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Para israel 12072010

  1. 1. FeedJournal Basic 7/11/2010 at 4:11:56 PM - 7/12/2010 at 7:41:16 AM The Way of the Cuckoo by Daniel Greenfield @ the Similarly the human cuckoos succeed with their own language, religion and Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion they exploit our own altruistic and values– then they’re acting as para Israel - Daughter of Zion nurturing feelings. Which prevent us cuckoo’s eggs. And the end result of for Israel) from breaking the cycle. The siren the cuckoo’s eggs hatching is the song of immigration remains a deeply death of the parent species. Submitted at 7/11/2010 8:41:00 PM appealing one for socialists whose Immigration is the process by which The common cuckoo has a very economic models can only be eggs are placed in the nest of another simple reproductive strategy. It lays balanced out by a surplus of new country. If the chicks in the new eggs its eggs in the nests of other birds, workers to replace an aging tax base can coexist and cooperate with the which then drive out the chicks of that has come to view socialism’s old, then the nation will be that bird’s own species. Instead the entitlements as a fundamental right. perpetuate. On the other hand if they bird raises the cuckoo’s young as its And of course overturning the social try to kill the chicks of the existing own. The name for this sort of order has always been a political species and dominate then nest, then behavior is brood parasitism. Which boon for the left, which cultivates immigration becomes brood is a name that we should be very outsiders as a weapon against parasitism. Which if left unchecked familiar with as our society has fallen insiders. But none of this could will destroy the parent species. victim to it. succeed without public acceptance. That is the crisis that much of the Take the case of Arizona. Or so Without millions of people willing to civilized world faces today as their many other US states which are going be convinced that raising cuckoo’s population is being replaced by the bankrupt trying to cover the health eggs is their highest moral duty. population from countries whose cuckoos, from eggs that their own care and services of illegal aliens and To do this, like the birds whose nests populations live lives that are as social systems have sat on, warmed other members of the Democratic fall prey to the cuckoo’s eggs, they constrained and backward as any and hatched. A false sense of altruism party base. Then think about the must play on natural human instincts. feudal despotism. serves as the misplaced instinct small bird on the side trying to feed And the liberal tool for this has This brings us to the perversion of dooming these countries, even as the massive young of another species, always been the promotion of a non- immigration. Emma Lazarus’ famous cynical lefty politicians exploit the who has already murdered its own reciprocal borderless altruism, which poem inscribed on the pedestal of the cuckoo’s eggs for a short term voting children. Or consider Europe, where you may know by its more popular Statue of Liberty is commonly used base and solution to socialism’s the cuckoo’s eggs of the Muslim brand name of “Think Globally, Act in the veneration of immigration. But shortfalls, while the long term is still world are hatching with the full Locally.” Promoting altruism within a this is done without paying very Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood. benefits of a socialist system paid for society of course is very different much attention to the actual words. Birds who wish to survive drive off by the very generation most directly than promoting limitless altruism. “A mighty woman with a torch, the cuckoos before they can lay their victimized by them. Within a society, altruism serves as a whose flame eggs in their nests. And if not, they This is the Way of the Cuckoo. It is social glue binding people together. It Is the imprisoned lightning, and her toss those eggs out before they hatch. the way of the Muslim world, whose discourages excessive name If they fail to do this, then their social stratification and heavy monopolization of wealth by the rich Mother of Exiles. species will have to make way for the corruption leads to societies with and encourages people to see each Keep ancient lands, your storied cuckoos. limited room for advancement, even other as brothers and sisters. However pomp!” cries she Hija del Zion para Israel Support as its population continues to boom when applied globally by a nation, With silent lips. “Give me your tired, Israel thanks to Western medicine and particularly toward a globe that is not your poor, • Merkel takes her views to Turkey, Islamic religion. The Muslim world willing to reciprocate, it will destroy Your huddled masses yearning to returns with Erdogans…. Merkel exports that population to the West, that nation. What you get is the Way breathe free takes her views to Turkey, returns where taxpayers fund their of the Cuckoo, which takes but The key phrase here is “ yearning to with Erdogans….by sheikyermami on reproduction and raise their young. doesn’t give anything in return. breathe free“. Immigration only March 30, 2010Conversion is next, Only to have those same young Liberalism elevates altruism, because works when the people immigrating by the looks of it…. What, no murder them. And much like the it is a useful tool against the upper want to do so in order to gain hijab?Islamist would-be caliph cuckoo’s victims, rather than learn class, and because it is hostile to the freedom by it. Not when they want to Tayyip Erdogan mu... our lesson, we just keep repeating the monopolization of money, but not continue living as they did before. • Kashrut Tefillin Tzitzit: Studies in process over and over again. power. This allows the left to Then they are simply a conquering the Purpose and Meaning of Whether it’s Mexico, whose monopolize power by encouraging demographic army because rather Symbolic Mitzvot Inspired by the economy is built on money sent home the redistribution of wealth. But than participating in an open system, Commentaries of Rabbi Samson by illegal aliens working American money is simply the power to employ they will try to close it down to suit Raphael Hirsch Product jobs, or Europe, where the Muslim energy. It