clean I was let into Rona’s public lecture to anyone who wants to do, so I asked her what I was doing activity, Yonatan has hurt the feelings room. She was a nice looking girl, hear, but not (talk about it) in a here and why was I invited to a kind of some in the Shin Bet. Apparently, apparently from a Yemeni origin, in Shabak interrogation. political interrogation if they have he’s been a bad boy and let the chevra her early thirties. Apart from the BDS issue she asked more important things to do. down, who expected more of him as a Rona told me that I she knew I was me if I knew that the demonstrations I asked again if they are listening to decorated IDF helicopter pilot. active in the BDS (movement) and in Bil’in and Ni’ilin are illegal, and my phone calls and Rona said she The secret police are so distressed (calling for) an economic boycott of that the entire area is closed for can’t answer that. that they “ invited” him to a Israel, and she wanted to know what Israelis and internationals each Friday She asked me not to publish the “friendly” discussion with an agent at else do I do as part of these activities. from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. She went content of our conversation because a Tel Aviv police station. Yonatan’s I told her that everything (that I do) is into length explaining how the she wasn’t the type who wants narration of his story is alternately well-known and published on the soldiers feel in these demonstrations publicity… I answered that as a funny and infuriating, which is the internet and in the media, and that I and that it irritates them when I talk only way you can describe Israeli have nothing to add, and that I wasn’t to them and when I answer them. ISRAELI page 4
  4. 4. 4 FeedJournal Basic ISRAELI continued from page 3 person committed to a non-violent couldn’t manage to prevent himself ourselves in the 1960s. • Shin Bet Abuses Secret Gag Order struggle against the occupation I from being recorded by his target. I Further, I was shocked that the Shin in Yet Another Arrest of Palestinian would talk and publish anything I guess Rona wanted to keep her job Bet would haul a suspect in for Activist Haaretz and other Israeli can, including the content of this and avoid the same fate. Rumor has questioning because their activities sites announced that a 20 year-old… conversation and future ones, if these it that Dada will be treated well and “upset” people. Again, I always • Israeli Peace Activist’s Head will be such. probably end up as a private security thought you needed a violation of law Slammed into IDF Jeep During Anti- I documented the entire conversation guard somewhere where he’ll be out to intrude upon a citizen’s life in the Wall Demonstration Haggai Matar is on a piece of paper until Rona started of the way and no longer embarrass way they did to Shapira. Apparently, an Israeli peace activist. Almost by discussing this paper and what I was the agency. in Israel pure pique can result in accident,… writing down. Eventually she Another astonishing aspect of this getting on the wrong side of the • Shin Bet Travel Ban Issued for confiscated the dangerous piece of interrogation which could never authorities. Another Israeli Palestinian Leader paper, claiming that I was not happen in the U.S. is that Shapira is The paranoia of the Shin Bet reminds The Shin Bet, in its continuing reign allowed to have any recording device essentially being warned that he will me a great deal of the COINTELPRO of oppression on… in, and that what I was doing was be prosecuted by the secret police if era of the 1960s, in which the FBI ran illegal. the Knesset passes a law roughshod over civil liberties because Related posts brought to you by Yet Luckily I remembered most of the criminalizing Israeli support for it truly believed that the Black Another Related Posts Plugin. conversation and Rona hasn’t BDS. This is an a priori warning that Panthers, SDS and others were a Hija del Zion para Israel Support confiscated my memory yet. Maybe his behavior will (they hope) become genuine threat to the Republic. This Israel (it will happen) in our next meeting. illegal and end with his prosecution. allowed them to bug, arrest, harass, • IDF