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Github tutorial1


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Published in: Technology
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Github tutorial1

  1. 1. Git is a system for distributed version control and code management.
  2. 2. GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software projects that use Git.
  3. 3. This presentation is much shorter version of Check out if you might find that easier to follow.
  4. 4. Download git.
  5. 5. You have to use command line to configure git. If you are completely new and don't know how to open it, you are prob using windows, so
  6. 6. First you need to tell git your name: Type in your command line: git config --global "Your Name Here"
  7. 7. Now put you e-mail, the same one you used to register on github git config --global ""
  8. 8. This is it! Now you can follow commands below to set up your first project. If you have any problems better to check out in more depth.