is not money that is at the their own culture and expectations. DescriptionAlthough many cuckoos go to bed listening to the root of all evil, but power. That again is the cuckoo problem. contemporary committed Jews discordant music of Islamist Specifically power over others. Yet Immigration enriched America only practice these rituals, many admit that preachers, or Israel, where the while the left champions the so long as those coming aboard there is little understanding, descendants of Egyptian and Syrian redistribution of wealth, it does this wanted a society in which they could relevance, or meaning experienced in guest workers attracted by the post by enforcing the centralization of have more advancement and their observance because of... WW1 boom under the British are power. The natural outcome of this is opportunities than they could enjoy in • Retreat, Sephardic Synagogue, being paid to have more children by to reverse the social and political their old one. When people who only Padua Image taken on 2007-07-01 the Israeli government even as they gains made through the elevation of a want a government that covers all 03:21:30 by colros.... chant “Death to Israel”– the problem mercantile middle class, while their needs and prevents anyone from of the cuckoo can be seen everywhere creating a new feudalism based on criticizing their beliefs, then they Original post source in the civilized world. economic control, rather than religion aren’t yearning to breathe free. When The cuckoo succeeds because its and the divine right of kings. And additionally they want to tear down treachery takes advantage of the what better accessory to a new the society that exists and replace it nutritive instincts of other birds. feudalism than by importing a
  2. 2. 2 FeedJournal Basic Read Uncensored Jerusalem Post Story on Top Secret Israeli Nuclear Base by Richard Silverstein (Hija del Israeli source who did a good deal of That information is in my earlier post. of the top secret Air Force base Sdot Zion para Israel - Daughter of the detective work. In fact, the Post The fact that the censored material is HaElla base to upload photos and Zion for Israel) article specifically notes that it had widely available online should videos of their shared experiences on been “heavily” censored by the IDF indicate to you how ludicrous is the base, and has attracted 265 Submitted at 7/11/2010 5:08:50 PM military censor. Israeli censorship. All any Israeli or members. Each shelter measures 10 x 30 When I published a link to my post any spy seeking to do damage to Sdot HaElla (Ella Fields), also meters (35 x 90 feet). These are long at the Israeli Fresh military forum, I Israel would have to do is to know known in the Israeli military as Kanaf enough to accomodate both the also received a firestorm of invective English and know how to do a 2, Sdot Micha and Beit Zachariah, is Jericho I and II missiles for my chutzpah in thinking I knew Google search to find this material. an Israeli Air Force base located 28 I recently wrote a post about a secret anything at all about either this base Unfortunately, Israelis are not miles south of Tel Aviv near the Israeli nuclear base whose veterans or the IDF in general. Everything deemed mature enough or intelligent towns of Sdot Micha and Zachariah. had somewhat indiscreetly from my sources to my political enough to be trusted with the same The group, named after the base, is established a Facebook group which views were either made a information. accessible to anyone surfing the Web was, at one time, open for public laughingstock or lied about. But now I’m including below all the censored and is advertised using the Hebrew access. A Yediot Achronot reporter I’ve come into possession of the passages (in italics) and some expression “There things hidden from asked to Friend the group and was original, uncensored version of the interesting material that IS included us, which we will never know or accepted though he was not a base Post article and it confirms in the Post’s published version: understand.” veteran. He wrote a story about everything I wrote in my post. In Israel’s top secret base exposed on “Give respect,” the group’s “Israel’s most secret military base–on fact, many of the censored passages Facebook description reads. “The group with Facebook.” It raised a stink and the seem to have been sourced from the By BENJAMIN JOFFE-WALT | the most quality serving people on group founder, somewhat chastened, Global Security website, an THE MEDIA LINE Facebook.” changed the privacy settings so non- authoritative source I used and linked Israeli soldiers who served at one of To see any further content, and the members could not access it. to in preparing my own post. The the country’s most secretive bases, list of 265 members, a visitor must But neither the Yediot reporter nor Post article does NOT include any believed to house a significant request to join the group and be Benjamin Joffe-Walt, a Jerusalem information about Jericho III portion of the Jewish state’s approved by its administrators. Post-Media Line writer who also missiles, which were deployed at undeclared nuclear arsenal, have set A reporter for the Israeli daily wrote a story, could name the base or Sdot Micha (Beit Zechariah) in 2008 up a group on the social networking Yedioth Aharonot was accepted to discuss in any detail its purpose. That and have a far greater range of site Facebook. READ page 3 was left to me through the help of an 11,000km (roughly 7,000 miles). The Facebook group allows veterans