and Shin Bet: Gang That Can’t That’s it. There might have been I was always under the impression threaten, beat and even kill activists Shoot Straight–or Read I don’t know more details but from what I get these that the secret police in a democracy mostly going about their perfectly whether to laugh or cry over Amira were the main issues. I understood enforced the laws on the books. I legal business. The difference Hass’ latest report in Haaretz that the that what they were after was our didn’t realize they could warn people between here and Israel is that we Shin Bet ordered the IDF to produce involvement in the BDS, and that that behavior that was perfectly legal have a constitution and checks and a Palestinian Arab named Za’arir they might even be preparing files for would shortly become illegal and balances that require accountability from the West Bank villag... the moment the new law is passed. subject them to arrest. And this from from every branch. There will • Why Does the Shin Bet Hate and Yonatan the Only Democracy in the Middle always be violations and Fear Ameer Makhoul? To my great A few notes and observations: in the East. overreaching by one branch or delight, Israeli bloggers, unlike their U.S. no one in their right mind in THe global BDS movement is an another. But the pendulum always journalistic counterparts, are defying Shapira’s shoes would willingly agree entirely legal and legitimate form of swings back to a more stable the Shin Bet’s gag order on reporting to an FBI meeting and certainly not protest against the Occupation. It equilibrium. This is what does not the secret arrest of Ameer Makhoul, without their lawyer. I don’t know does not threaten the Israeli State any happen in Israel. There is no check director of the Israeli Pales... what, if any consequences there more than the divestment movement on the Shin Bet–not judicial, not • ‘Yonatan Shapira, Make Me might’ve been for him if he’d threatened the South African state. political. They have carte blanche to Babies’ Enough doom and gloom. refused, but clearly the civil liberties- The last I checked there was still a haul pretty much anyone they like in Forget about useless proximity talks, free speech protections are South Africa. The only thing that for questioning. The only check on hooligan uber-Zionists, rabid settlers, considerably weaker in Israel. country lost was a racist, immoral their power, and it is a small one, is the Israel lobby foaming at the mouth Note the “intimate” body search political system that dispossessed its the media–or those in the media who over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Shapira experienced before he was majority and favored its minority. If are not in cahoots with them or who Instead enjoy some go... allowed to meet “Rona.” This surely the aims of the BDS movement are are not so cowed that they refuse to happened because Chaim Pearlman achieved Israel will not be destroyed. cross them. Related articles by Original post source managed to record 20 hours of audio It will be different. And last I Zemanta conversations with another Shin Bet checked it was perfectly legal to try • Israeli BDS activist’s account of “a agent, Dada, who incited him to to change the immoral nature of a friendly talk” with the Shin assassinate Sheikh Ra’ah Salah. A political system without mounting a Beit( well-informed Rotter member says coup against the government or that Dada has lost his job because he destroying the State. We did this Related posts: Nothing To Correct In Like a Seed: Tisha B’Av, 5770 This World – Kabbalah Moments – July 19, by LazerBeams (Hija del Zion strengthening our spiritual lives, the Israel para Israel - Daughter of Zion easier the transition to a more • Jewish Arts Institute #2 Image 2010 for Israel) spiritual world will be for each of us. taken on 2007-08-26 09:18:30 by Tisha B’Av is actually a beam of ElatChayyim.... by bbauthor (Hija del Zion para Submitted at 7/19/2010 5:01:00 PM light from within a dark cloud. Our • Hamas Refuses to Allow Flotilla Israel - Daughter of Zion for Like a Seed: Tisha B’Av, 5770 My lamentations are designed to connect Aid into Gaza Strip, 2 June 2010 « Israel) main lamentation on Tisha