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Android tutorials6 run_your_app


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Published in: Technology
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Android tutorials6 run_your_app

  1. 1. Run your App
  2. 2. Enable USB debugging on your device to run your apps on it. Connect your phone through USB.
  3. 3. However if you don't have Android phone or you are working with geo locations, you can use Virtual Device.
  4. 4. Eclipse Android Studio
  5. 5. Press <New>.
  6. 6. Pick name, Target and Device you wish. Click on device you created and press Start.
  7. 7. If you are working with map, I would recommend to use Eclipse IDE, as you can put coordinates directly on VD.
  8. 8. You prob going to get something like this on your phone. Accept it.
  9. 9. Now run app we created recently.
  10. 10. Hopefully you are getting something like this. Otherwise press button at the right from <Run>, then <Run Configurations> ➪ <Target> and choose device you want to run.