  3. 3. FeedJournal Basic 3 READ continued from page 2 the group without his identity being along the Sorek River. …The Israeli Army, as well as the Alan Dershowitz had published a cross checked against a list of base The airspace above Sedot Micha and Israeli Military Police, did not return Huffington… veterans. He copied a number of the the surrounding area is closed to a request for comment on this • Jerusalem Post, Australian Zionists posts on the group’s wall. commercial air traffic. article….”The reality is that you can Dump Chazan Haaretz reports that “Guys, we were privileged to get to Much of the publicly available go on Facebook and find pictures of the Israeli rightist Jerusalem Post has be in this fantastic place,” wrote one intelligence on the base depends on almost any base in the country, dumped… member. “Keep in touch and protect satellite photos taken in 2002 by the including the Kirya,” he said, the secret.” commercial satellite Ikonos, as well referring to the Israeli army’s Related posts brought to you by Yet …The Sdot HaElla base is home to as photos from the American spy headquarters in Tel Aviv. “So this is a Another Related Posts Plugin. the 150th, 199th and 248th squadrons satellite Corona, and released by the problem that the army is very aware Hija del Zion para Israel Support and is believed to be equipped with CIA after the Federation of American of and has a hard time dealing with, Israel nuclear-tipped Jericho ballistic Scientists used the United States’ but they are trying to find a solution.” • Facebook Offers Furtive Peek at missiles. The base is located just Freedom of Information Act to win “In this case, it’s quite foolish what Israel’s Nuclear Mysteries Israel south of the Sorek River between access to them. they did,” he continued. “These are maintains a studied ambiguity about Kiriat-Gat and Beit-Shemesh, a few Commercial satellite imagery of soldiers who are meant to be a bit its nuclear capability that is only miles southwest of the Tel Nof Air almost any point on the planet can be more aware of the issue of unmasked in rare instances of candor Base, which a number of military purchased on the open market. information security.” like that of Ehud Olmert when he was analysts have also alleged is a storage However, Israel has convinced the Soldiers from Sayeret 13, the unit prime minister and admitted it site for Israeli nuclear weapons. US and Russia to use a special patch that was involved in Israeli assault on possessed WMD. ... Built in a limestone region, an that prevents American and Russian the Gaza-bound flotilla, were recently • Shin Bet Chief: Our ‘Enemies extensive network of tunnels and companies from selling satellite ordered to close their Facebook Dream of Getting Their Hands On’ hollowed out emplacements at Sdot images of Israel at a resolution of less accounts. Documents Kam Leaked, and Other HaElla are believed to house a than two feet, meaning close-up …While Israel has a policy of neither Lies You gotta hand it to Yuval number of nuclear-tipped missiles. satellite photography of Israel often confirming nor denying its possession Diskin. All of Israel has grown, a defense analysis seems blurred. of a nuclear arsenal, it is widely weary of the Shin Bet’s three-ring firm, estimates that the base has 23 to Speaking on the condition of believed that the country has over 200 gag order circus. The Supreme Court 50 hardened missile shelters capable anonymity for fear of retribution, an ready-to-launch nuclear warheads. was even writing notes asking what of supporting operational Jericho-2 Israeli soldier intimately involved in The US has put mild but increasing was the be gained by this l... missiles, which have a range of at the army’s cyber operations said the pressure on Israel to sign the Nuclear • Bibi Demands Palestinian least 1,500 kms. A Jericho-2 was test group is one example of many serious Non-Proliferation Treaty, a request Confidence Building Measure, fired from the base in December security breaches by Israeli soldiers the Jewish state has so far refused. Approving Israeli Impunity I was 1990, just before the Gulf War. in online social networks. US President Barack Obama has reading a rather mundane Haaretz The base also may hold a series of “It’s a security failure and they made publicly supported a push for a diplomatic report about the results of Jericho-1 missiles, which were a big mistake,” the soldier told The Middle East free of weapons of mass the last Obama-Netanyahu meeting. developed in the 1960s and have a Media Line. “There is a reason why destruction, but he has predicated One of the foci of the article was the range of over 450 kms, although it is this base is a secret and this will such an initiative on a comprehensive confidence building measures Obama possible these missiles have been undoubtedly cause harm, allowing peace agreement that will make Israel expects of Is... decommissioned. Israel’s enemies to get important feel secure in the region. Sdot HaElla also houses extensive information and use it to attack Related posts: Original post source munitions, likely as a support for the Israel.” • Facebook Offers Furtive Peek at nearby Tel Nof base. The two bases Not only did they set up a group, Israel’s Nuclear Mysteries Israel are rumored to be connected by they used the official, public name of maintains a studied ambiguity about underground tunnels. There are also the base, rather than the secret name its nuclear capability that… rumors that the base is connected to a or some code, and they setup the • The Beat Goes On: Dershowitz missile factory in Beer Yaakov by a group publicly, rather than by Slanders Me in Jerusalem Post Too, secret, underground railroad running invitation only,” they said. Ghouls Rejoice Recently, I wrote that Part 4: Introduction to Iranian police rape and murder the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot, item 17 woman for "bad hijab" lesson 13 by Robert (Hija del Zion para of the Basij forces, the Basij member | by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion Israel - Daughter of Zion for who initially stopped her jumped into | para Israel - Daughter of Zion Israel) her car and threatened her with a gun. Hija del Zion para Israel Support for Israel) Two other Basij members joined in Israel Submitted at 7/11/2010 4:11:56 PM Submitted at 7/11/2010 10:00:45 PM and beat and raper [sic] her. They • Part 1: The Book of Zohar – Iranian police rape and murder murdered Babazadeh and dumped her Selections, chapter "Toldot", item Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman woman for “bad hijab” Sharia Alert body close to Emamiyeh cemetery. 