B’av 5770 us to Hashem in a greater bond. Just Israel Defense Force Spokesperson Submitted at 7/19/2010 3:43:10 PM is our nation as a whole hasn’t yet as a seed buried in the ground must As of right now, the State of Israel learned emuna and still trusts in flesh- rot and degenerate before it sprouts has loaded 20 trucks with various Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook and-blood. Israel therefore remains in into a beautiful, fruit-bearing tree, so types of aid found onboard the Stumble It the clutches of darkness, rather than are we, the Jewish people; for years, flotilla. Expired medication, clothing, Hija del Zion para Israel Support meriting the leadership of the our martyrs have been buried in blankets, some medical equipment Israel generation’s true tzaddikim, the ones sanctification of Hashem’s name. and toys were among the ... • Thus Man Exits Heaven – who lead us without any thought of Now, we see that any path we take • Reform Leadership Mission in Tel Kabbalah Moments – July 19, 2010 personal gain and amenities. If we all other than emuna leads to national Aviv ARZA, URJ, and WUPJ senior Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook really knew what we were lacking, decay. Now that we’ve been buried lay and professional leadership Stumble It... our eyelashes would fall out from so and everything around us (politics, experienced the fullness of our • At The Expense Of Others – many tears. The fact that our spiritual media, big business, and morality) is Reform Movement in Tel Aviv on Kabbalah Moments – July 19, 2010 awareness is so dull is all the more rotten, we shall soon sprout into the Friday June 18, 2010. What follows is Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook reason for crying, for this is the result People of Hashem and the generation from Rabbi Daniel...... Stumble It... of the Holy Temple’s destruction, of the the renewed Beit HaMikdash, • Pleasure In Order To Bestow – exile, diaspora, and assimilation. speedily and in our time, amen. Original post source Kabbalah Moments – July 19, 2010 Soon, G-d willing, Moshiach will end Have an easy fast and G-d bless. Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook all this. The more we prepare by Hija del Zion para Israel Support Stumble It... Original post source
  5. 5. FeedJournal Basic 5 BRITISH continued from page 2 Many British Asians see a society other hand, Muslim clerics are still many people.’ And the nation that pays it is lost!” that hardly inspires them to integrate. free to spew their hate and their He contrasted Britain’s attitude with …and the nation that pays it is lost. Indeed, they see aspects of modern disciples are free to jeer returning the active approach taken to Hija del Zion para Israel Support Britain which are a threat to the British soldiers. On the other hand the remembering the 2001 attacks in the Israel values they hold dear – values which English Defence League confronting US. • Purim Controversy Mendy, we should all hold dear. Asian them, is most Un-British. And official ‘The Americans had an independent Menachem & Mendel go head to families and communities are events for the 7/7 bombings are of inquiry. We can’t even get the head in this unique episode about incredibly strong and cohesive, and course most Un-British. Instead there inq-uests to run within a reasonable Purim Hamentashen.... have a sense of civic responsibility was the launch of a multicultural timetable,’ he said. Fifty-two people • The Egyptian Strategy for the Yom which puts the rest of us to shame. “Preventing Hate” campaign. died and more than 700 were injured Kippur War: An Analysis Product Not for the first time, I found myself Because as we all know, there’s no in 2005 when four Islamist extremists DescriptionThis volume examines the thinking that it is mainstream Britain better way to stop Islamic terrorism. detonated bombs on three Tube trains military strategy and issues that which needs to integrate more with A joint statement pledged they were and a bus. Egyptian war planners faced during the British Asian way of life, not the committed to promoting “a new sense Many survivors and families the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Of major other way around. of collective community gathered yesterday at the Hyde Park interest is the relationship between This was David Cameron back in responsibility” which has the power memorial, where floral tributes were the politica... 2007, when he discovered that “to curb all manifestations and laid. • Helen Thomas Should Go Back to Muslims didn’t need to become more expressions of hate crime”. A note from prime minister David Mordor or the Star Wars Cantina and British, but Britons needed to become So apparently 7/7 has been Cameron on one wreath said the Get Out of Reporting White House more Muslim. recategorized as a hate crime, in line victims ‘will never be forgotten’. press corps dean Helen Thomas — on And again… with scrawling graffiti on walls, or …when they already have been. But the day that the White House hosted a It’s another reminder that integration even worse, the day was hijacked to then remembering the dead was a Jewish Heritage Celebration, no less is a two-way street. If we want to promote yet more awareness of very British thing to do. And we — said that Jews who live in Israel remind ourselves of British values – “Islamophobia”. don’t do that anymore. We wear should “get the hell out of hospitality, tolerance and generosity Many said the lack of official Burqas. We surrender to terrorism. Palestine”... to name just three – there are plenty recognition was in direct contrast to We surrender. Period. of British Muslims ready to show us how America marks the 9/11 So let us allow Kipling a final word Original post source what those things really mean. anniversary. on the matter of Taliban heads and Which is the real idea here. Islam is Graham Foulkes, whose 22-year-old London Burqas, and the mindset the new British value system. The old son David was killed at the Edgware behind it, that one can buy peace and British value system is Un-British. Road bombing, said: ‘On the fifth security by paying in the cheap coin Burqas are in. A pint at the pub is out. anniv-ersary, the least the prime of your self-respect. The Union Jack is out. The Hezbollah minister could do is attend and lay a “We never pay any-one Dane-geld, and Hamas flags are in. Michael wreath. No matter how trifling the cost; Savage is still un-British and banned ‘This was a national attack and it’s For the end of that game is from entering the country. On the really disappointing. I know it’s upset oppression and shame, Germany opens suicide bomber hotline by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del needs to be fought.” Zion para Israel - Daughter of Well, at least they don’t feel the need Zion for Israel) to hide behind political correctness and pretend they need a hotline for all Submitted at 7/19/2010 10:50:00 PM religions. Maybe they could teach the Germany opens suicide bomber last several occupants of the White hotline Germany has opened a hotline House a thing or two. for Muslims who feel pressured to posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:50 become suicide bombers. AM A statement from the German Hija del Zion para Israel Support Federal Constitution Protection Israel Office said “the primary goal of • He’s never seen Israel like this He's HATIF is to prevent violence in the never seen Israel like this name of Islam.” I don't have the sense that most The hotline is called “HATIF,” Israelis are spending a lot of time which means “telephone” in Arabic, talking about Iran. If you listen to the and is a German acronym for Out of r... Terrorist and Islamic Fascism, • Rocket lands near Ashdod according to a Monday report by kindergarten Rocket barrages hit DPA. Israel as three-hour humanitarian The service is intended as an outlet Frankfurt-based IHH, the Fromm was quoted in Der Spiegel on pause takes effect. Rockets land in for Muslims who feel pressured into organization which funded the Gaza Sunday as saying the two groups have Ashdod, Sderot, Kiryat Malachi area, espousing extremist ideas, and flotilla that was boarded by Israeli “a similar picture of the enemy: Israel Eshkol Regional Council; several provides advice and help with gaining commandos, resulting in the deaths of and the Jews overall.” people suffer shock. Earl... qualifications, changing