106, lesson 5 Lecturer: Rav Michael Date: 2010-07-12 from the Islamic Republic of Iran: After local investigation was LaitmanDate: 2010-03-03Text: ENG Audio: ENG 9.28MB “26 Year Old Woman Raped and conducted by HRANA members in 0.29MB... Hija del Zion para Israel Support Murdered by Basij Members for ‘Bad Tabriz, it was confirmed at • Krauthammer: Iran is not isolated Israel Hijab,” from Persian2English, July 11 Babazadeh’s funeral that the person Krauthammer: Iran is not isolated • The NPT: A status quo that’s 40 (thanks to Pamela Geller): who killed her was the son of a high- Shavua tov, a good week to everyone years out of date The NPT: A status According to HRANA [Human ranking Revolutionary Guards and Chodesh tov, a good month to quo that's 40 years out of date Rights Activists News Agency], member. everyone.The Obama administration Bret Stephens is spot-on about why Elnaz Babazadeh, a 26 year old The intentions of the savage Basij claims t... the nuclear non-proliferation treaty no woman was raped and murdered by members was to put a stop to the • Shavuot In observance of Shavuot , longer works. There'... Basij forces in the city of Tabriz “improper” way women in society the JewishGen offices will be closed • Iraqi police nab 10-year-old jihad/ (northwestern Iran) last week. dressed. Basij members believe this is on Wednesday, May 19th and martyrdom bomber Iraqi police nab According to HRANA, Babazadeh’s their duty to God…. Thursday, May 20th. Wishing you 10-year-old jihad/martyrdom bomber car was stopped by Basij forces for Posted by Robert on July 11, 2010 and your families a Chag Sameach ... not following the Iranian regime’s 4:11 PM and Happy Shavuot,The JewishGen • Book Detail Image taken on 2006- dress code. Elnaz resisted the forces | 4 Comments Team ... 06-21 19:37:25 by Vaultboy.... and did not listen to the orders of the Print this entry Basij forces. | Email this entry Original post source Original post source After Babazadeh resisted the orders | Digg this
  4. 4. 4 FeedJournal Basic the Name Game by Yaakov Kirschen (Hija del a single mention of Hasan’s Zion para Israel - Daughter of Islamism. It contains such politically Zion for Israel) correct inanities as “religious fundamentalism alone is not a risk Submitted at 7/11/2010 8:00:00 PM factor.” The extent to which the Obama Of course it is. Indeed, Islamist administration is avoiding reality and fundamentalism is not only a risk refusing to recognise the world-wide factor. It is the risk factor, the Islamic Jihad is astounding! common denominator linking all the This is beyond “Political great terror attacks of this century — Correctness”. from 9/11 to Mumbai, from Fort This is suicidal “Political Hood to Times Square, from London Blindness”! to Madrid to Bali. The attackers Consider the following by Charles varied in nationality, education, age, Krauthammer in the Washington social class, native tongue and race. Post: The one thing that united them was “Friday, July 2, 2010 the jihadist vision in whose name The Fort Hood shooter, the they acted. “-more Christmas Day bomber, the Times -Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Square attacker. On May 13, the Strip Since 1973 following exchange occurred at a Hija del Zion para Israel Support hearing of the House Judiciary Israel Committee: • South Park Caves to Jihadi Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.): Do you Intimidation typical feel that these individuals might have FOXNEWS and Saudi invested http:// been incited to take the actions that says not to they did because of radical Islam? criticize Islam. RUPERT IS Attorney General Eric Holder: There PATHETIC!Check Boston Globe for are a variety of reasons why I think a report, "'South Park' vs. Revolution people have taken these actions. . . . Muslim." And Ann ... Smith: Okay, but radical Islam could • Islamization of Jerusalem have been one of the reasons? Jerusalem, too, underwent Holder: There are a variety of Islamization: At first Muhammad Well, that is clarifying. As was the those seeking your destruction? — “a reasons why people — tried to convince the Jews near self-printed business card of Maj. loose network of violent extremists.” Smith: But was radical Islam one of Medina to join his young community. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood But this is utterly meaningless. This them? By way of persuasion, he established shooter, identifying himself as SoA: is not an anger-management therapy Holder: There are a variety of the direction of prayer (kiblah) to b... Soldier of Allah. group gone rogue. These are people reasons why people do these things. • The Insult More to the point did Holder’s avoidance of the obvious professing a powerful ideology rooted Some of them are potentially Israeli TV air calls for a Jihad against continues the absurd and in a radical interpretation of Islam, in religious-based. America, as Palestinian Arab TV did? embarrassing refusal of the Obama whose name they propagandize, Potentially, mind you. This went on Did Israel name a square after the administration to acknowledge who proselytize, terrorize and kill. until the questioner gave up in murderer of an American out there is trying to kill Americans Why is this important? Because the exasperation. photographer, as the Palestinian and why. In fact, it has banned from first rule of war is to know your A similar question arose last week in Authorit... its official vocabulary the terms enemy. If you don’t, you wander into U.S. District Court when Faisal jihadist, Islamist and Islamic intellectual cul-de-sacs and ignore the Shahzad, the Times Square attacker, Original post source terrorism. real causes that might allow you to pleaded guilty. Explained Shahzad: Instead, President Obama’s National prevent recurrences. “One has to understand where I’m Security Strategy insists on calling The Pentagon review of the Fort coming from . . . I consider myself a the enemy — how else do you define Hood shooting runs 86 pages with not mujahid, a Muslim soldier.” The Koren Classic Rosh Hashanah Machzor: A Hebrew High Holiday Prayerbook, Ashkenaz (Hebrew Edition) Reviews by paraisrael (Hija del Zion correct errors and to reinstate Preparations Koren Classic Machzorim: A Hebrew para Israel - Daughter of Zion elements that erroneously had been Image by rbarenblat Prayerbook Set for the High Holidays for Israel) omitted in other machzorim. The Hija del Zion para Israel Support & Festivals, Sephard ... classic Koren layout emphasizes Israel • The Koren Talpiot Siddur: A Submitted at 7/11/2010 11:40:06 PM major public prayers and illuminates • The Koren Classic Three Festivals Hebrew Prayerbook with English The Koren Classic Rosh Hashanah their underlying meaning. The Koren Machzor: A Hebrew Prayerbook for Instructions, Personal Size (Hebrew Machzor: A Hebrew High Holiday Book Font makes