locations, nine Turkish citizens. He said that while neo-Nazis adhere • Steve Rambam’s Keynote Image and taking “appropriate measures” Heinz Fromm, the president of the to a racist anti-Semitism, Muslim taken on 2008-07-19 18:12:42 by Jeff against threats. German intelligence agency, said he extremists “are oriented toward the Howard.... The German government recently sees anti- Semitism in both right- Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” and that took a stand against Muslim wingers and Muslim extremists in both groups have the idea “that Israel Original post source extremism when it banned the Germany. and the Jews have undue power that
  6. 6. 6 FeedJournal Basic Machzor for Rosh Hashanah The (Hebrew and English Edition) Mishnah: An by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion sections All this in a clear new English and Contemporary Expositions (Artscroll Judaica Classics) (English and Introduction for Israel) Hebrew typesetting. Hebrew Edition) Orchos Chaim of by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Rating:(out of reviews) the Rosh: Rabbeinu Ashers Classic " para Israel - Daughter of Zion Submitted at 7/19/2010 11:40:07 PM List Price: $ 25.95 Paths od Life" with an Anthology of for Israel) Machzor for Rosh Hashanah Price: $ 19.49 Contemporary Expositions (Artscroll Submitted at 7/19/2010 11:20:10 PM (Hebrew and English Edition) Hija del Zion para Israel Support Judaica Classics) (English and Here`s the machzor that you`ve been Israel Hebrew Edition) Rating: (out The Mishnah: An Introduction waiting for! New clear typeset and • The Koren Classic Rosh Hashanah of... Drawing on his own recent easy to follow instructions. Some of Machzor: A Hebrew High Holiday • The Koren Classic Yom Kippur translation, Neusner introduces The the features include: Prayerbook, Ashkenaz (Hebrew Machzor: A Hebrew High Holiday Mishnah, the 2nd century classic * Shaded boxes indicate prayer Edition) Reviews The Koren Classic Prayerbook, Ashkenaz (Hebrew codification of oral Jewish law, changes for Shabbat Rosh Hashanah Machzor: A Hebrew Edition) The Koren Classic Yom explaining its internal logic and * Transliterated essentials, like High Holiday Prayerbook, Ashkenaz Kippur Machzor: A Hebrew High structure, and its relevance to modern Kaddish and Borchu, appear as (Hebrew Edition) The Koren Classic Holiday Prayerbook, Ashkenaz life. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., needed – no page flipping necessary Rosh HaShana Machzor is the (Hebrew Edition) The clear font, Portland, OR ( * Instructions for sitting, standing, clearest and most accurate Rosh clean graphic layout and elegant Rating:(out of 1 reviews) and other customs HaShana prayer b... design of The Koren Classic Yom List Price: $ 34.95 * English instructions appears on • Orchos Chaim of the Rosh: Kippur Machzor e... Price: $ 9.63 both the English and Hebrew pages Rabbeinu Ashers Classic ” Paths od Description of the full diagram of the * Headings identify major prayer Life” with an Anthology of last two lines of Mishna Yevamot 4:7 Image by seraphya Israel arrests Jewish extremist on Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Maimonides’ Introduction to His murder charges Commentary on the Mishnah Maimonides' Introduction to His Commentary on the Mishnah... by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Druze resident of the Israeli-occupied • 1967 War: Introduction – 4 June 07 para Israel - Daughter of Zion Golan Heights has been arrested for | about six day war At 7.10am on 5th for Israel) "security" offenses, police said on June 1967 Israel attacked Egypt. The Mond... fighting lasted barely 130 hours. Submitted at 7/19/2010 11:15:08 PM • Israel eases charges against alleged Thousands lost their lives, but the by Amir Farshad Ebrahimi Hizbullah spy by vad_levin Israel repercussions of the six day war have Israel arrests Jewish extremist on eases charges against alleged been bloodi... murder charges Read more on Israel National News Hizbullah spy OCCUPIED • Learn Mishnah Learn Mishnah JERUSALEM – An ultra-Orthodox Arrests in Israeli police officer JERUSALEM: An Arab-Israeli Introduces Mishnah, the oral law of Jewish extremist has