every letter of the Pesach, Shavuot & Sukkot, Ashkenaz Edition) The Koren Talpiot Siddur: A Prayerbook, Ashkenaz (Hebrew alef bet clear and beautiful, helping Product DescriptionThe Koren Hebrew Prayerbook with English Edition) you to appreciate the essence of Rosh Classic Three Festivals Machzor Instructions, Personal Size (Hebrew The Koren Classic Rosh HaShana HaShana: the promise of a new year. honors the pilgrimage festivals Edition) ISBN13: Machzor is the clearest and most Rating:(out of reviews) Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot in classic 9789653011489Condition: accurate Rosh HaShana prayer book List Price: $ 19.95 Koren style. The machzor's beautiful NEWNotes: Brand New from available. Outstanding research over Price: $ 13.57 font, insightful design and ... Publisher. No Remainder Mark. The thirty years by liturgical expert and Nitsanim Machzor Bet – Reunion • The Koren Classic Machzorim: A K... Professor of Philology, Daniel 2009 #1 Hebrew Prayerbook Set for the High Goldschmidt, has enabled Koren to Video Rating: 0 / 5 Holidays & Festivals, Sephard The
  5. 5. FeedJournal Basic 5 Dozens killed in multiple bombings in Uganda, police chief suspects al- Qaeda by Marisol (Hija del Zion para the Kyadondo Rugby Club. Mogadishu, Uganda also hosts Israel - Daughter of Zion for Kaihura said 14 people were killed at Somali soldiers trained in U.S. and Israel allows Israel) the restaurant, and that he believed European backed training the toll at the Rugby Club was far programs…. construction materials Submitted at 7/11/2010 4:45:27 PM higher than 14, though he did not Posted by Marisol on July 11, 2010 for Gaza projects Dozens killed in multiple bombings have an exact number. 4:45 PM in Uganda, police chief suspects al- At the scenes of the two blasts chairs | 6 Comments by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Qaeda The police chief in Kampala is were overturned. Blood and pieces of Print this entry para Israel - Daughter of Zion blaming al-Qaeda and its Somali flesh littered the floor. | Email this entry for Israel) franchise, al-Shabaab, with good Al-Shabab is Somalia’s most | Digg this Submitted at 7/11/2010 11:15:27 PM reason. The synchronized attacks dangerous militant group, one that | certainly point to al-Qaeda; the militant veterans of the Afghan, | by Zoriah targeting of an Ethiopian restaurant Pakistan and Iraq conflicts have Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel allows construction materials and venues showing the World Cup helped train, according to Israel for Gaza projects final resonate with two things the al- international officials. • Video: UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer KEREM SHALOM, Israel: Israel on Shabaab jihadists detest, and al- If Kaihura’s early suspicions that al- rips the ‘Human Rights Council’s Monday gave the go-ahead for the Shabaab just threatened Uganda and Shabab was responsible prove true, it double standards Video: UN Watch's international community to import Burundi in the past few days. would be the first time the group has Hillel Neuer rips the 'Human Rights construction materials into the Hamas “Blasts at 2 sites in Uganda kill at carried out attacks outside of Council's double standards -run Gaza Strip in an easing of its least 30,” from the Associated Press, Somalia. This is awesome. It's Hillel Neuer blockade that won cautious praise. July 11: In Mogadishu, Sheik Yusuf Sheik showing the 'Human Rights Cou... Read more on Channel NewsAsia KAMPALA, Uganda — Bombs Issa, an al-Shabab commander, told • The Muslims are coming! The Israel publishes Gaza blockade list exploded at two sites in Uganda’s The Associated Press early Monday Muslims are coming!Is it Israel today published a list of goods capital late Sunday as people watched that he was happy with the attacks in Islamophobic to say that Europe – mainly weapons and materials that the World Cup final on TV, killing at Uganda. Issa refused to confirm or would be overrun by Muslims? This can be used to make them – that it least 30 people. Foreigners, including deny that al-Shabab was responsible article was written by Aijaz Zaka will not let into the Gaza Strip under Europeans and possibly Americans, for the bombings. Syed, a journalist from Dubai. Less a policy to ease its blockade of the were believed to be among the “Uganda is one of our enemies. than 20% of the people living i... Palestinian territory. casualties. Whatever makes them cry, makes us • Large plurality of Americans Read more on The Irish Times Police Chief Kale Kaihura said he happy. May Allah’s anger be upon blames ‘activists’ for clash Large Hija del Zion para Israel Support believed that Somalia’s most feared those who are against us,” Sheik said. plurality of Americans blames Israel militia — al-Shabab, which has During prayers on Friday, another al- 'activists' for clash By a • Israel allows some once-banned pledged loyalty to al-Qaida — could Shabab commander, Sheik Muktar margin of 49-19%, Americans blame products into Gaza by vad_levin be behind the attacks. Robow, had called for militants to pro-'Palestinian' 'activists' for the Israel allows some once-banned One of the bombs went off at an attack sites in Uganda and Burundi — clash that... products into Gaza Israel has allowed Ethiopian restaurant in Kampala, two nations that contribute troops to some previously banned food items Uganda’s capital. Al-Shabab views the African Union force in Original post source into the Gaza Strip, officials said Ethiopia as an enemy. The second Mogadishu. Wednesday, taking a small step blast went off at a restaurant called In addition to its troops in toward easing ... • Israel eases Gaza blockade of A Voyage to America Ninety Years Ago: The Diary of a consumer goods by Amir Farshad Ebrahimi Israel eases Gaza blockade Bohemian Jew on His Voyage from Hamburg to New of consumer goods KEREM SHALOM CROSSING, Israel — York in 1847 (Studies in Judaica and the Holocaust, No. 3) Israel is easing its blockade of Hamas -ruled Gaza to allow in virtually all by paraisrael (Hija del Zion traditions. These objects of creative (German Edition) Reviews Davids consumer goods, but... para Israel - Daughter of Zion design display, honor and rekindle the Witz-Schleuder: Judisch-politisches • Israel unveils list of goods banned for Israel) spirit of a 5000-year-old religion to Cabaret : 50 Jahre Kleinkunstbuhnen from Gaza by jamestraceur Israel reflect 20th-century modernism. in Wien, Berlin, London, New York, unveils list of goods banned from Submitted at 7/11/2010 11:10:08 PM Rating:(out of 3 reviews) Warschau und Tel Aviv (Neue Reihe Gaza Jerusalem - Israel published on A Voyage to America Ninety Years List Price: $ 49.95 Judaica) (German Edition) Monday a list of goods - mainly Ago: The Diary of a Bohemian Jew Price: $ 35.15 Rating: (out... weapons and materials that can be on His Voyage from Hamburg to Hija del Zion para Israel Support • Incunabula, Hebraica & Judaica: used to make them - that it will not ... New York in 1847 (Studies in Judaica Israel Five centuries of Hebraica and and the Holocaust, No. 3) • Into the Flames: The Life Story of a Judaica, rare Bibles, and Hebrew Rating:(out of reviews) Righteous Gentile (Studies in Judaica incunables from the Jacob M. Lowy List Price: $ 17.00 & the Holocaust #8) Into the Flames: Collection : exhibition … Jacob M. Price: Judaica (Schiffer Book for The Life Story of a Righteous Gentile Lowy : exposition catalogue Collectors) (Studies in Judaica & the Holocaust Incunabula, Hebraica & Judaica: Five Judaica embraces those objects #8) Rating: (out of 1 reviews) centuries of Hebraica and Judaica, associated with the celebration of and List Price: $ 21.00 Price: $ 12.00 ... rare Bibles, and Hebrew incunables adherence to Jewish rituals. This • Davids Witz-Schleuder: Judisch- from the Jacob M. Lowy Collection : book presents clear explanations and politisches Cabaret : 50 Jahre exhibition ... Jacob M. Lowy : beautiful color pictures of Kleinkunstbuhnen in Wien, Berlin, exposition catalogue ... candlesticks, boxes, plates cups, toys, London, New York, Warschau und and foods which celebrate Jewish Tel Aviv (Neue Reihe Judaica)
  6. 6. 6 FeedJournal Basic FIFA bans Gilad Shalit t-shirts and flags at World Cup final by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/11/2010 10:35:00 PM FIFA bans Gilad Shalit t-shirts and flags at World Cup final The Johannesburg Jewish community (which listens to yours truly every Decorative Star of Monday morning on Chai FM) called off plans to wear t-shirts and wave David Necklace Judaica flags calling for the release of jewelry Reviews kidnapped iDF corporal Gilad Shalit at the World Cup soccer final on by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Sunday night because FIFA – world para Israel - Daughter of Zion soccer’s governing body – insisted for Israel) that to do so would be a ‘ political act.’ Submitted at 7/11/2010 11:35:07 PM The world soccer federation FIFA Decorative Star of David Necklace has banned the waving of “Free Judaica jewelry Shalit” flags at the World Cup, This beautiful star of David necklace calling it a political act. Fearing been an historic opportunity to get an Israel get into the next World Cup comes from our exclusive collection lawsuits and political recriminations, important message across and for the tournament just to see the looks on of handcrafted Jewish jewelry the Johannesburg Jewish Community Jewish community to show solidarity the faces of FIFA’s brass. accessories. Set in sterling silver, the Center called off a planned flag- with the struggle to free Gilad posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:35 Star of David shape is filled with an waving protest at the World Cup Shalit.” AM enamel painted design with finale between Spain and Holland This is not the first time that FIFA Hija del Zion para Israel Support Swarovski crystals and bead patterns. Sunday. has acted against Israel’s interests. In Israel Rating:(out of reviews) The FIFA decision prevents the flags April 2006, FIFA protested an Israeli • IDF Tank Crew Figures by List Price: from being seen by hundreds of air strike against an empty soccer Academy Assembly Required Skill Price: millions of viewers throughout the field in Beit Lahiya in the Gaza Strip, Level 2. Ages 10 and up. Product Hija del Zion para Israel Support world who are expected to view the which was being used to fire rockets Description1/35 Scale. This set Israel championship game. Shalit was at Southern Israel. Eventually, FIFA comes with 5 figures in positions • Spiritual Jewelry- Judaica Jewelry kidnapped four years ago last month decided to pay for the field’s repair. necessary for outfitting a Israeli tank. – Star of David – Messianic Cross, by Hamas and allied terrorists in an Between October 2001 and April Half figure tank commander inclu... with diamonds, Silver Reviews attack on an Israeli army checkpoint 2004, UEFA – FIFA’s European • Oh my! Jordanian graduation Spiritual Jewelry- Judaica Jewelry - at a Gaza crossing. branch – banned Israel’s national gowns made in Israel Oh my! Star of David - Messianic Cross, with Flags calling for Shalit’s freedom team and clubs from playing home Jordanian graduation gowns made in diamonds, Silver Star of David were prominent at earlier rounds of games in Israel in international Israel How's this for a Pendant w Messianic Cross and the tournament. competitions due to the potential for scandal: It was discovered last week Diamonds, Sterling Silver Rating: ‘Free Gilad Shalit’ flags have been terror attacks. that the graduation gowns for Jordan's (out of revie... seen in stadia throughout South In the last World Cup, FIFA rebuked Has... • Spiritual Jewelry- Judaica Jewelry Africa during the tournament and a Ghanian player who also played for • 22.12.08 Berry Sakharof Concert – Star of David – w/ Chai, Pendant were particularly prominent at Israel’s HaPoel Tel Aviv for waving 004 Image taken on 2008-12-22 with CZs, Silver Spiritual Jewelry- Tuesday night’s semi-final between an Israeli flag after scoring a goal. 23:49:22 by Alex Jilitsky.... Judaica Jewelry - Star of David - w/ Uruguay and Holland. I’m not very into soccer (my friends Chai, Pendant with CZs, Silver Star The Jewish Agency’s emissary in in Johannesburg were disappointed Original post source of David Oxidized with Chai and Cape Town Omer Calderon said, about that), but I would love to see Cubic Zirconis, Sterling Silver “The matches in South Africa have Rating: (out of reviews) ... • Spiritual Jewelry- Judaica Jewelry Carl in Jerusalem on Chai FM – Star of David – Oxidized Rope, Pendant 10ml, Silver Spiritual Jewelry- Judaica Jewelry - Star of