been arrested on killing accused of passing information to Judaism received by Moses from God suspicion he murdered three JERUSALEM, July 19 (UPI) — Lebanon's Hizbullah has cut a plea at Mount Sinai. Rating: (out of Palestinians more than a decade ago. Israeli army and security forces said deal that will lessen the ch... reviews) List Price: $ 11.95 Read more on The Canadian Press they arrested a Hamas terror cell • Israel arrests Islamist MP for Price: $ 5.00 full di... via Yahoo! Canada News allegedly involved in the fatal refusing to leave Jerusalem by The News Briefs shooting of an Israeli policeman in U.S. National Archives Israel arrests Top US official explains record- June. Israel Defense Forces – Israel – Islamist MP for refusing to leave breaking aid: “Israel’s defense is top Hamas – Police officer – Police Jerusalem OCCUPIED US priority.” Speech seen as Read more on UPI JERUSALEM: Israeli police on transparent Obama call to pro-Israel Hija del Zion para Israel Support Wednesday arrested a recently freed voters. Top US official explains Israel Hamas MP for refusing to follow an... record-breaking aid: “Israel’s defense • Israel arrests Golan Druze man for is top US priority.” Speech seen as ’security’ crimes by merdi Israel transparent Obama call to pro-Israel arrests Golan Druze man for 'security' voters. crimes JERUSALEM (AFP) - A Islam Experts: Ground Zero ‘Mega Mosque’ Is Political Statement by Home (Hija del Zion para Several experts on Islam, including powerful political and religious poured liquor on their whole body. Israel - Daughter of Zion for the Son of Hamas author, are statement.” The girls were absolutely scared and Israel) opposed to the idea of building a Hija del Zion para Israel Support unable to resist. The girls... “mega mosque” near Ground Zero Israel • VIDEO: U.S. Muslim Group Seeks Submitted at 7/19/2010 10:29:47 PM because they say the motivation is • VIDEO: Three surprising things Islamic Domination[Video [Excerpt: "So this particular location, political not reconciliation. you probably didn’t know about Description Excerpt: "For most or the closest they can get to it, is the “Why was this particular site Islam.[Excerpt from Video Americans, July is a time to celebrate attempt to establish a historical selected? Because the need for a Description: This subject WILL their country's freedom and marker for the visible progress of $100 million mosque is so great? affect you in the near future, so take independence. But one radical Islam worldwide, because it was with Because 45-47 Park Place is the only the chance to inform yourself now - Islamic group will do the opposite that event that they established place left in Manhattan to put a before it does."] YouTube July 19, this month at a... themselves in the eyes of the world as mosque?” posed Mosab Hassan 2010 uploaded by TheW... legitimate victims of the West.”] Yousef, author of the bestselling • India: Jihadis rape and torture three Original post source The Christian Post book Son of Hamas, on his blog teenage Hindu girls[Excerpt: "The July 20, 2010 Friday. Muslim boys snatched the scarves by Michelle A. Vu “No. Because it will make a (dupatta) of the 3 Hindu girls and
  7. 7. FeedJournal Basic 7 Jewish Weddings Hits by paraisrael (Hija del Zion 15 tracks especially suitable for para Israel - Daughter of Zion rejoicing celebrations like weddings, for Israel) birthdays, bar mitzvahs and more! Most of the tracks are instrumental, Submitted at 7/19/2010 7:20:07 PM but a few... Jewish Weddings Hits • Jewish Weddings | about jewish This compilation contains 15 tracks wedding by moshebar Jewish especially suitable for rejoicing Weddings .It was common, celebrations like weddings, birthdays, in the past, for Jewish marriages to be bar mitzvahs and more! Most of the arranged by the parents, with the help tracks are instrumental, but a few of a match-maker, known as a Yenta, feature vocal performances from the likes of Eitan Masuri, Duo Reim, Guiora Feidman, Ami Shavit and and in some Orthodox co... • Photographing Jewish Weddings: A Complete Handbook for Washing Shmuel Achiezer. Rating:(out of reviews) List Price: $ 16.98 surprise – a spiritual, joyous, fun, and lively celebration. From