by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del hero That's an David - Oxidized Rope, Pendant Zion para Israel - Daughter of American flag she's destroying in this 10ml, Silver Star of David Oxidized Zion for Israel) picture.On Tuesday, the 'Palestinian Rope - Sterling Silver Rating: (out Authority' named a street in Ramallah of reviews) List Price: $... Submitted at 7/11/2010 8:59:00 PM ... Carl in Jerusalem on Chai FM I will • The Familiarity of Strangers: The be on Chai FM 101.9 in South Africa Sephardic Diaspora, Livorno, and at around 7:35 am local time today. Cross-Cultural Trade in the Early Those of you who are not within Israel Modern Period Product radio range of Johannesburg, you can • Exit programme for Islamists set up DescriptionTaking a new approach to listen to me on the web by going here by Germany What if you are a the study of cross-cultural trade, this and clicking on Listen Live Now muslim militant in Germany but don't book blends archival research with Worldwide. want to continue your life as an historical narrative and economic Johannesburg is currently one hour extremist? Germany provides a analysis to understand how the behind Jerusalem – GMT + 2. So it’s solution:Germany aims to tackle a Sephardic Je... 8:35 am Jerusalem time. growing threat from Islamic posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 6:59 extremists with an e... Original post source AM • A ‘Palestinian’ hero A 'Palestinian' Hija del Zion para Israel Support
  7. 7. FeedJournal Basic 7 Alef Judaica PW20135 Neologjws Lucenec-Slovakia Old Synagogue Statue – judaica by paraisrael (Hija del Zion and we are constantly expanding our para Israel - Daughter of Zion selections. Osijek -Croatia Serbia for Israel) Old Synagogue Rating:(out of reviews) Submitted at 7/11/2010 11:05:13 PM List Price: Alef Judaica PW20135 Neologjws Price: $ 19.85 Lucenec-Slovakia Old Synagogue Hija del Zion para Israel Support Statue Israel • Alef Judaica PW20134 Zalaergezeg Israel vows to • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available. -Hungary Old Synagogue Statue – judaica Alef Judaica PW20134 keep Libyan • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured. Zalaergezeg-Hungary Old Synagogue Statue Manufactured to the Highest ship out of Gaza • Great Gift Idea. Quality Available.Design is stylish by israel (Hija del Zion para Synagogue and innovative. Satisfaction Israel - Daughter of Zion for Alef Judaica offers the widest range Ensured.Great Gift Idea. Alef Judaica Israel) of high quality Judaica, and related • Manufactured to the Highest off... Accessories available anywhere. Quality Available. • Alef Judaica D3593 Lost Submitted at 7/11/2010 5:32:00 PM Many of our products are made in the • Design is stylish and innovative. Synagogue Dreidel – Purple Made Satisfaction Ensured. By Hazel Ward AGENCE FRANCE USA, using only the finest quality with the Best Quality Material with -PRESSE JERUSALEM | Israel on fabrics and vinyls available. Our • Great Gift Idea. your child in mind.Top Quality Sunday vowed to prevent a Libyan imported metals are carefully checked Children's Item. Product aid ship from running the Gaza for the highest level of craftsmanship Alef Judaica offers the widest range DescriptionAlef Judaica offers the of high quality Judaica, and related blockade after it appeared to be and functionality. Design is the key widest range of high quality Judaica, headin… to successful and tasteful Judaica Accessories available anywhere. and related Accessories ava... Many of our products are made in the Hija del Zion para Israel Support items, and Alef Judaica continually • Alef Judaica HCSET Set of 5 Israel searches out the latest trends and USA, using only the finest quality Havdallah Candles, Mixed Colors – fabrics and vinyls available. Our • Raw video from the Mavi Marmara fashions in order to bring home any judaica Alef Judaica HCSET Set of 5 Raw video from the Mavi Marmara of your Judaica to the highest level. imported metals are carefully checked Havdallah Candles, Mixed Colors for the highest level of craftsmanship Here's about an hour's worth (a little Our collection is of top notch quality, Manufactured to the Highest Quality bit more) of raw video that was shot and we are constantly expanding our and functionality. Design is the key Available.Design is stylish and to successful and tasteful Judaica from the lower deck of the Mavi selections. Neologjws Lucenec- innovative. Satisfaction Marma... Slovakia Old Synagogue Statue items, and Alef Judaica continually Ensured.Great Gift Idea. Alef Judaica searches out the latest trends and • Belgium: New radical group to Rating:(out of reviews) offer... protest against European oppression List Price: fashions in order to bring home any of your Judaica to the highest level. Belgium: New radical group to Price: $ 19.85 Alef Judaica protest against European oppressionA PW20137 Osijek -Croatia Serbia Old Our collection is of top notch quality, new Muslim organization, Muslim Rise, has sprung up in Belgium to Shofar, Synthetic, Mahogany Finish organize a protest against the upcoming veil ban. organizatio... The by paraisrael (Hija del Zion DescriptionRealistic synthetic copy para Israel - Daughter of Zion • Helen Thomas, Israel and the of the Kudu antelope horn made of for Israel) Palestinians – Helen fiberglass. 41" with curl. Easily Thomas, Israel and the Palestinians plays... Submitted at 7/11/2010 11:45:09 PM The veteran journalist was pilloried • Yemenite Shofar (25-28 inches) for her remark about Israel, but Shofar, Synthetic, Mahogany Finish Yemenite Shofar (25-28 inches) where's the uproar over such Polished with a bright excellent comments directed a... ... • Handcrafted Quality, Value Priced soundThis Shofar has 3-4 very loud • Satisfaction Guaranteed! 30-Day notes Made in Israel. Polished with a Original post source Return Policy! bright excellent sound. This Shofar has 3-4 very loud notes... Shofar. Origin Country: India. 5 lbs. • Shofar Sounds | about shofar by Made by Mid-East. runneralan2004 Shofar Sounds Realistic synthetic copy of the Kudu The fact that the shofar has been used antelope horn. 41 with curl. Easily Hija del Zion para Israel Support since antiquity in the marking of plays 3 notes. Not an animal product. Israel sacred rituals has largely contributed Mahogany / reddish color. • Shofar, Synthetic, Natural Finish to the mystery that surrounds the Rating:(out of 3 reviews) Handcrafted Quality, Value inst... List Price: $ 59.90 PricedSatisfaction Guaranteed! 30- Price: $ 44.93 Day Return Policy! Product TV Ad: Kill the Ground Zero Mosque by editor (Hija del Zion para rapprochement with Hezbullah and International consistently refers to the capability. But The Guardian Israel - Daughter of Zion for Hamas? Who is orchestrating a US Gaza Strip as "occupied" and Israel as newspaper reported today that it had Israel) rapprochement with Hezbullah and the "occupying power." For example, written proof of an Israel nuclear Hamas? Someone in in a recent press release, it says After program ... ... Submitted at 7/11/2010 4:34:51 PM the White House and/or the State Hamas took control in Gaza in June... Hija del Zion para Israel Support Department is trying to orchestrat... • Did Israel offer to sell South Africa Original post source Israel • Amnesty contradicts itself on nuclear weapons? Israel has long kept • Who is orchestrating a US definition of "occupation" Amnesty silent on its nuclear weapons
  8. 8. 8 FeedJournal Basic Egyptian president Obama’s cheap shot Anwar Sadat speech in Jerusalem part2 | about by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of knesset Zion for Israel) by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Submitted at 7/11/2010 9:54:00 PM para Israel - Daughter of Zion Obama’s cheap shot Last for Israel) Wednesday, President Obama told Submitted at 7/11/2010 7:20:06 PM Channel 2 news anchor Yonit Levy that Israelis are ‘ suspicious’ of him Egyptian President Anwar Sadat “because my middle name is speech in Jerusalem 1977 after the Hussein.” (Am I the only one who Great VICTORY of 1973 Ramadan- recalls that during the election October war(Yom Kippur DEFEAT)! campaign it was forbidden to mention ???? ??????? that his middle name was Hussein, Hija del Zion para Israel Support until he won the election and it Israel suddenly became chic?) • Anwar Assadat speech in the Israeli The response from most of official Knesset 1977 — Part 2-3 This is a Israel and the American Jewish video showing the speech which community was silence. It’s as if it President Anwar Assadat of Egypt was forbidden for anyone in an gave in the Israeli Knesset in 20th of official position to refute the slander November,1977. This Speech -taking that Israelis are racists. But that didn’t place after the 1973... stop New York Republican Peter • Anwar Assadat speech in the Israeli King (Hat Tip: Jennifer Rubin). Knesset 1977 — Part 1-3 This is a President Obama’s statement that video showing the speech which Israelis are suspicious of him in part President Anwar Assadat of Egypt because his middle name is Hussein gave in the Israeli Knesset in 20th of was a “cheap shot” that belittles November,1977. This Speech -taking Israelis’ real problems with White place after the 1973... House policies, said Rep. Pete King. forget his name — that’s just a cheap ... • Torah Codes Predict and Warn “That’s a terrible cheap shot,” King game and he should knock it off.” • U.K.: Female Muslim councillor about BARACK OBAMA as (R-L.I.) told The Mouth. “And if he If only our ‘leaders,’ in Israel and forced “to dress more conservatively” PRESIDENT Jr Church... wants to get cute about it, King abroad, had the courage to wipe the after threats from other Muslims Hussein of Jordan was one of the best smirk off Obama’s face and tell him U.K.: Female Muslim councillor allies Israel ever had.” to knock it off. forced "to dress more conservatively" King says that Obama has problems But then if our ‘leaders’ had the after threats from other Muslims with Israelis because he made drew a courage to stand up to Obama, 78% ... moral equivalency between Israel and of American Jewry might not have • Abbas once called for Arab nations Iran, treated Prime Minister Benjamin voted for him in the first place. to naturalize Palestinians! I was Netanyahu poorly, and directed more posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 7:54 astonished to find this quote from favorable attention to the Muslim AM Mahmoud Abbas in 2005: In an world with such efforts as his speech Hija del Zion para Israel Support unexpected move, Palestinian to Cairo. Israel Authority President Mahmoud Abbas … • Jordanian newspaper: Jews are called upon Arab countries hosting [H]is middle name “has nothing to do experts at controlling others’ Palestinian refugees to give th... with it,” King said. “The fact is that thoughts, Holocaust is Jewish lie his policies from day one have had an anti-Israel overtone…. He has no one to blame but himself. He should Jordanian newspaper: Jews are experts at controlling others' thoughts, Holocaust is Jewish lie Original post source Knesset US-Israel alliance is essential to images by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion Arab-Israeli peace for Israel) by israel (Hija del Zion para Sunday December 07 2008. Submitted at 7/11/2010 11:20:27 PM Israel - Daughter of Zion for Palestinian militants fired a Kassam knesset images I found: Israel) rocket into the western Negev on Knesset_1370 Sunday and... Image by hoyasmeg Submitted at 7/11/2010 8:22:00 PM • Israel: 2 Israeli Arab Activists Knesset_1369 In his July 7 Washington Sketch Arrested By ETHAN BRONNER Image by hoyasmeg ["Alliance, or dysfunctional Two Israeli Arab activists have been Hija del Zion para Israel Support relationship?"] Dana Milbank has it arrested and charged with spying and Israel upside down. America’s alliance with making contact with Hezbollah of • Egyptian president Anwar Sadat Israel — never in doubt, … Lebanon. The men, Ameer Makhoul, speech in Jerusalem part2 | about Hija del Zion para Israel Support 52,... ... knesset Egyptian President Anwar Israel • Ashkelon Residents Protest Against Sadat speech in Jerusalem 1977 after • Unlocking The Zohar – February Gaza Rocket Fire South Israel Original post source the Great VICTORY of 1973 26, 2010 Tweet This Post Delicious residents protest against increased Ramadan-October war(Yom Kippur Facebook Stumble It... rocket fire from Gaza Strip on DEFEAT)! ???? ??????? ... • Haggadah images Check out these KNESSET haggadah photos: Our Guide for continued from page 8 Tonight Image by awallin ... The Raz ... • Israel Travel images israel travel images: the irony of Israel Image by KNESSET page 8