Notowitz Video Productions in Los Angeles – Professionals Product DescriptionA guide to the culture and traditions of Judaic ceremonies and receptions, hands – Price: $ 11.31 Orthodox Jewish Wedding Image by kristaguenin corporate videos, fundraising videos, weddings, and web streaming. Enjoy! Video Rating: 4 / 5 this study offers photographers insight and advice for targeting and capturing Jewish weddings. Time l... judaica Visit us at or Hija del Zion para Israel Support by paraisrael (Hija del Zion http . Bring your kleenex! If you have Israel para Israel - Daughter of Zion never seen a traditional orthodox • Jewish Weddings Hits Album for Israel) Washing hands WASHING page 8 Jewish wedding, you are in for a DescriptionThis compilation contains Metallic Sukkah Metempirica Judaica: Decoration Ball Kit The beginning and end #D102 of days by paraisrael (Hija del Zion by paraisrael (Hija del Zion TRAIN" 13 CM Rating: (out of para Israel - Daughter of Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion reviews) List Price: Price: $ for Israel) for Israel) 14.50 ... • Konfrontation und Koexistenz: Zur Submitted at 7/19/2010 11:45:08 PM Submitted at 7/19/2010 11:10:06 PM Geschichte des deutschen Judentums Metallic Sukkah Decoration Ball Kit Metempirica Judaica: The beginning (Campus Judaica) (German Edition) #D102 and end of days Konfrontation und Koexistenz: Zur Rating:(out of reviews) Rating:(out of reviews) Geschichte des deutschen Judentums List Price: List Price: (Campus Judaica) (German Edition) Price: Price: An Elegant Composition Rating: (out of reviews) List The Wesleyan University Sukkah, Concerning Relief after Adversity Price: Price: Judaica amulets... October 2009. Video by Lauren (Yale Judaica Series) • Blessing for Home – judaica Valentino ‘10. For more information, Rating:(out of reviews) Blessing for Home Blessing for please visit List Price: $ 47.00 Home in English 10.5" engraved Video Rating: 4 / 5 • Sukkah Sukkah Rating: (out of Price: $ 29.70 stone Blessing for Home in English Related Sukkah Products reviews) List Price: Price: $ 0.89 Hija del Zion para Israel Support Rating: (out of reviews) List Hija del Zion para Israel Support Inner-city Muslim Action Network Israel Price: Price: $ 32.99 ... Israel and Jewish Council on Urban Affairs • Washing hands – judaica Washing • The Talmud of the Land of Israel, combined yo... hands WASH CUP "MITZVAH Volume 17: Sukkah (Chicago Studies • Tamar’s Sukkah Tamar's Sukkah TRAIN WASH CUP "MITZVAH in the History of Judaism) The Something's missing, Tamar decides, Talmud of the Land of Israel, Volume as she studies her family's sukkah. It 17: Sukkah (Chicago Studies in the takes a lot of friends -- each one a History of Judaism) Edited by the little bigger -- to add the acclaimed scholar Jacob Neusner, this decorations, furnishings, and snacks... thirty-five volume English translation of the T... Hamas bans women from smoking water pipes by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Let’s go to the videotape. The largest Gay Pride parade in the ????? / Pithu Li (?????? Moroccan) Zion para Israel - Daughter of posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 9:57 world disinvited the Israeli contingent Moroccan Daily Halakha La Halakha Zion for Israel) AM beca... Marocaine Quotidienne Hija del Zion para Israel Support • Russia trying to tie US hands on nz"y Ribi Submitted at 7/19/2010 11:57:00 PM Israel Iran Russia trying to tie US hands on David Kadoch s"t... Hamas bans women from smoking • Spanish Gay Pride Parade bans Iran Russian Foreign water pipes Hamas has banned Israeli Delegation An article at Ynet Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on Original post source women from smoking water pipes. illuminates the combination of the United States not to take any But of course, al-AP has to stick in a insanity and cowardice that now 'unilateral actions... dig against Israel. animates much of the Western “left.” • Sukkot ????? – Sukka veLulav ????
  8. 8. 8 FeedJournal Basic WASHING continued from page 7 reviews) List Price: Price: An Best Break Fast Dish • WASH CUP “MITZVAH TRAIN Elegant Composition Concerning by Kosher Food the dedication of a synagogue that Relief after Adversity (Yale Judaic... (Hija del Zion para Israel - symbolizes... WASH CUP “MITZVAH TRAIN” • Konfrontation und Koexistenz: Zur Daughter of Zion for Israel) • Latest Latma Has some cute 13 CM Geschichte des deutschen Judentums moments, especially the intro, but the Submitted at 7/19/2010 7:58:10 PM featured soccer skit must have had Rating:(out of reviews) (Campus Judaica) (German Edition) List Price: Konfrontation und Koexistenz: Zur Tzom Kal(easy fast) to those fasting too many inside jokes for me: ... Price: $ 14.50 Geschichte des deutschen Judentums for Tisha B’Av today. My favorite • Gaza flotilla raid: Joe Biden asks Hija del Zion para Israel Support (Campus Judaica) (German Edition) break-the-fast dish is this Easy Egg ‘So what’s the big deal here?’ | Israel Rating: (out of reviews) List Souffle Richard Adams Joe Biden publicly • Judaica Art Work – The Noah Ark Price: Price: Judaica amulets... Hija del Zion para Israel Support defends Israel's actions over Gaza -Hand washing cup Hand made in Israel flotilla raid, says Israel 'has a right to Silver Sterling 925, One of a kind, • Netanyahu criticized for skipping know' if arms were smuggledUS Vice Dsigned by: Samuel Mauriciu and Churva re-dedication Netanyahu President Joe Biden has offered the Luvaton Itzhak... criticized for skipping Churva re- Obama administration's strongest... • Metempirica Judaica: The dedication Israel's beginning and end of days Prime Minister should be present at Original post source Metempirica Judaica: The beginning and end of days Rating: (out of Envoy: Israel Israel: Anti-Rocket threatened by efforts to System Is Ready for delegitimize Deployment by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Submitted at 7/19/2010 5:48:00 PM Israel) ASSOCIATED PRESS Israel’s Submitted at 7/19/2010 9:10:00 PM outgoing UN ambassador, Gabriela By AP A system that can shoot down Shalev (left, in 2008) says the most approaching rockets has passed its significant threat to her country is not last tests and will be ready for Iran’s belligerence but… deployment by November outside Hija del Zion para Israel Support Sderot, near the Gaza bord… Israel Hija del Zion para Israel Support • Part 2: Article "What Does “Love Israel Thy Friend as Thyself” Give Us?" • Krauthammer on Obama’s (Rav Baruch Ashlag), 1984 Lecturer: Orwellian National Security Strategy Rav Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-06- Shepherd) From Robin Shepherd Krauthammer on Obama's Orwellian 18Video: ENG 51.15MB Audio: Online:...[C]onsider the response to National Security Strategy from settlers ... ENG 9.18MB ... the Palestinian Authority’s decision Here's Charles Krauthammer on • Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem to • FSU law professors to speak out last week to celebrate the worst President Obama's Orwellian the rescue against Raptors – Israel against free speech FSU law terrorist atrocity ever perpetrated National Security Strategy.... G… Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem to professors to speak out against free inside Israel (the 1978 bus massacr... • Zionist pigs attack yet again! the rescue against Raptors Udonis s p e e c h Palestine Press Agency reports on yet Haslem comes in late to replace an . . . Original post source another attack of wild boars on the ineffective Michael Beasley, teaming • The real censorship (Robin fields of the residents of Salfit - and with Dwyane Wade to give... ... their utter conviction that Jewish settlers are behind this evil. Pigs Original post source Thus Man Exits Heaven – Kabbalah Moments – July 19, 2010 by bbauthor (Hija del Zion para Stumble It... Israel - Daughter of Zion for • At The Expense Of Others – Israel) Kabbalah Moments – July 19, 2010 Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook Submitted at 7/19/2010 3:44:04 PM Stumble It... Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook • Pleasure In Order To Bestow – Stumble It Kabbalah Moments – July 19, 2010 Hija del Zion para Israel Support Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook Israel Stumble It... • Nothing To Correct In This World – Kabbalah Moments – July 19, 2010 Original post source Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook